As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – October 18, 2016

With Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Scheduled to begin at 11:40 am ET.

11 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – October 18, 2016

  1. Because we know what to expect — from Barack the Dic — lies, exaggerations, and a lot of me, me , me this seems as good a place as any to bury a rant.

    Apropos of nothing I was reading some Thomas Merton — at the point where he cannot resolve contradictions and polarities and violence/non violence and turns to some Eastern thought. And it occurred to me that it is not so much that ALL of what the left believes or wants is wrong or evil, it that now, more than ever, it is being Forced upon the American people, as Truth and My Way or the Highway.

    And I think that great turn to Force lies directly at the feet of Barack Obama — our spoiled, petulant, thin skinned renter at 1600. Valerie Jarrett commented long ago that he was brilliant* and this is the cause of his boredom which results in going from one thing to another. (* shows you what a low bar ValJar sets)

    It is not brilliance as we all know. It is the kid who wants it and wants it now. And so he has forced these things on our nation because it would take too much time for them to evolve and because he would be bored. And he only had so much time to leave his Legacy. Having done so, and opened so many avenues in a very messy and corrupt way — discarding the rule of law, etc — he has invited in the ruthless and evil HRC who lusts after only one thing — power — for herself.

    Evolution would have been so much better. Always better in accomplishment than revolution. But Barack the Brat could not wait. Could not be a leader and a mentor to his African American and minority base. It’s all very selfish. What a waste. Sometimes in history it’s about one event gone wrong, or one person allowed entry. And when something is forced, or out of order, it never ends well. As we will see.

    And I am pretty sure that nice PM Matteo Renzi will agree with me. :) Rant concluded.

    • I’m trying to think of one thing the left forced upon us that was not wrong or not evil.
      Trying…..trying hard….
      Nope. Can’t think of one.
      And “forced upon” us is how I see it too. The final straw for me was unisex bathrooms and dressing rooms.
      My rant – I am consistently amazed every day at the lack of media discernment.
      Many of us – l believe an honest majority – we are not happy. Why won’t someone in the media ask “why” and then persue an honest assessment. Let the facts speak.
      And quit reporting the skewed polls.
      Media, you think we are stupid. You are wrong. As in Leftist wrong.

      • LMAO!!! I am STILL WAITING for this useless “WH press corps” to REALLY CHALLENGE & QUESTION this god-damned Obama regime…for 8 years they, so called “Journalists”?!? have sat there and allowed themselves to feed lies, untruths & crap.

    • Good reference with Merton…as clear a writer as one can find in these matters. If I remember correctly, he once wrote that the central dilemma confronting us when we muse about selecting a “best” ethical choice, is not the choice between an obvious good and an obvious evil. That’s easy (usually). The challenge comes when trying to chose between two apparent good ethical options.

      Of course, that’s never an issue with the Obamas or the Clintons–prime examples of political sociopaths in the modern era. They have no conscience, or normal and apparent appreciation of the difference between good and evil. With them, it’s a matter of “which evil choice will best help us achieve more power, money, dominance”. That’s their only ethical dilemma.

  2. Wow the PM of Italy…….is that the best the Muslim in the white house can do?

    Roll out a new model Ferrari…now that would be worth a look!

    Other wise just an excuse for a very expensive dinner party!!

  3. Jug-eared pot…….meet kettle. This would be hilarious (if it were not so terribly tragic), if he were not the official ‘whiner and liar-in-chief. There is collusion and there is voter fraud.

  4. Renzi has a gigantic nerve critiquing Trump; the US eastern seaboard states are home to the largest Italian heritage population outside of Italy…over 4 million. Italians in Italy are disgusted with the immigration situation which is out of control in their country, thanks to Renzi, the Pope and their ilk. These idiots really live in their own heads.