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Video || Hundreds Exit Amy Schumer Show as she Disses Trump

Many audience members booed and at least a couple of hundred walked out of comedian Amy Schumer’s show in Tampa Sunday night after she attacked Donald Trump.

Schumer was obviously aggravated by the response, threatening to throw people out just for booing. Seems to me like that’s the prerogative of audience members, to choose to clap or boo.

I hope Schumer isn’t too bothered by Trump’s boorishness since she devotes much of her act to sexual humor, sometimes in pretty gross detail.

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  1. There’s more than a little truth behind the idea of the healing power of laughter.

    I did a quick search on the health benefits of laughter, and got results from WebMD, the Mayo Clinic, and Deepak Chopra.

    And, depending on your source, one angel reputed to have the best sense of humor, is Archangel Raphael–patron angel of medicine.

    The reason I mention all of that, is because America has not had a good clean national laugh, since…when?

    These days, our “comedians” are simply pundits with an acid wit.

    And with no one to laugh with, we, as a society, have no way to break the tension of current affairs.

    The results haven’t been pretty.

    If we are not allowed to laugh at our rulers–which has been the de facto rule for nigh on eight years, and may become the de jure rule if Hillary wins–then we may well be facing a grim and utterly humorless future.

    Make America Laugh Again!

    • This is a test. I fixed my computer! Yea.

      Also, that Boston Tribune link may not be the real deal. I will check it out. But things are bad, if I am willing to assume the Obamas would do something like this. And I am willing — so I am not saying it’s not true.

    • But why? The Obamas are as crooked as Hillary, everyone knows that. Everything gets rigged now, even Marian Robinson, a rigged pension for her eating all the rich food and living in luxury in the White House? Typical welfare family, takers of anything they can get their hands on. The Obamas and Clintons rigg and steal everything, the election, the granny money, the $6 billion dollars government money missing, probably in the Obamas’ pockets and the Clintons’ pockets. Like kids in a candy store, the Obamas are laughing at all of us Americans behind our backs and taking the riches just like the Clintons, take, steal, pocket everything. Scoffing up everything in sight before their communist reign is over.Greedy pigs, the Clintons and the Obamas. Giving the granny a pension??? Will wonders never cease at the lack of class of these people?

      • Manny, both the Obama’s and Clinton’s are laughing in our face, not behind our backs! All the corruption and crimes these two have committed, and no one is doing a damn thing to stop them! Unfortunately, the Rep party are now a bunch of puppets to the establishment! Pathetic!

    • Grace, I’m glad that link is to a fake story. It’s hard to even tell these days, isn’t it?

      But, speaking of nannies, did you see this article last month about the Clintons and Chelsea’s nanny when Bubba was governor of Arkansas, plus what they did while living in the White House: