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Video || Earnest Makes a Joke About Trump Cocaine Use Charge

All right, give Josh a break. It’s a joke. And I don’t even know what Trump was talking about related to drug testing before the debates. It’s ridiculous.

But Josh, you must know, it’s the liberals and their phalanxes of speech police who have taken the fun out life!

7 thoughts on “Video || Earnest Makes a Joke About Trump Cocaine Use Charge”

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  2. Keith, levity is always nice and a good attempt to cheer people in bad times.

    But I am not giving Josh or the WHPC a break. Or any of the media. These people, these disgusting, immoral, greedy people who are the media they are lying, they know they are lying. They know what the Clintons are all about. They know what is coming. And they refuse to do their job.

    I am angry and I am not going to cut Josh or any of them a break. Clinton wins and there will be real suffering in this country, and our system will be broken. The greatest country in the world broken by a black grifter and a broken down political hack who has done nothing but feed off the system her entire adult life.

    So, ha ha Jsoh. It’s a joke. And it’s a joke about Trump.

  3. When is the last time any Dimocrat talked about anything relevant? Never!!! The absolute masters of diversion. Have we not ascertained the state department and the FBI are colluding with each other? Trump voters must swamp the polling booths! Insomnia here I come…….

  4. Its probably was all planned for Josh to talk Coke, everything is planned about Trump, they probably had a meeting to discuss what Josh will say about Trump and drugs now? These creepy democrat commies have no shame, no empathy, no sympathy for other human beings, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have destroyed so many people without caring or batting an eyelash You can see it in Hillary Clinton’s stony eyes that she is a complete mess. According to dem e-mails, they have to tell HRC what to say, when to say it, etc., she’s too lazy and slow to even run her own campaign and this will be our president,if she wins the rigged election, she will be a figurehead, Obama and her aides, etc. will be telling her what to say and do, Hillary Clinton will do nothing o n her own b and diss everyone in the world and complain about a right wing plot to get her. I hope they do in the end. Take down the evil Clinton old bag.

  5. So you don’t understand what Trump is saying, Keith? What he is saying is that he has observed that Clinton bounds on stage full of vigor and after one and a half hours of debate she is wilted like a lettuce leaf.

    He’s wondering what drug she might be taking to produce this temporary vigor. Given her complete change of health after being helped from the 911 Day service and then strutting out of her daughter’s house a few hours later, it’s a question if they are propping her up with medication.

    And it’s an important question — perhaps crucial if she becomes President.

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