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SNL Mocks Second Presidential Debate

Trump tweeted his distaste, suggesting Saturday Night Live needs to be canceled.

18 thoughts on “SNL Mocks Second Presidential Debate”

  1. As someone who publishes my opinion for a living I can tell you first hand the LAST thing you want to do is call for the shuttering of dissenting opinion. JEEZ, somebody shut down DC’s twitter acct…

    1. Normally thats true, but the MSM piling on Donald is exceptional….

      Its insane if we have a free country to have the media this biased.
      They … ABC,NBC,CBS are working a coordinated attack directed by the DNC.
      This not the actions of a free country. This is propaganda directed for a Hillary out come.

      We are now a lawless country…..

  2. Self disclosure, don’t watch SNL. I don’t watch much TV anymore.
    IMO, It is all programming that is much too “messaged” to and about the left and all their self serving causes.
    The right does not get a fair shake in Media and anyone who says it does is a liar.
    That’s the way it is. This is the hand we have been dealt.
    (And…Never liked hateful Alec Baldwin anyway so in my world, it is a great big “who cares?”)
    That being said, this election reminds me, at times, of 16 year old girls and their cat fights.
    Now, maybe there are those who allow TV and tweets to influence their every decision. But, I think for many of us, all this silly TV-tweeting is ridiculous.
    We have issues. Big issues. Major issues. In country and through out the world. We are at the precipice and there are all too many with their hands out to give us a good shove over the edge.
    Would someone please focus on these issues for the next three weeks? Please tell us what your intentions are specifically.
    Mr, Trump, my mother always said, “Choose your battles.” Choose your battles Mr. Trump. Let your voice be heard on the real issues. We need specifics.
    And just so you know, we all believe the vote is rigged….well at least some of us. For me, the belief began with the previous presidential election.
    Those of us who believe elections are rigged also believe that the left will do anything to maintain their power in government and private industry.
    So, if by some miracle from God, you are elected, what do you intend to do about the powerful, Mr. Trump? How do you plan to fight Goliath? Because, frankly, Alex Baldwin doesn’t matter – at all.

    1. Yes the fix is in. Low info voters are just dumb as a stump. Not voting for Trump because the lying TV media have
      painted him as “not nice”. As if this even matters!

      How can we fight back when they have all the TV channels corrupting the process?

  3. I didn’t watch it all, but it seemed to be an equal opportunity satire for all involved – including the “voter questioners”.
    He paced, she slumped, he diverted, she pandered, and so on.
    If there is a third debate, let’s hope it’s about the issues and the moderator isn’t one of the debaters.

    1. Comes out. Reveals. sigh.
      In a long ago episode of “Elementary”, a visitor to the Sherlock Homes residence introduces herself like this – “Hi, I’m gay”.
      He replies – “I’m not”.
      She then says that’s her name, Gay, but she also is gay.
      He replies – “How efficient”.
      Ditto here, don’t care.

    2. So now Shep Smith is “gay” and OBNOXIOUS and BIASED…
      Can he PLEASE get the hell off of FNC and go over to CNN or MSNBC where is snide, condescending anti-Trump remarks would be welcomed.

  4. May sound crazy but is timing of attack in Mosul designed to move focus away from debate and wikileaks and Hillary’s health?

    1. Yes, that for sure. Also, Obama is setting up conditions in the ME–helping the Iranians create a pathway to nuclear delivery systems, ticking off our allies, mixed messages every day– so that if Trump wins, the entire area will blow up even more so than it is now. Vindictiveness and revenge for the D’s losing the White House. That’s the kind of dangerous nut job we have living right now in the White House.

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