In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Saturday Open Thread || October 15, 2016

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    1. Wooooo weeeee. That was some serious blowback to the Republicans….cut through the cursing and you see what many voters feel right now. We are mad, and mostly at our party for letting us down once again. No backbone, traitors to their own constituency. I see a third party rising, but lets hope it has a better label than the F-U party

      Enjoy this crisp fall day, be thankful for what we have, while we have it.


          1. We will vote for the one that is chosen or else we will be treated to the on slot of BS until we do.

            vote for Hillary this time or the beatings will continue.

            This country is finished… freedoms.

  1. Barry O has decided that we just don’t have enough unvetted illegal immigrants coming across the border, so here’s how he’s addressing the issue:

    “DHS Orders Border Agents to Give Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians Asylum Via Mexico”

    From the story:
    “Throngs of Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians and Guatemalans are being admitted into the United States via the Mexican border with virtually no vetting for security or health risks, high level Homeland Security officials told Judicial Watch this week. Overwhelmed and understaffed border agents are bombarded daily with an onslaught of immigrants from these countries and have been ordered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to process them as refugees with “credible fear.””

    I suppose the only “vetting” required is that they vote for Hillary once they get into the country. Just a few days left to vote so they’d better get those illegals to the polls quickly.

    1. This is what I feared would happen.
      Obama is going to throw everything he has at the destruction of our country in his last days in office.

      Congressional authority over the executive branch is now a laughing matter.

      Getting re-elected is their primary concern.

      Term limits for congress are long overdue.

      1. I missed that. Trump has been in Bangor, Portsmouth NH and some other location I can’t remember at the moment–that’s just today. Rallies have been overflowing, people excited, lots of banners, hats, t-shirts. Meanwhile, Hillary is in hiding (again), getting R&R, getting pumped full of meds, and who knows what other therapy and rejuvenation her team has been performing on her.

    2. If Clinton wins it will be horrific . Our entire system of government will change, our culture will change, the economy will tank like never before, we will lose our freedoms and maybe the right to defend ourselves. We know what is at stake.

      But we also know history. And we have lived life. We either have parents or grandparents who still share the great depression with us. We have values, codes of conduct, faiths. Nobody wants to, but we understand that we can cut to the bone, and survive.

      But the millenials will suffer greatly. The system will not be able to bear the cost of these new voters. Once they have voted and provide a perpetual well of voters they aren’t going anywhere. And they will be the responsibility for the next 50 years of the millennials . They will grow up and old together. And it will be awful. Until the socialist/fascist/totalitarian whatever government runs out of other peoples’ money. And then that too will be awful.

      The tragedy is the millenials do not understand the basics. The government does not have any money. It can only get it from taxes, borrowing or printing. That’s it. The government does not provide jobs — other than public sector jobs. Everything will continue to cost money. As we know there is no free lunch, free stuff, free anything.

      The wealthy will make their plans and life will continue, we will hunker down and survive, but the millennials…sucks for them. School loans will be the least of their problems.

      And our children and grandchildren. They will suffer too. But they will learn what we know and we will help them maneuver what is coming. There is home schooling, private worship, self sufficiency, good values that money or the government cannot provide.

      Anybody with a D on their soon to be worthless voter registration card is screwed. Mommy and Daddy are dead, and they did not leave you any inheritance.

      1. Yes, we really are at a pivot point in our history with this election. We aren’t quite sure how Trump will govern as Chief Executive, but with know with absolute certainty how Hillary will govern. She’ll make Evita Peron seem like St Therese of Lisieux. We worry about the future either way. The world is in chaos, people are in full anti-establishment riot mode in many countries around the world, so many of the younger generations aren’t prepared for the worst and we worry about them. There are many unknown unknowns. But, as you say, we are resilient as a people, we know how to fix things, or we (and they) can learn.
        Interesting times, no?

        1. She’ll make Evita Peron seem like St Therese of Lisieux.


          Sadly many of the proggie millennials will not learn and they will not be equipped to adapt. They will become part of the underclass. And they are truly ill equipped to function there.

  2. Headline on Drudge this morning, “CIA Plans Cyber Strike On Russia”

    First off, how utterly stupid is this administration to announce it and then discuss it.

    Secondly, it’s in retaliation of the interference of the US Election. Uhh….the Democrat side of the US election. If Wikibombs were dropping on Trump you KNOW the Administration would be congratulating and encouraging Putin.

    1. I also do not discount his as part of a Dem big push effort to tie Trump to the Russians and use it to extend Federal control over the elections.

      Orange hair. Red Scare.

      1. yes….they are scared and crushing Trump is now an all out effort.

        This country is a joke now.

        The mask is off, all Tv and news will elect the hildbeast whether we like it or not.

        I am stunned we have no control, the propaganda machine runs this country!

  3. Very sad. I used to trust the NY Times. No longer. There is a pile on of media on Trump. There is a conspiracy or a “conscious parallelism of action” which has brought together the top 1% and establishment hangers on. Aimed at defeating Trump. The sadness is that Wikileaks in a non issue for MSM. Questions about Obamas sexual behaviour? No issues, at least 4 the MSM.

    It is as though we are in old USSR and Pravda is defining our reality. Here it’s CNN and the rest of the MSM. Didnt think it could happen…but it has!!

      1. Interseting. Poor little journalists were afraid of the big, bad crowd. Best line from the article:

        “Mr. Trump’s efforts to discredit news media organizations, painting them as part of a broad conspiracy with the Clinton campaign, have reached an intensity never before seen from a presidential candidate — so much so that the Committee to Protect Journalists, a nonprofit group often focused on defending press freedoms in war-torn and totalitarian countries, made a rare statement regarding American elections.”

        What about the news media organizations efforts to discredit Mr. Trump?

  4. BTW the hilldabeast is doing nothing until the next debate. Hiding out letting her pet media (all) do her dirty work.

    Welcome the 3rd world where the election is totally rigged…..

    1. Trump voters had better come out in droves.
      He has to win in a landslide, otherwise they will steal it.

      Also, keep an eye on the military ballots.
      They have been missing or late in previous elections.

      This is an all out effort to put her in office.
      The only ones that can defeat that effort is US.

    2. I am pretty sure it like a 3 day health treatment. Some people go away to a Swiss clinic, Hillary may be set up at the medical wing of Chelsea’s apartment.

      Whatever she is doing that let’s the same woman who collapsed and looked frail, listless but wild eyed stand for 90 minutes and seem alert and operational — I want some. Must be great “feel good” treatment.

      It just gets more and more bizarre. She literally disappears. And she has been saying the same thing for 30 years so it’s not debate prep.

  5. The LSM has shut down all discourse re Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior with six little words: “He is not running for POTUS”. Wrong! This is a ‘twofer’ ticket that never should have been approved in the first place.

    Trump was not the POTUS or Gov. of Arkansas when he allegedly acted improperly. He always fancied himself to be a ‘ladies man’. In fact, the caption under his Military school yearbook picture is ‘Ladies Man”.

    According to the Frontline Documentary, CHOICES, Trump and his classmates at the Military Academy idolized Hugh Hefner – Playboy photos were plastered all over their dorm walls.
    Some of his friends say he is still that 16 year old boy who never grew out of that stage in his life. (Makes sense to me).

    There is another big difference between Trump and Bill Clinton: Trump has never been accused of rape!

    Wednesday night Trump needs to take the spotlight off himself and put Bill Clinton and the woman who will be bringing him back to the WH on trial.

    A Clinton win means that the two most powerful women in the Oval Office will both be married to sexual deviates!

    Go for it, Donald! You have nothing to lose! You will have the largest audience in television history. Do it!

  6. Why are the Dems so insistent about Russia being our enemy? Is it because it’s an alternative to a muslim nation to think of as an enemy? Is it because they have failed to gift the Clinton Foundation?

    We have smart people on this site. I’d really like to hear people’s theories.

    1. Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians for millions of dollars that probably went to the Clinton foundation.

      Keep in mind that while Hillary was SOS, they lost 6 billion dollars.

      Trump has been bringing this up in his rallies.

      The Clinton’s are determined to win no matter what the cost.
      They owe lots of people, some of whom have the power to impose major difficulties to the Clinton machine.

      The Clinton’s are living in a hole so deep that they need the DOJ, the POTUS, and the FBI to lie for them.

      They have been engaged in criminal dealings since Arkansas.

      Wikileaks and the people that have known them throughout the years are catching up to them.

      Watch the election closely.
      This will be a desperate attempt to extend the Obama regime.

      Our Country cannot afford it.

  7. Does ANYONE in the “media” (looking at you FOXNews…) have the SMARTS or GUTS to ask why Hillary uses a mystery ‘black van’ instead of a regular Secret Service SUV…???

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