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Video || Trump Destroys His Teleprompter

A sign of the new, unshackled Trump?

At a really today in Charlotte, North Carolina, Donald Trump’s teleprompter wasn’t working. And so, he took it apart.

6 Responses to Video || Trump Destroys His Teleprompter

  1. Jessie James, former husband of actress Sandra Bullock, is a famous/notorious biker who made his living building tricked out motorcycles on his own TV show. On one episode, he couldn’t get a piece of equipment to work properly, so he took a hammer to it and destroyed it completely.
    Men all over America who saw that episode cheered.
    Donald Trump destroyed a teleprompter device that was broken and irritated him, so he destroyed it.
    Voters all over America, sick to death of slimy politicians using a cheating device to speak to a crowd, cheered.

  2. There’s a Who joke I can make, but the caffeine is wearing off (don’t ask). It’s closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here, and she says Baby, it’s 3 A.M., I must be lonely…


  3. “If I had a hammer,
    I’d hammer in the morning,
    I’d hammer in the evening,
    All over this land,
    I’d hammer out danger,
    I’d hammer out a warning,
    I’d hammer out love between,
    My brothers and my sisters,
    All over this land.”
    Of course only Hillary used a hammer.