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Video || Trump Destroys His Teleprompter

A sign of the new, unshackled Trump?

At a really today in Charlotte, North Carolina, Donald Trump’s teleprompter wasn’t working. And so, he took it apart.

6 thoughts on “Video || Trump Destroys His Teleprompter”

  1. Jessie James, former husband of actress Sandra Bullock, is a famous/notorious biker who made his living building tricked out motorcycles on his own TV show. On one episode, he couldn’t get a piece of equipment to work properly, so he took a hammer to it and destroyed it completely.
    Men all over America who saw that episode cheered.
    Donald Trump destroyed a teleprompter device that was broken and irritated him, so he destroyed it.
    Voters all over America, sick to death of slimy politicians using a cheating device to speak to a crowd, cheered.

    1. Oh the story I could tell about Jessie James and Sandra Bullock and my high school buddy that lived next door to them in Sunset Beach, CA.
      Mercedes, accused stalker ruined career, Gollywood…shameful media

  2. There’s a Who joke I can make, but the caffeine is wearing off (don’t ask). It’s closing time, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here, and she says Baby, it’s 3 A.M., I must be lonely…


  3. “If I had a hammer,
    I’d hammer in the morning,
    I’d hammer in the evening,
    All over this land,
    I’d hammer out danger,
    I’d hammer out a warning,
    I’d hammer out love between,
    My brothers and my sisters,
    All over this land.”
    Of course only Hillary used a hammer.

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