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Tim Kaine Dodges Question About Whether You Can Trust Hillary

Because he’s seen her up close, and he knows, you can’t.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

16 thoughts on “Tim Kaine Dodges Question About Whether You Can Trust Hillary”

  1. “She has a passion”….. uh yeah, we know that…its the goal of her passion that worries us.

    Kaine is a lackey at best…soiled by his new relationship with HRC.


    1. He said did they have a passion before their public life? Did HRC ever have a life before politics. Was that during the time her relative Sir Hillary was climbing?

    1. Yes, I too cannot stand the outrageous propaganda. It is painful and disturbing to think that we don’t get it. They are biased and lying and it makes me upset.

      Trump is the logical choice. Hilary is a murdering crook at best.

    2. Same here. I try to keep up with the blogs where reasonable, informed, thoughtful people add to the discussion, and that’s about it. The corporate media is disgraceful, untrustworthy, proselytizing with constant mud slinging, and I don’t not have the patience, desire or need to be yelled at or influenced by these hacks. No one believes their latest “news”, and it’s a waste of time to sort through their BS.

  2. Like a good politician, he turned the question he didn’t want to answer into a different question. The new question is “Can you trust Tim Kaine?”

  3. This is OT but …. Just as slimy as the Democrats is The Weekly Standard (fomerly an organization of quality but now a platform for Bill Kristol’s Never Trump ) and Red State (less quality, but now more crazy) when they lower themselves to go after a man of such high stature and service as Senator Jeff Sessions. Thriving in the same swamp waters as the Democrats and MSM.

  4. It seems her passion is to get as rich as possible. Another passion might be riding her rapist husband’s coattails into the White House…

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