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Video || Democrats Dancing Badly

Honestly, though, Michelle Obama shouldn’t be included in this. She actually is a very good dancer, though none of it has rubbed off on her husband.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

7 Responses to Video || Democrats Dancing Badly

    • Same.
      The dirty, filthy things that are popping up on the net regarding the campaign participants don’t make me feel like dancing.
      Reading over and over about babies (one 9 months old) and little girls (6 years old) being raped by “refugees” does not make me want to see people dancing. (The 9 month old girl died from her injuries. The 6 year old was rescued alive.)
      We are in the midst of such pervasive evil, I can’t get my mind around it.

  1. With everything going on in the world and with the many Wikileaks’s released, this is what we get! Really! WTH? Like Gracepc says: no thanks.

  2. Oh, it looks like the”First Lady” only dances with black kids and people? Very nice but not inclusive of all the people in this country as usual on her part. Today, she so dramatically said that Trump’s words hurt her so deeply? I guess she likes the words in rap music like when they call women bitch and ho and of course, Mother F….er is always on their lips in rap or just plain everyday greetings to women. I never heard her wring her hands and get so upset and dramatic about being called a bitch and a ho.Trump’s locker room words are just too much for her virtuous ears, this academy award performance about Trump’s wordes is just for their corrupt political agenda, running CNN, MSNBC 24/7 over what? Kissing, not even, just talking about kissing and Oh how horrible that a man talks like that when the ladies are not around. Sex and drugs were okay in the old days, right Barry? JUST THE CRIMINAL CORRUPT CLINTON AND OBAMA MACHINE, RUINING FAMILIES AND LIVES FOR THEIR OWN POWER AND MONEY. Ms. pantsuit (she dresses like a freak) Crooked Hillary Clinton may steal the election but a revolution is coming if that happens, the people can’t take anymore dictatorship and tyranny.

    • How about all the time she hangs out with Beyoncé, the professional public pelvic bucker? So many top Dems seem to feel that the truth is whatever might serve their interests at the moment.