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Trump on Accuser: “Look at her . . . I don’t think so”

Speaking before a wildly enthusiastic audience in West Palm Beach, Florida today, Donald Trump pushed back aggressively against claims he fondled women in the past, suggesting that a writer for People magazine who claimed he went after her at his Mar-a-Lago estate wasn’t quite pretty enough to have drawn his attention and noting the incident wasn’t reported and occurred a dozen years ago.

“Last night we hear, that after twelve years . . . a new claim that I made inappropriate advances during the interview to this writer,” Trump said. “Why wasn’t it a part of the story? It would have been one of the biggest stories of the year . . . Look at her, look at her words, you tell me what you think — I don’t think so.”

Here’s a fuller report by Fox News.

20 Responses to Trump on Accuser: “Look at her . . . I don’t think so”

  1. He should have been more diplomatic in his choice of words but his frustration is understandable. It seems each day another woman surfaces with an unbelievable story.

    Actually I’m more concerned about Bill Clinton’s 26 flights on the Lolita Express, some without Secret Service. Is that a man I want in the WH again? NO!

    • I’m also concerned about the Podesta emails regarding Justice Scalia. What the heck did he mean if it wasn’t about asassination? What a coincidence Scalia died two days later.

      • There’s alot of damaging information in those emails when it comes especially to the corruption and collusion between the Clintons and the media.

        And the WH staff — destroying emails — after being subpoenaed!

        I haven’t read the Scalia part yet, but have heard it bandied about.

    • Every time a new batch of Wikileaks is released, exposing the complete corruption and collaboration of the Clintons and the media, another Trump accuser or two or three is hatched by the Clinton goons, and the corporate media runs with it 24/7. Meanwhile, The Wikileaks get only passing mention. We know what’s going on.

  2. There’s another hit piece by People magazine about the way Trump talked to the women (Marlee Matlin,etc) on The Apprentice show. And the source for those comments is none other than Richard Hatch, the guy from Survivor who ran around naked in front of everyone – women included! If they’re going to publish these types of stores their sources should at least be credible.

  3. The woman is 74 yrs old, for Pete’s sake. But this is the quintessential Trump – shallow, egocentric, and devoid of feeling. In many ways, I consider him a sociopath – he lies with impunity and takes no responsibility for his bad behavior.

    Anyone over a certain age is aware that women are merely trophies for Trump; he even told Howard Stern that when a woman turns 35, ‘it’s check-out time’! He really is a pig!

      • It goes without saying that both Clintons’ are rotten to the core. But two wrongs do not make a right.

        Trump self-destructed, and crooked Hillary made a deal with the Devil/DOJ/FBI and escaped a prison sentence.

        We are now living in a Banana Republic!

        • All due respect, I don’t think DT self destructed. I think he got a ton of political sh*t thrown at him that is not all it’s cracked up to be. And the Ryan tried a coup. And the media just dug in deeper with the Clinton BS agenda. So, all things considered I do not think self destruct is apt.

          Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        • Girly1, you’ve been against Trump from the beginning. Say what you like about him, he is a thousand times better than Shrillary. Defeatists like you who will get a big surprise come election day.

    • I don’t think so. But at least he’s a pig on his own time and not in the White House.

      And if Hillary wins, maybe Bill will confine his activities off grounds with the Energizer. Or at the very least in a private bedroom. Perhaps the Lincoln Bedroom.

    • Look at this post and insert BillyBoy’s name, or HRC’s. There. Is. No. Difference. What’s that biblical phrase about the dust mote in my neighbor’s eye and the log in my own?

  4. One of the women (I think the one with the airplane story) Leeds is her last name has been exposed as a Clinton supporter with ties I think to the foundation if not the campaign.

    Trump should turn it over to his attorneys. And depending on what is found out, sue them.

    I wish he would spend less time but he has to defend himself. No one else is. He also has made some good speeches lately despite it all, addressing issues. Where is HRC?

    As just to set thing straight anybody remember this — when Kathy Griffin or whatever tried to give Ms. Vanderbilt a BJ in Times Square. 2:13 mark. And if you watch to the end, the next video features KG in her underwear with Ms.Vanderbilt and David Gergen phones in an joins the fun from his Caribbean vacay.


    • KG is the old version of Lena Dunham.
      Two pitiful attention-seeking women who will do anything (!) to be somebody to someone.
      The airplane woman is a nut case and someone with her name is listed on the Clinton foundation board of directors as a secretary.
      One of the other woman has an interesting arrest record.
      The list goes on and on…easily attainable info about all of them.
      What in the hell (to paraphrase DT) do these women see in HRC? And in his defense he did add “look at her words.” Although I admit I thought, “Look at her!”
      Anyone who knows successful men – or are married to them – know that women are constantly flaunting themselves whenever they are around said men. It is tiresome, annoying and stupid.
      Woman to woman, I say “Have some pride, ladies. And stand back – he’s all mine.” :-)
      Trumps speech today in West Palm Beach was remarkable. Truly.
      A display of Cold Anger some say.
      I say Focused Determination.
      Anyone who has ever “determined” to do the impossible would recognize that energy in DT today.
      He spoke from the depths of his true character and he was inspiring.
      Ms. Vanderbilt tried to set the trap during Sunday night’s debate but today it snapped on thin air.
      And I am glad.

  5. Trump needs to wise up. Have surrogates handle these tawdry issues and stick with the issues, where he can rip HRC to shreds. Gutter-sniping will not garner votes..