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Live Stream || Trump vs. Clinton – Second Debate

93 thoughts on “Live Stream || Trump vs. Clinton – Second Debate”

  1. Hillery just said she never questioned the fitness to run for the office of president. If I remember correctly she questioned the fitness of Obama.

    1. Many times. And she started the Obama birther thing, spread that photo of him wearing the Muslim warlord uniform, and her husband Billy was caught telling Ted Kennedy about Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” Hillary thought the same thing.

  2. Self-righteous Hillary Rodham Clinton is speaking–it is enough to “gag a maggot” to see her facial expressions and hear her call out Trump’s private comments that were leaked. Hope they will ask her about her vindictive threats to the women that her husband assaulted! Hope the question about Benghazi will come up, also. Not very professional for Raddatz and Cooper to even bring up sex during a presidential debate. They said they saw the questions for the first time this morning. Guess Facebook’s Zuckerberg is in on it, right?

    1. I’m sure Ms. Raddatz and Ms. Vanderbilt didn’t think sex should be an issue 20 years ago during Bill’s reign…in fact, that was the exact liberal talking point – it’s just sex, it’s personal and nobody’s business!

      1. Glad that Trump brought those women who were assaulted by both Bill and Hillary, to tonight’s debate. I do think Trump missed by not asking Hillary to apologize to them, for her and her husband’s actions.

  3. BTW, seems that the same terrible microphone from the last debate has been handed to Donald Trump again! Can hear him breathing in–
    Clinton is talking about him apologizing? Oh my, her days in seclusion were spent how? Facelift? Learning to wear red lipstick like Monica did?

      1. You are kidding of course or your a demonrat. The middle east, the inner cities that are housing many people who are being held hostage to the welfare system and with out any hope of things getting better, Hillarys 33 thousand emails and the mess to include Benghazi, and you say that there was nothing of substance.

  4. My husband and I are watching the debate, glad Donald is taking Hillary on by her horns, along with Cooper and Martha! I noticed a fly landed on Hillary (shades of Obama), hubby said “flies always find crap.”

  5. Here in Ormond Beach the patients with Obama care, that need wound care in Hypobaric Chamber have to drive three hours away. We have several Chambers here. Why does this so called affordable care make them go so far away. Sometimes twice a week.

    1. Because Obamacare sucks. Too many provisions, pieced together in a mishmash, written by Nancy & Harry, and passed in the middle of the night by only Democrats. That’s why.

      1. What no one seems to want to discuss is that “Obamacare” doesn’t provide healthcare at an affordable price for anyone buying it. Most of the plans have poor coverage (driving hours for a surgeon or wound care or whatever). They have high deductibles and only cover 80% (or less). That remaining 20% plus the cost of the monthly premium still breaks the middle class.

  6. HRC brings Russia into the debate….DONALD – talk about the threat they bring to the USA.
    Also. A TRUE Muslim women would NEVER appear In public without a scarf! And would NEVER be photographed – so this woman is NOT a follower of Islam.
    I call BS.

  7. Hillary’s blaming another movie for the fact she’s two-faced about issues! I hope Donald has extra security, she’s angry enough at him to consider Arkancide?

  8. So now, HRC is channeling Lincoln?
    And now, she is accusing Russia?
    She is an expert pivotor…I’ll give her that.
    She is a lying bitch-pussy.

  9. So… Trump is against higher taxes and Hillary is for higher taxes.
    Donald paid zero in taxes? What were his charitable deductions?
    How would she know what his tax returns stated?

  10. Hillery uses the same tax breaks other wealthy people use. She wants to raise the death tax, but has made sure her child doesn’t have to pay it when she and Bill passes.

  11. Congress (HRC) is complicent in tax avoidance.
    It is legal.
    Suck it, HRC.
    And now – YOU are responsible for adoptions? HRC, your mess are wearing off. You are standing too much.
    Trump is Fixin’ to slam her to the mat.

  12. Hillary needs to shut up about Russia…paybacks are a you know what!
    And, the time given to her vs Trump is not equal…as usual by a biased liberal media!

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Sharon, I noticed at the beginning that DT was interrupted by the crooked moderator after about a minute into his 2 minute allowance, and the question was changed (more of an accusation anyway). The HC was given 2:45 uninterrupted to expound on her greatness. Then I turned it off.

      It is true that the whole political machine, including republicans and media, are engaged in the campaign against Trump. It is so crooked, it makes me sick. I only hope enough of the moderates and independents see what is happening and vote Trump.

      Go Trump! I’m donating more $ today.

  13. Has anyone on that stage spoken to anyone for Syria?
    I HAVE! Assad is not the issue. Iran is.
    HRC: this is also Russia/Putin’s fault? You are a drug addled idiot.

  14. Just which of those self-righteous Republicans who would have the party dump Trump has never made a private comment about what he’s like to do with/to some attractive young lady he was looking at? Vote them out!

    1. If all their little secrets were to come out in the newspapers–the drunks, the sexual addicts, the bribe takers, the liars, the adulterers, the cocaine users–the chambers of Congress would have a lot of empty seats.

  15. I like a Trump’s body language, like a boxer on the prowl looking for the opportunity to KO,
    Hillary like on the ropes just standing there.

  16. Hey, HRC, AAs don’t care what you think about Hispanics. You are too too stupid and brain dead – duprug addled.
    Bernie thinks you are a moron too – Just so you know. He is not your “supporter’. He is like Bernie. All too ready to take your money.
    And you HRC did not answer at 3am during Benghazi.
    Oh Donald PULEEZE ask her, “Where were you that night?”
    HRC! You are the devils spawn. Own it.

  17. Hey Juan…do yourself a favor…shit up.
    Hey Meghan…quit dressing like a whore and self promoting – and maybe I will consider your comments.
    Hey MSM…perhaps you need to consider whose side you are on?!?!?!?!?!?

  18. Dinner for one from a Chinese delivery joint: $12.

    Half a dozen 2-liters of Mountain Holler from Save-A-Lot: $5.

    Watching Hillary squirm when Trump said he’d sic a special prosecutor on her: PRICELESS.

  19. The emails belong to us. They are historic record.

    H laughed because this will be her defense about the emails’ deletion: the subpoena arrived, the lowly employee remembered he hadn’t deleted them as ordered, he ran and did it post-subpoena. It has his fault! He now has immunity, btw.

    We know what really happened: subpoena arrived, employee balked, corrupted DOJ said would give him immunity if he did the deed and took the blame. Problem solved.

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