In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Saturday Open Thread || October 8, 2016



52 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread || October 8, 2016”

  1. It is very windy here as Matthew approaches. We are expecting up to 15 inches of rain. It has been so wet and rainy lately that the water has not even soaked in on our lawn. So our biggest fear is trees toppling from the saturated soil.

    The local weather guys are doing a great job keeping things in perspective, unlike the Weather Channel, which is in panic mode.

  2. Earlier today I wrote about Trumps private locker room banter that took place 10 years ago ( after the previous article) but since you may miss it I must repeat this to give you all a good laugh. Hillary tweeted: ” This is horrific. We can´t allow this man to be president”. Well…??!!!

    1. Trump will have fend off the debate attack this sunday night or face doom. He needs to take a lesson from Pence, and learn fast!


      1. adorably redeemable gracepc

        The grandstanding faux outraged hypocritical Republican GOPrats who jumped ship made a big effort to do so over the weekend. Where it could overshadow everything important to this debate and saving this nation.

    2. Hillary is Horrific as far as I am concerned.
      And I mean the woman has zero moral compass.
      And IF she is elected (I will never believe that she won honestly) and then IF she dies (her health IS an important issue) we will be stuck with Kaine who is the picture of incompetency.
      The media is complicent in this attempted over throw of our government.

      1. Agree with you completely, Aileen. My local north Jersey paper didn’t even mention the new WikiKeaks document dump revelations on Hillary. It was all Trump bashing. I pray he whips her in that debate tomorrow, no matter how many things will be stacked against him.

      2. With Hillary, we get Huma (Muslim Brotherhood). If Hillary croaks we would have not just Kaine, but Soros. Kaine is an idiot who will be ruled by Soros.

    3. Hillary is shocked by Trump’s words, but not by Bill’s sexcapades. Of course the MSM is shocked, while completely ignoring Hillary’s many treasonous acts. Together, media and RINOs are helping to haul Hillary’s sick carcass over the finish line at any cost.

    4. If Hillary thinks a decade-old tape of Trump using language that every American male has used at some point will work, she has lesarned NOTHING.

      This election is a rebellion against Beltway cocktail circuit bullshit that means nothing on Main Street.

      And Hillary thinks another trick from the standard Washington playbook will be effective? She has learned nothing.

      Say you’ve lost your business, your home, your piece of the American Dream, and you blame Washington, as Trump voters have every reason to. Not only will you not give two hoots in Hoboken about a ten-year-old tape, you’re going to view airing such dirty laundry as PART OF THE VERY SAME WASHINGTON BULLSHIT THAT MADE YOU LOSE EVERYTHING.

      Trump’s numbers will go UP from this. LET those wicked solons of the Beltway clutch their pearls with one hand, and their Tom Collins with the other.

      We want America back.

  3. Mr. Trump, we all have chapters in the book of our life that we would rather not read out loud.
    You have apologized.
    There’s no need to throw in the towel.
    For the record, I have used the word myself to describe certain men – and I am a woman.
    What p*sses me off is: (“p word”)
    1. The knee jerk reactions from the RINOes.
    2. The p*ss poor media (“p word – p word!”) is laser focused on this stupid gaff…and purposely and willfully ignoring the Wikileaks documents that are a gold mine of HRC’s lying lies. Lies that directly affect the safety and security of our nation.
    3. All the special little snowflakes who are offended by this need to reexamine their ethics and morals.
    In plain speak – I call being a recent pedophile and a serial rapist far worse than a man who got into a what we call “a d*ck-waggin’ contest” over a decade ago.

        1. And I say while Trump was trying to scr&w a few women 10 years ago Hillary has been scr&wing the whole country for longer than that and will continue to scr&w us until the day we die.

          Sorry about the language that I very seldom use but this is making me angry because the MSM is focusing on Trumps personal life style instead of Clintons professional life style.

        2. Just left another response and it has disappeared into the no-longer-American controlled Internet. Not in moderation either. Did include certain well known names…

          1. Can’t recall verbatim…
            The media is driving this hot mic moment of DT – just like the good little liberal p-words that they are.
            I’ve heard lots worse…LOTS worse and so has everyone else.
            All the politicians who have tweeted their shock and horror at these remarks – made when DT was still a Democrat by the way – better hope they’ve never made a “misstatement” on a hot mic. Hackers can and may find it – and reveal it.
            And I wish they would. We need to level the playing field.
            I remain shocked at the collective ignorance of the American citizenry…especially those in media and those in politics.

      1. And to everyone who has never, ever used the f word and/or the p word – good for you. But, I would bet you have had some other lapse of judgement that is just as unfortunate. You just Weren’t recorded on some way.
        Yes, Geraldo and Juan and Paul Ryan and Mitt – I am talking about you and all your p-word cohorts. I wish the dirt on all of you would see the light of day.
        Remember this? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” None of you will be first in line and neither will I.
        DT has endured the slings and arrows of every group on the entire political spectrum. And this is all they can come up with for an October surprise?
        The people in government and media have created such an insulated world for themselves. They have no idea (apparently) that the real world is not politically correct. People say things that they shouldn’t. All.The.Time.
        During the debate, when HRC throws this is your face, DT, apologize once more and then blast her with everything wiki leaks has to offer. It’s all there.
        Empty the wiki leaks arsenal on her and all her minions on both sides of the aisle.
        Thanks for reading and enduring my rant. I am almost immobile (slight accident of ladder “meeting” leg) and the thought that I might have to listen to this BS all weekend is enough to make me want to say the f-word. :-)
        And by the way, where is the guy from Joplin MO who posted here?

        1. adorably redeemable gracepc

          Get better soon. Listen to music, read, etc…..don’t let them invade your “wah”.

          I was wondering about Geoff as well. I miss his Sunday articles in particular.

        2. You speak of Geoff Caldwell, I believe.

          And do get well soon. As VNV Nation sang in “Resolution”:

          Raise your head up high!
          Raise your head up high, so the heavens hear you cry!
          Light the brightest fire, from the highest mountain, so the whole world knows that your spirit can’t be broken!”

    1. adorably redeemable gracepc

      I genuinely don’t care about the shock of the sexual comment made 10 years so I don’t read as carefully as I should. I am interested in the Republican role in it.

      So, this Billy Bush who released the video is Jeb Bush’s cousin.
      Who woulda’ thunk it? Guess old Jeb is not so lacking in energy after all. What a spoiled lot the Bush family is turning out to be. The revelations about Republicans in this election cycle are depressing.

  4. In a world where insane parents insist that their five year old wants to switch sexes, when there is a to-do about who uses which bathroom, I can’t think that 10 year old locker room BS is relevant.

    As for Hi-liar-y’s shock and horror, wha ha ha ha. By too many accounts to deny it, she has a real toilet tongue – f-this f-that …

    More than anything else, I’d like to hear what each candidate plans to do about serious matters such as taxes, foreign policy – all of this name calling, reputation smears or attempted smears is just white noise.

    1. adorably redeemable gracepc

      Borrowed. Perspective.

      “Ancient revelations and dirty tricks don’t worry me.

      Voter fraud does.

      Anybody still wonder why the federal government has been carefully seeding illegals all around the country during the past eight years, while simultaneously striking down any attempts by the states to enforce voter ID?”

      1. Classic Cloward and Piven tactics.
        Overwhelm the system.

        And combined with the Saul Alinsky tactics being deployed by the Clinton’s against Trump, there you have it.

        The strategy is right their in your face.

    2. Amazing how when it was Bill’s escapades in the Oval Office, the Dem rationale was that it was just sex and nobody’s business. He had sexual relations with an intern in the OVAL OFFICE! That was truly “horrific” as opposed to some locker room banter.

      The wall-to-wall faux outrage today on the cable channels is nauseating.

  5. This ploy will only work on the dumbest of voters….and they are already voting for the hilldabeast.

    TRUMP 2016 The right thing to do!!!

  6. Obama in Chicago. Three fundraisers. Votes Early.

    Someone should ask Josh in the Presser how many times he voted? Vote early. Vote often. Used to be the Chicago way. Now it’s the Amerika under Obama way.

    Trying out some names: Barackica/Obamerika/Clintonika has a bit of a ring. Tough. Democratika.

    Probably just stick with USSR United States Socialist Republic. Best stick with tradition.

  7. Celebrating Cub’s win last night, so I’m very late on getting updates.
    But I want to get on the record that Cisco doesn’t care what Trump said 5, 10, or 20 years ago.
    Only what he says NOW!
    I’m with you all the way to The White House.
    Sending you a few $$$, my weeks beer ration money. I don’t need the beer, I know you’ll spend it wisely.

  8. Just watch Fox now if you think we have a fair fight. Decades of Clinton corruption and overt criminality and all news networks are obsessed with Trump talking about pussy. Growing up with men who were hetrosexual is somehow now an alien experience I’ll take the guy with testeronone vs the commie America hater

    1. I fear our country is almost lost. With Hillary following BHO, we’ve become one of those European-style Socialist countries. And with all the incestuous corruption now (White House-DOJ-FBI-etc. all in cahoots), we are nothing more than a banana republic.

  9. Don’t even think Fox News is in our corner. Leading with the Trump story….a trail of dead people follow the Clintons but what the hell. No biggie

    1. I don’t normally watch Fox, I much prefer Fox Business, but since they don’t work weekends, I tuned into Fox, I was stunned. Barely mentioned Hillary’s latest document dump. Never mentioned the 100th and 101st police officers killed in the line of duty, so far, this year. No, let’s focus on macho trash talk from 11 years ago. We have real problems in this country, but we fall all over ourselves to excoriate or excuse Trump’s latest verbal diarrhea revelation. This country is doomed, I think.

      1. I was starting to think that today, just an uneasy feeling.
        Then I took a break from Cub’s game, the old 7th inning stretch.
        Quick stop at WHD, just to see what’s up.
        Then I read Aileen’s post and reference.
        Read it and feel better. I’m going to read it, no, that’s not right, I’m going to pray it again in the a.m.
        Still clinging.

  10. Just thinking. Pretty concerted coordinated hypocritical Dump Trump moral outrage offensive by the gang who couldn’t lift a finger to oppose Barack Obama in 8 years.

    Who knew? I’m thinking HRC decided to share some of her energy meds.

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