As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Statement on Hurricane Matthew

4 Responses to Video || Obama Statement on Hurricane Matthew

  1. He obviously believes that Americans in the path of a hurricane wait to hear his opinion on what they should fear and what to do.
    Lots of man-spreading there.

  2. Who was the silent guy next to Mr0? FEMA guy? Shouldn’t he have said something, too?

    I would very surprised if the WH has been in touch with our governor, a republican, who is up for reelection. But who knows.

    • I believe that is Wilbur Schnitzelburger who was hauled in to sit with Barry since no one else wanted to be seen in a photo with Barry. Wilbur is a nice chap who operates a hot dog stand across the street and generally tries to mind his own business. He was told to do a photo op with Obama or he might never see his dog Rascal again. He does look pretty fidgety, doesn’t he?