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Obama to Trump Voters: You are Racists

From a piece I have running today in LifeZette:

In a column titled, arrogantly enough, “The Way Ahead,” Obama asserts the current moment “reflects any number of eras in which Americans were told they could restore past glory if they just got some group or idea that was threatening America under control.” He adds, “We overcame those fears and we will again.”

Trump’s legions dream of the good old days, Obama believes, when swarthy immigrants and African-Americans stayed in their places and white working folk clocked out of the factory and returned home to wives named Betty who served them and their 2.1 children roast chicken and potatoes before everyone gathered around the TV to watch Milton Berle.

Actually, what Americans are hoping for is an economy that grows by more than Obama’s 1.5 percent and some decent-paying jobs, instead of the globalization and welfare state expansion that is driving people out of the workforce, stunting wage growth, creating hopelessness, and helping feed an epidemic of heroin use.

You can read the rest of my take on Obama’s column here on LifeZette.

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  1. You’re on a roll Keith, keep them coming.

    Trump voters see the common sense of the policies that he is promoting.
    Liberal policies have been proven to be detrimental to many nations across the world as we all know.

    Obama is on the last lap of his attempt to reduce America to the level that he sees necessary to set it’s place in the world.

    Hillary will only exacerbate the situation we are in economically by raising taxes and further opening our borders.

    This Nation cannot take much more of this.

    Trump is brash, OK, but he didn’t get where he is by being stupid.

    This country is in debt up and beyond past it’s eyeballs.

    Politicians have proven that they can’t or won’t fix the problem.

    Let’s try a businessman.

    • We are all racists? If so, Obama is helping to turn people off to black people with his reverse racist remarks! who cares what he thinks? Obama is about the dumbest racist on earth, he obviously enjoys getting black people to hate white people. He is full of crap, a real phony, using racism to further his political career which is a disaster by the way. Him and Hillary ugly Clinton helped to set the Middle East on fire, he gave arms to so many people who killed Americans, like in Benghazi. He is obsessed with getting rid of Syrian Assad, when he should be obsessed with getting rid of ISIS. He and Hillary Clinton have no heart for America or Americans, hate them and I do hope Trump throws all of them the hell out, including the lewd politicians like Ryan, McCain, and the other scared Republicans who are afraid that Trump will end their money hungry deals and ways and TRUMP WILL IF ELECTED. McCain chased a woman around his office so much that she had to make a complaint about him and I heard McCain yelling at his wife on live T.V., so much for his putting Trump down for talking trash in a private conversation like a lot of men do. He wasn’t accused of rape like Clinton, talk is just talk. the Clintons are so desperate they will try anything to get their money and power. They are the meanest, money hungry, liars and crooks that America has ever had in politics. They are the cause of America’s ills. And Obama has the gaul to criticize Trump when his name is really Bathhouse Barry. Talk about lewd and sordid. And that includes lots of sex and drugs.

  2. Of course Americans are “racists or biased”, such things are programmed in our DNA. Blacks prefer to associate with other Blacks, Baptists prefer the company of others who worship as they do, and at the bottom – druggies and stoners prefer to be among others just like them.
    The list of racial, religious, social or ethnic preferences is global, and trying to change such imbedded traits by force is a losing proposition.
    President Obama is referring to Black racism or the newest victim – the peaceful Muslim, but the evidence shows that they, too, have their own prejudices and racist beliefs.

    • Agree. Obama and his fellow Progressives are masters at the technique of “We (the elites) are OK, and you (us) are not OK. You are evil, uninspired, selfish and incorrigible. You must conform to our view of who you are, or you will pay the price.”

      What Obama can’t wrap his head around, hasn’t figured out yet, and can’t accept is that when his ideological masters are done with him, when he has outlived his usefulness to them, they will step on him like a fly, wipe him from the history books, blame him for all the evils which arise from his own insane reign.

      It’s one of the oldest axioms of history.

    • …and it is a SHAME! NO ONE IN THIS Media (especially this “WH press corps”) ever had the NERVE, SMARTS or GUTS to look into/question “Barack Hussein Obama” lack of life story, personal intelligence-temperament, college records or qualifications to ever have allowed him to ‘run for US President’ much less get “elected” twice.
      SHAME! SHAME!!

  3. Yo’ Barack

    Yeah, and pretty soon you are going to be an ex President. A has been. A mistake that America made once and will not make again.

    You have seriously set back racial relations in America. And worse, you have deprived good black Americans of having another shot at the Presidency for a very very long time. That’s your legacy.

    Take your racism and shove it up your scrawny black butt. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  4. OT A little weekend reading. Not long. The March Toward a Federal Police. Lynchmob now longer functions as head of the DOJ, but “as a defacto member of the Obama staff”.

    These people cannot be out of here soon enough. Why they should not all be impeached, imprisoned or just gathered up and left on an island off the coast of Haiti is beyond me.

    read it and weep. Sharpton wants a federalized police department, one of the others — God forbid it should be Lynch — doesn’t think the LEOs need to be American citizens….

  5. Excellent article Keith.
    Finally:…”and helping feed an epidemic of heroin use.”
    The personal hell I went through for 10 years with my addict son…finally this is being discussed in the media.
    Heroin is rather cheap & so very addicting, too many families have lost loved ones to this epidemic. Thankfully my son got help, but is always an addict.

  6. Excellent article, Keith.
    OT, I happened to watch CNN yesterday, when Wolf Blitzer and friends discussed the new Trump tapes. Oh dear, they were all so disgusted, they sounded like prissy school marms all of them. I never swear myself but I know what locker room banter is and that´s what we heard on those 10 year old tapes. So, what about John Kennedy ? He did not just talk, he acted, again and again,and again. And Bill Clinton ? A hilarious reaction came from Hillary on Twitter : ” This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to be president “. I just read that Linda Tripp said that Hillary swears “like a truck driver” herself.
    Well, at least we know that Trump is very attracted to beautiful women. A nice change from the present situation in the White House.

    • Yes, the corporate press, the anti-Trump fanatics, the elites in both parties are awash with faux outrage, of course, competing with themselves over who can display the most horrified facial expression over Trump’s comments and thereby be awarded the “Most Outraged News Commentator Of The Week” trophy.

      They, disguising themselves for the moment in the brown habits of cloistered monks and nuns, are gasping for breath as they try to demonstrate to us all how “outraged” they are, how elevated to high dudgeon they find themselves, clothed in full indignation at this unparalleled comment never before uttered in all of human history.

      Meanwhile, Hillary’s credibly accused serial rapist husband, continues his path of destruction of the souls and honor of young women. And Hillary herself, adding to her life-long professional resume of crime by violating the US Espionage Act, for goodness sake, continues to babble publicly in incoherent sentences and stumble her way through her campaign, demanding that we vote for her.

      And now the political clowns are in competition with all those other local clowns which seem to be frightening the children all over the world.

      • These Republicans, so outraged, (for whom there is a special place in hell) fought tooth and nail to keep Hassert — a convicted child molester — out of jail and unpunished for quite some time.

        It is BS what they are doing now with Trump. I like Jason Chaffetz alot, but his retreat and his statement, was so self righteous and self serving I could not believe it.

        They will get the America they deserve. Unfortunately, we do not.

        • You bring out an interesting point—the obviously coordinated and conspiratorial nature of the anti-Trump movement. “They” are all singing from the same hymnbook– marshaling the corporate press, the R and D elites, Hillary supporters (of course), the George Soros funded organizations, the loud mouth radio commentators (thinking of Marc Levin and Glenn Beck, et al who spend 70 percent of their broadcasts trying to convince us of how awful Trump is). They jump on the same “stories” at the same time, use the same phrases, demonstrate the same “outrage”, predict the same dire results–all to amplify their perfectly timed anti-Trump message. It’s like watching and listening to Howdy Doody’s Peanut Gallery all singing in perfect unison about how evil Phineas T. Bluster, mayor of Doodyville, is to all the kids.

          It would all be a violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act) if such a law were applied to political campaigns.

    • Borrowed. Perspective.

      Ancient revelations and dirty tricks don’t worry me.

      Voter fraud does.

      Anybody still wonder why the federal government has been carefully seeding illegals all around the country during the past eight years, while simultaneously striking down any attempts by the states to enforce voter ID?