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Please, Clinton Foundation, Stay Away from Haiti

The Clinton Foundation could only get in the way of and soak up resources from legitimate charities trying to do some good in the country, where hundreds if not thousands have perished because of the hurricane.

Here’s a clip from Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America” describing what happened the last time the Clintons came “to help” in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake

5 thoughts on “Please, Clinton Foundation, Stay Away from Haiti”

    1. Over 13 Billions dollars, donations were pouring in from every part of the globe and from US taxpayers.

      The money was stolen and a a small fraction given to the cronies of the Clinton’s that supposedly had companies to build or rebuild infrastructures in such cases. This has been documented by several agencies and lots of video have been made of this scandalous rip-off !

  1. Haiti should be at the top of Trump’s attack agenda. Why has everyone remained silent about the Clinton’s high crimes and misdemeanors in Haiti?
    That damn Foundation is the most corrupt entity, outside of the Oval Office, that has ever existed in this country!

    This week Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew – hundreds of lives were lost. One reporter bemoaned the fact that nothing has been done to repair the infrastructure after the big quake six years ago. It is beyond tragic.
    Most of the earthquake victims are still living in deplorable conditions in ‘temporary’ shantys.

    Haitians HATE Hillary! They shouted ‘Hillary belongs in jail’ at the DNC last July.
    Seems that her brother,Tony Rodham, also cashed in through the Clinton Foundation. He landed a lucrative, historically ‘rare gold exploitation’ permit from the Haitians. Talk about ‘exploitation’! He belongs in jail also.

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