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Obama Hires Hundreds of PR Staffers at Cost of a Half Billion a Year

From the Washington Times:

President Obama has swelled the ranks of government PR, adding hundreds of new public relations specialists to the federal payroll during his time in office, costing taxpayers a half-billion dollars a year, the government’s chief watchdog said Wednesday. That doesn’t include the more than $100 million the administration spends annually for help from private sector spinmeisters, nor does it account for the $800 million spent on contracts for advertising in 2015, according to the Government Accountability Office.

“Spending $1.5 billion on government PR activities is a huge waste of money. That sort of spending should be drastically scaled back,” said Chris Edwards, a federal budget scholar at the Cato Institute. The administration added some 667 PR staffers between 2008, the last full year under his predecessor, and 2011, when public relations staffing across federal agencies peaked at 5,238 people. That’s a jump of 15 percent during those years.

Listen, lets give them a break here. It took tremendous public relations talent to sell an old-school Chicago pol with no relevant experience as an inspirational young leader qualified to be president. And you have to pay good money to promote policies that have left the world in turmoil, made America less safe, and given us an economy that grows only 1.5 percent a year.

13 thoughts on “Obama Hires Hundreds of PR Staffers at Cost of a Half Billion a Year”

  1. Maybe he should hire more PR people.
    The current group doesn’t seem to have any idea of how to make the federal government’s stupid ideas and regressive programs likeable to the voters.

    1. adorably redeemable gracepc

      The Republican House always rolls over and gives Obama everything, every penny he asks for. And Paul Ryan is the worst. He even buys Pelosi steak dinners before he forks over the cash.

    2. They always roll over for Obama. With a few exceptions, they should be driven from office and replaced with Americans who will serve this country, rather than themselves.

    3. The Congress, under the current leadership (and the previous House leader Boehner) is part of the problem, not part of the solution. They are not interested in real solutions. A more useless, dangerous and spineless Congress would be hard to find.

  2. adorably redeemable gracepc

    That’s a lot of money and he still always complains about the “message”. It’s all about the “message”. The “message ” is never right.

    And — whatever happened to all those Tsars or Czars Obama appointed — are they still on the payroll.

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