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Michelle Obama Builds a Permanent Monument to Herself

First Lady Michelle Obama Wednesday unveiled her own personal monument, to be situated in perpetuity on the White House grounds.

Mrs. Obama showcased the latest version of her White House vegetable garden, which has now nearly tripled in size since it’s first iteration in 2009 and has been sealed with cement to make sure nobody tears it up.

“I take great pride in knowing that this little garden will live on as a symbol of the hopes and dreams we all hold of growing a healthier nation for our children,” Mrs. Obama said, calling the garden, “my baby.”

The baby has grown from 1,100 square feet to 2,800 and now features wider walkways covered by bluestone instead of sawdust, a large stone-paved seating area, and a grand archway that has been cemented into the ground.

Any attempt to rip all of this out it will be a major undertaking that would incur charges of racism and so forth. It’s Michelle’s monument, and it’s here to stay.

Michelle Obama garden archway

The White House boasted that it has secured $2.5 million in private funding to help maintain the garden. But it’s not clear how much of the total cost that money covers and how long it would last. It doesn’t appear to foot the bill for all the new cement and stones.

No doubt the “White House kitchen garden” will be referred to colloquially as the “Michelle Obama Garden.” Right up there with the Truman balcony and so forth. What other first lady has done this? The East Garden only became the “Jacqueline Kennedy Garden” after Ladybird Johnson dedicated it to her, for obvious reasons. What’s more, that was a redesign, not a whole new thing.

Michelle Obama garden table

Even Donald Trump has expressed reticence about doing major projects on the White House grounds.

“If I were elected I would probably look at the White House, and maybe touch it up a little bit,” Trump told People Magazine last year. “But the White House is a special place, you don’t want to do much touching.”

He has enough monuments to himself. Let’s hope he keeps his word.

Incredibly, in her remarks, Mrs. Obama took credit for all sorts of changes she says have occurred in the nation’s food culture:

And these numbers don’t even begin to capture the kind of transformational culture change that we’ve seen since we launched Let’s Move!

I mean, after an era of everything being super-sized, who would have thought that major companies would be racing to market smaller, lower-calorie versions of their snacks and beverages – from half-sized candy bars to little, mini soda cans.  We see it everywhere we go.

Who would have predicted that a marketing campaign for fruits and vegetables would get 1 billion media impressions and feature product endorsements from athletes like Steph Curry?

Who would have thought that chain restaurants focused solely on salad would be the hottest new trend, or that those fitness bracelets would be so common that we wouldn’t even notice them any longer, or that Kwik Trip would sell an average of 400 pounds of bananas per store per day, or that we’d take it for granted that we can get apples and skim milk in kids’ meals at fast food places.  Today we just assume that we can find healthy options at the drive-thru.  So it’s not surprising that childhood obesity rates in this country have stopped rising, and they’ve even started falling for our youngest kids.

That’s the kind of change we’ve seen in just six and a half years.

You remember “the era of everything being supersized.” That was during the bad old Bush years.

Michelle was careful to add some false modesty. “And make no mistake about it, all of this didn’t happen because of me,” she said. “It happened because of all of you. That’s why we thought it was so important to invite you to this celebration.”

I don’t know. This seems to say “established” by “Michelle Obama,” not “established by all of you.”

white house garden footstone

She seems to think she is responsible for everything from the bell peppers at Chipotle to the pineapple on a Papa John’s pizza. But it’s not clear what effect she has had, other than to add new government regulations and programs. The childhood obesity rate has indeed leveled off at about 17 percent – but that began around 2003 when, as I remember it, Bush was president. Adult obesity rates have continued to grow slowly under Obama, just as they have since the mid-1990s, when dramatic growth leveled off.

Maybe that information is carved into a different stone.

H/T to Mark Levin, who was the first I heard discussing this as a monument.

54 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Builds a Permanent Monument to Herself”

  1. adorably redeemable gracepc

    Classic behaviour of a low life grifter. Building monuments to herself with other people’s money.

    Desperate for adoration and attention.

    The Obamas will never understand it’s about the office not about them.

    1. Trump can fumigate & fix the WH up to its previous standards. ….maybe install a gold toilet? His staff can also go through the online website of former President’s descriptions of accomplishments & remove 0’s slimy name from their honorable writeups.

  2. $2.5m to maintain a garden.

    I head over to Agway to buy a few bags of fertilizer and seed….WITH MY AFTER TAX DOLLARS!

    ps… The only thing they have not reversed with super sizing is our deficit….


  3. Maybe she can start the Michelle Obama Garden Foundation and take in donations from people like JayZee, Brianna, Streisand, Clooney, and the like.

    Because you just know they are going to be dead broke when they leave the white house.

  4. She has no right, no permission from the American taxpayer, or any mandate to change or alter anything inside or outside OUR White House.
    She may not carve her initials into the WH’s woodwork, and she may not build a monument or anything that congratulates her on any property that isn’t hers.
    Can we expect MrObama to commission some stonemasons to carve his features onto Mount Rushmore?
    Good grief.

  5. Obesity has grown in America among adults due to more and more adults slipping into poverty. It’s easy to eat healthy when you have money. When you are poor, and live in one of the many food deserts in America you buy cheap food that can be carried on the bus, food that is high in fats, salt, and other garbage, and cause people to gain weight. If she really wanted to make America healthy, she would use her platform to encourage stores to invest in poor neighborhoods, but then again when the riots come, who wants to lose a year of profits in nd hour of carnage.

    1. Why should stores invest in poor neighborhoods when they are not going to make a profit and sometimes risk having their store cleaned out and burnt down during “protests?” I live in a rural area and our one local grocery closed a few years ago because they thought they could drag us 30 minutes up the highway to their other store. So now I am limited to Walmart — on a disability income. That is how economics work.

  6. All President Trump has to do is have someone gather the numbers and then publish the report on the costs and benefits of this silly ego project garden. Tell us how many National Park Service employees work on this garden how many hours a week and for how many weeks a year. Then, present the total cost of maintaining this garden compared to the value of the total produce yielded.

    When the cold hard numbers make it clear that it’s the equivalent of going to the grocery store and purchasing a cucumber for $10, the only responsible move is to demolish it. Trump can say this wasteful, inefficient way of doing business is typical of the government, but those days are finally over with a successful businessman now in charge. By electing him, the country has demonstrated that one of the things they are fed up with is this government’s wasteful, inefficient, overspending.

    Then President Trump can have someone purchase, (with his own funds, of course), a whole bunch of seeds and planting supplies and have them sent over to the Obamas’ new DC home as a housewarming gift. He should include a lovely note mentioning he knows what an avid gardener Moochelle is and how much she will appreciate getting her garden started at her new home.

  7. That vegetable garden was a perfect symbol of Michelle Obama’s racism – 99% of the invitees were AfAm children.
    It’s going to be a tough act for the First Dude, Bill Clinton, to follow, lol.

  8. Did she have permission from the WH Historical Association? Their rules are pretty rigid about permanent installations added to the WH homes and grounds. Jackie set it up that way to preserve the history.

    Or just add a community garden to their Chicago Library? Lady Bird’s Wildflower org is still thriving to this day …

    This is just so MO. Me, me, me. Now if Melania wanted to keep the garden and name it the Michelle Obama Photo Op Pit, that would be fine.

    Though the frugal Trumps may not see the cost of maintenance worth keeping around as he takes an ax to the budget. You can treat a lot of veterans with MO’s dirt money.

      1. No more than living in base housing was our property. In the 70’s we had wall to wall shag carpeting installed because I had two babies and that cold vinyl floor hurt their knees when crawling and cushioned their blows when falling.

        Guess what? We were required to remove it, at our expense, when we transferred!

  9. I’d just slap the same sign NASA put on the launch pads it didn’t need following a final flight: Abandon in Place. Then you just let it rot.

  10. She must think she’s a modern day Roman Empress. Blast this monstrosity into rubble president Trump. Then build a memorial to all the Americans that committed suicide during Obama’s reign.

  11. Will MO be installing clothes lines which will be used for WH staff’s laundry? Wonder if plastic flamingos, garden gnomes and ducks will be placed along the lawn.

  12. Like any long term rental, new occupants change things. ;O)

    Remember Reagan on Carter’s solar panels?

    “Get that hippie shit off the roof.”

    Under Trump, I predict the first thing to go will be the Ikea-like furnishings in the “Family Dining Room.”

  13. The wife of the pharaoh is leaving us her monument. Whoever comes next should pit it back the way it was. I’d contribute to its disappearance. I hate to put farmers out of a job.

  14. A badass Mexican landscaper could tear that mess up with a push mower. Let’s get environmentally friendly and cut the high maintenance stuff A little grass. A tree. Enough .

  15. I’ve never understood why she is such a popular first lady (if the polls can be believed). From where I sit, she’s always been a fairly humorless, arrogant…even surly…individual with expensive tastes who’s not embarrassed to take lavish vacations with her entourage even as the country’s debt piles up. What’s to love? What’s to LIKE?

  16. “She seems to think she is responsible for everything from the bell peppers at Chipotle to the pineapple on a Papa John’s pizza.”

    That’s what she wants us to think, and the morons will comply. Bottom line: ‘y’all can’t do nuthin’ wif’out someone in gummint ‘splainin’ it tew yew.’

  17. You know, when I was growing up back in the 70’s, everybody had a garden. I learned how to pick, save, and plant marigold seeds when I was like 4, and learned how to start tomatoes and peppers indoors when I was in kindergarten. Michelle the Arrogant is misguided with her healthy garden approach: she should be attacking the barrage of junk foods peddled in government schools.

  18. If Hillary gets in God Help us all. Can’t stand that witch and it seems neither can the CIA.
    She is I read rude, just like Moochele all about herself.
    What sad is the electoral College in in her pocket.

  19. I would give a frabbing damn if it cost TEN MILLION, that MIKE-built abortion would be getting DEMOLISHED and SCRAPPED

    The time for you bitches honouring yourselves is coming to an END


  20. She’s certainly gained a lot of weight the past few years. I guess that’s why we haven’t seen a lot of her. She should eat her own veg. It would keep her mouth too full to talk and yet be healthy.

    We can tear this down and it will go.

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  22. Where’s my comment? I said that her garden now looked like a cemetary plot with her headstone! Tear the thing down when she’s gone, its not her property to desecrate. Cementing the garden just shows how much she hates America and its people. Also, by cementing the garden she shows how much confidence she doesn’t have in herself and her garden that WE PAID FOR, NOT HER.

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