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Video || Quijano is Sick and Tired of Hearing About Hillary’s Damn Emails

I noticed this, did you? Once Mike Pence started laying into Hillary Clinton, it was time to move on.

H/T to the Washington Free Beacon.

16 Responses to Video || Quijano is Sick and Tired of Hearing About Hillary’s Damn Emails

  1. I also noticed her interruptions of Pence last night and it had me screaming at my TV. She did not treat Kaine that way at all.

    Pence did a great job, especially since he had Kaine constantly interrupting him and then had the moderator cutting him off whenever he was trying to make a point. She was also working with Kaine, as I noticed many times Kaine would look at her and motion that he wanted another rebuttal.

    Note at the end of this clip when the moderator tells Pence his time is up, Kaine nods at her with such a smug little smirk that makes me want to just slap it off his face.

  2. Pretty shameful — 5 interruptions of Pence. I think this puts her on the Democrat list of Qualified Moderators, especially since Candy Crowley seems to have retired from assisting the candidate.

    That said, ouch on Comey being a Republican. But interesting also. On the one hand it sort of implies that the Dems know she got away with murder but how can you quibble since it was one of your guys who did it.

    Kaine must not be aware that Republicans are more than willing to throw someone overboard unlike the Dems who will simply refashion them. Also, some Americans don’t care what party Comey is — he is a proven Democrat lackey.

    • The next time Hillary starts peddling her malarkey about Trump’s “unsuitable temperament”, all we have to do is think of Kranky Kaine being anywhere near the nuclear code or how he would manage the Executive Office if Hillary were to keel over one day. Nightmare.

      • And kaine would also point out “the guy holding the nuclear ‘box’ is right there’ like biden so stupidly did during some insipid speech he made.

    • No such thing.
      I say we have Ann Coulter moderate the next one.
      Fair is fair right ?
      The libs get to pick there’s, why can’t we pick ours ?

      Don’t worry, that will never happen.

  3. My take:
    Pence seemed somewhat annoyed that he had to deal with the Bobsey Twins. He was even tempered and calm – he is a skilled politician.
    Poor Kaine. I have read comparisons ranging from Jack Nicholson to the Grinch. He was smug, arrogant and most annoying. Good heavens – this man was the best VP choice for HRC? He has been programmed into mindlessness.
    Quijano had the typical deer in the headlights look…she was in a position well above her capabilities. Well above.
    Does everyone in the media and politics really think they are way more intelligent than the rest of the population? ‘Cause they aren’t. Wouldn’t hurt any and all of them to spend some time with normal people who work for a living.

    • She appeared to be junior in experience. However, it probably would have gone much better for her had she tried to fairly moderate and not follow the Dem dictate to favor Kaine. I have no sympathy for her.

  4. Maybe Trump is right, the thing is rigged. MSM + moderators all for Hillary. Only thing for Trump voters to do is vote and get out the vote for Trump.