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How About this for a Role Model: Bill Clinton

While reporters are busy asking every Republican candidate whether Donald Trump should serve as a role model for kids, maybe they should think about asking Democrats whether the potential co-president, Bill Clinton, should be a role model too.

Here’s New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte being asked Monday night during a debate with her challenger, Gov. Maggie Hassan, whether Trump should serve as a role model. “Absolutely,” she said, before later saying she “misspoke.”

Whatever Trump’s sins, they don’t compare to those of Clinton, who has already disgraced the Oval Office — among may other rooms — and figures to return there.

That’s right. The irrepressible Bill is certain to be spending plenty of time in the Oval Office. This time, unfortunately for him, Hillary will be there to supervise him. But you can bet that as a new president, she’ll be seeking the counsel of the former president who happens to share her home. She’s already specifically said she would put him in charge of the economy. Bill, being Bill, will make certain he has a hand in everything else as well. This will be the closest thing to a co-presidency we’ve ever had.


While we’re on the subject, Hillary’s no role model either, having lied many times to the public about an extensive variety of issues, committed questionable financial practices, and engaged in all kinds of conflicts of interest.

That’s why even many women aren’t particularly excited about her candidacy. Great, sure, a first female president. But did it have to be this one?

As a Jew, I’d love to see a Jewish president. But not, you know, Bernie Madoff.

4 Responses to How About this for a Role Model: Bill Clinton

  1. Role models – what a joke. There isn’t a single person running for office or their minions that anyone would suggest is a role model for a child.
    What would most of us like to see as President= someone who understands that America does not live in the upper East Coast.
    We live in fly-over country;
    little towns, medium size cities, farm land, ranch land, the boondocks, and don’t ride subways or trains to work. Most of us have never seen a Broadway play and don’t care if we do or not.
    We have 4th of July parades that include the high school marching band and the local fire department’s trucks. Our fathers, brothers, sons and sometimes our daughters are military veterans and we’re proud of them.
    We’re not NewYorkCity, or Baltimore, or DC.
    We’re Americans.