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Obama is Not Done with America Yet

My latest piece for LifeZette: “Obama’s Last Radical Push.”

From the article:

President Obama has only about 3.5 months left in his administration — but don’t be fooled. He still has plenty of time to do lots of damage. Obama just ceded U.S. government control over the internet by relinquishing Commerce Department oversight of ICANN, which keeps track of website addresses and names. That is only the beginning of his late fourth-quarter drive for the presidential legacy end zone.

Among the perils the lie ahead:

Get Out of Jail Free Cards:
Obama will retain the power of the pardon until the moment Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton says “So help me God” on the steps of the Capitol Jan. 20, and it’s certain he intends to use it. Before his presidency is over, hundreds of convicted drug felons will have had their sentences commuted.

We know that, because hundreds already have. On Aug. 3, Obama granted clemency to 214 inmates — a single-day record. That made for a total of 562 for his presidency, more than the nine previous presidents combined, according to The Washington Post. Most were drug dealers, and 67 were serving life sentences.

Read about the rest of the damage Obama can do, as I describe over at LifeZette.

9 Responses to Obama is Not Done with America Yet

  1. Obama will do lots of damage before he (hopefully) leaves office, yet the Republicans won’t do anything to stop him. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Obama hates us so much, it boggles my mind. I know Trump has imperfections but he seems to genuinely love this country, and that is good enough for me.

    • Obama hates us for sure. But he is the implementation tool. This plan was on his desk. He’s just a front man, delighting in playing this out. He has not real power.

      It was developed by nefarious, unknown people and designed to take down America as it is. This is the legacy of America’s Democrat Party. And Phase One began in 2008. Had we not been so complacent about the fraudulent election of 2012 we might have had a chance. It is unlikely we still do. 2012 was a gift to these people.

  2. Huh. MrObama thinks I should be considered “bi-racial” because my Grandfather was born in Syria.
    That should open up new avenues for my extended family in the form of Affirmative Action goodies, racial protests against firings or demotions at their place of employment, and a whole new world of racial injustice lawsuits. This imaginary “new race” should benefit American Jews who can claim their relations to Israel.
    Of course, the sub-Saharan people might feel bad that they can’t be included in some “new race”, too.
    I’m making light of this insane push to make a religious group- “Muslim”- a new racial category, but the legal actions if such a move is approved and put into practice would be making the US further divided.

  3. Regarding the Obama Invasion and Defeat of America Plan, I saw this. Perhaps I will look around for it. Want to check out the legal action against those who do not comply.

    “….Anybody that has doubts should go find the White House report “Strengthening Communities by Welcoming All residents” that was issued two years ago. The transformation of America by immigration is all right there in black and white, including dealing with people that might object by using civil rights legislation and DOJ lawsuits. ”

    Felons — why not? We already have an invitation to terrorists out.