As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – October 4, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

42 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – October 4, 2016

  1. What a bloody snoozefest…….yeah, yeah, yeah….they are going to give everyone a good talking to, they’ll see the light. Ernest is the dumbest spox in the history of the position…a total dumb tool.


        • …I would like to hear Keith (really being honest) why this “WH press corps” has been so weak, useless & sycophant to this Obama regime.

          Keith works in this White House so He MUST know alot of stories, rumors and dirt/truth about “Barack Hussein Obama” and his past 8 years occupying this White House.

          I want to know the TRUTH about this Obama regime and why this useless MSM/”WH press corps” has allowed this all this crap to happen…

          • It’s what you think. The press is filled with Democrats, and Obama in particular is viewed as someone who is not to be challenged because he is trying to do “what is right.” I wish I could tell you it was something more mysterious or exciting, but it’s not. They fell in love with him and never quite got over it.

  2. What a lying toe rag……obamacare is a failure with a captial F. Whatever…..he speaks like English is not his first language. His next job will be as the Obama butler.

  3. I just heard on the radio that Obummer’s planned trip to FL tomorrow has been postponed due to the hurricane.

    He was supposed to first go to Tampa to “deliver remarks” on how wonderful the UNaffordable Lousy Healthcare Act is, followed by a rally for Shrillary in Miami.

  4. …Why is it I can think of/ask 100+ better questions at a “White House Briefing” than anyone in this useless “WH press corps”…???

    • I can too Spook, they wouldn’t be answered to our satisfaction.
      You will see a big change if Trump gets the win.
      Whomever the press secretary will be, they will be hammered incessantly.

  5. Trump bought the domain name for $15,000 from a guy named Greene and has put a ton of negative articles on it about Hillary and Kaine…I went to the sight and it is great! So any Hillary supporter who goes to that website is going to see a lot of very negative articles.

    Go to and see for yourself.

    Trump is a genius……

  6. Here is a question we could ask doofus Earnest at a press conference:
    “Does the fact that the brother of FBI Director Comey, Peter Comey, was a lawyer in the employ of the Clinton Foundation, or that James Comey himself has received millions of dollars from the Clinton Foundation influence his decision to let Hillary off the hook in spite of her criminal behavior?”

    • But, but, what about Trumps taxes?
      The Clintons are beyond corrupt.
      It’s like they’re Democrats…oops, I repeat myself.

  7. Late breaking weather report for Florida in the next few days..sunny. Low humidity clear skies. Perfect for AF1 as well as the cows plane in Miami. Extra extra read all about it ! Bienvenido Barry!

  8. We went “out” for dinner tonight. Had an appetizer and a salad and a glass of good wine.
    A good, inexpensive way to dine out.
    Overheard a conversation between two women at the table next to ours.
    OK, OK…I admit – I was eavesdropping!
    They are on the Trump train! Full bore, all out support! They shared an Interesting story about a preacher sharing scripture to those wavering between their candidate of choice.
    And! This week I saw a Trump bumper sticker!
    So-o-o-o…on this Tuesday night before the VP debate, I am feeling optimistic.
    God bless the USA. I pray it. I don’t claim to deserve it, Lord, but, like Hannah, I pray it. Thy Will be done. Amen.