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Live Stream || Vice Presidential Debate – October 4, 2016

The debate has concluded. Here’s the full video.

33 Responses to Live Stream || Vice Presidential Debate – October 4, 2016

  1. This Kaine is rude and smug and interrupts like crazy, just like Biden was with ryan

    I wish Pence would tell him to stop interrupting

  2. Unaware live stream here. Will try and watch and CC.

    Word is Kaine, loud, boorish, and constantly interrupts. Moderator chick doesn’t interrupt Kaine, doesn’t allow Pence any latitude. where do they find these moderators and how little self respect they must have.

    Read comments. Seems like you guys are seeing what others are seeing.

    Also heard earlier, MeAgain Kelly prancing around in some black jumpsuit number.

  3. Wow. That’s not interrupting. That’s steamrolling. And there was even a little agreeable share between Kaine and the woman who is not moderating.

    • Kaine keeps looking at the so-called moderator and letting her know he wants to get in his two cents again. Sometimes he just looks at her and motions and sometimes he tells her outright he wants her to come back to him. She’s clearly working with him and against Pence, whom she cuts off constantly.

  4. While Pence is talking and is in the middle of a sentence this Elaine person just cuts him off and asks Kaine a new question. WTH is going on???

  5. This is ridiculous. Kaine is rude, Pence doesn’t get as much time. Moderator from CBS, her actions no surprise. Why does the RNC approve these people?

  6. 10:29 PM Word must have gotten through Kaine’s ear piece or with secret eye signals from his girlfriend that the interrupting thing not well received.

    Pence speaking uninterrupted by either.

    • Libs always lose the debate on substance.
      Pence did a pretty good job of standing up for himself and Trump.

      Kaine was trying to defend a failed candidate against a proven Governor and a successful businessman.

      I saw the constant interruptions as an attempt to inhibit a logical argument.

  7. Kaine — Maybe he got into Hillarys’ medicine cabinet? Or worse, maybe everybody on the Dem side gets a little tune up before the debates since it worked so well for Hillary. Looks like they need to do a little more work on the correct dosage.

  8. Took the Drudge Report poll…..obviously Pence did a far better job…more mature, concise, centered, informed. Drudge poll results: Pence- 96 percent, Kaine- 4 percent. Looks like the D’s screwed it up big time. Again.

  9. Tim Kaine trying to re-enact Joe Biden’s “braying jackass” act from 2012 is a little like casting Ashton Kutcher in another “Anchorman” sequel, and having him try to re-enact Peter Finch’s “mad as hell” speech from “Network.”

    Wrong act, wrong production, Timmy boy.