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FBI Immunity Side Deal with Mills Allowed Laptop Destruction

This is stunning. From Fox News’ ace correspondent Catherine Herridge:

Immunity deals for two top Hillary Clinton aides included a side arrangement obliging the FBI to destroy their laptops after reviewing the devices, House Judiciary Committee sources told Fox News on Monday.

Sources said the arrangement with former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson also limited the search to no later than Jan. 31, 2015. This meant investigators could not review documents for the period after the email server became public — in turn preventing the bureau from discovering if there was any evidence of obstruction of justice, sources said.

The Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee fired off a letter Monday to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking why the DOJ and FBI agreed to the restrictive terms, including that the FBI would destroy the laptops after finishing the search.

“Like many things about this case, these new materials raise more questions than answers,” Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote in the letter obtained by Fox News.

Just what did the FBI get for giving these people immunity? Did they tell the truth or saying anything damaging about Hillary Clinton.

The FBI’s handling of this case needs to be investigated at this point. This whole thing begs for a special prosecutor. If it were a Republican administration, there would be one.

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  1. The hits just keep coming – one more outrageous than the last.
    Why destroy the laptops- to keep any nosy Repub from viewing something they want hidden.

    How could the FBI be so impotent when dealing with the Clinton’s minions and MrsClinton, herself? The only answer is that MrObama is involved in this mess up to his eyeballs and would be exposed as a participant in the pay for play schemes the Clintons love to employ.

    When MrObama pledged to “fundamentally change” things, little did we know that he meant to reduce government agencies to little more than political, biased, and corrupt entities.

  2. “How could the FBI be so impotent when dealing with the Clinton’s minions and MrsClinton, herself?”

    Comey was comprised in this Hillary email investigation right from the get go. He should have recused himself from any part of the investigation.
    To wit:
    “It seems that our beloved FBI Director is or until very recently was a director and board member of HSBC, which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation.”

    Check the links listed in the story I cited above.

    It would appear that Comey himself should have been investigated and vetted before getting his hands on the email investigation.

    The Obama administration and its appointees to various federal positions is a classic example of one of the principles of Natural Law: evil begets evil, and the process is repeated until the accumulated evil ultimately metastasizes. infecting the entire organism (an individual or organization, family, group, political system and all the what-haves-yous in between and which follow).

      • I too fear that we are approaching a tipping point or critical mass caused by the evil deeds of our generation of politicians. The more we uncover about the personal, political and financial connections shared by these nefarious interests, the more we realize the danger we are in. It is very deep and very wide. They’ve been establishing these connections for years, and now they are harvesting the fruits of their determined efforts.
        In the end, good will prevail, but there will be much damage done in the meantime. I never lose hope, and miracles do happen. But I’m a realist as well, and we are in deep trouble as a country in every direction imaginable right now. The solution (IMHO) has little to do with what form of politics we suffer under at any given moment (which is only a symptom, after all). It’s much, much deeper than that.

        • Rome fell because of corrupt politicians & dynastic families and loss of society and border controls.
          The United States of America will fall because of corrupt politicians & dynastic families and loss of society and border controls…

          • We all know how bad it is. We have hope. Because there is something underneath. I saw it last night.

            Short version. Went to convenience store at 11 pm. One employee, thin black girl. Brief discussion about her name — how to pronounce it. Tyquesha. Was she working alone? Yes. I said no one should work alone at night — might have accident or crime (I am in an upper mid class, largely white, conservative town — west of the tracks, Tyquesha east of the tracks) She agreed. She thought so at first, but the cops came by frequently and they watch out for her. She’s good. She feels safe.

            Take that Barack Obama. White girl/black girl/cops for protection. Late at night.

            I have to believe there are more of “us” than “them”.

            Problem is, and we know it, Tyquesha and hers, they will vote for HRC.

            Maybe one day Tyquesha will come to see what we see politically. But it might come too late.

  3. Comey can’t possibly believe that what Clinton and Obama could do to him would be any worse than what he himself has done to drown his own reputation in the sewer. To say nothing of the reputation and standing oft the FBI in the eyes of the American people.

    An absolute disgrace of a man. A coward.

    • Uh, yes, he could. The responses from some of these people all indicate that they fear for their safety, as well as their families’. That is one piece of the puzzle that fits.

      Agree it is time (long overdue actually) for a special prosecutor. It may be that when one thread is pulled, a whole lot of lies fall apart.

      • I agree about the special prosecutor. I just do not see that happening. It should.

        If people are truly afraid, who is going to carry that torch. Also, after Roberts i really don’t trust anyone to behave ethically. Even a special prosecutor.

        Unless of course, that was Gowdy with full powers. And we all know that ain’t going to happen.

  4. The corruption is very, very deep. And wide spread.
    Reminds me of trying to rid my lawn of dandelions. Unless you dig deep enough to remove all the roots, the darned thing will re-emerge.
    This is where we are – and as Langley Spook noted, “Rome fell because of corrupt politicians & dynastic families and loss of society and border controls.”
    Frankly, I fear it is too little, too late as well. I don’t see how DT or anyone else can dig deep enough to root out all the disgusting, putrid behavior.
    I often wonder if God, in His mercy, will save our country. I don’t know. If I were Him, I’m not sure I would be inclined to save. We are entrenched in the midst of a disgusting societal culture.
    I am disgusted…but, apparently I don’t speak for everyone.
    Today, I read the following. One of my favorite stories. This one woman was not afraid to dig deeper in an effort to achieve her heart’s desire.
    Maybe that is something we can all try…dig deeper in our prayers and petitions to God. He can root out all evil. Take note of the last sentence in the 2nd paragraph.

    “In her deep anguish Hannah prayed to the Lord, weeping bitterly” (1 Samuel 1:10, emphasis added).
    Hannah, a mother whose name makes it into the Bible, poured out her soul-breaking pleadings to God in such a way that she looked not just crazy, but drunk.
    Eli, the priest, notices her.

    This was a day and age of pretense and sophistication — not spontaneous, unveiled expression. The behavior of a woman in public was especially guarded.
    But not for this woman.
    The fear of man had fallen from her in her desperation.

    The Bible says Hannah was praying so hard, her mouth was moving, but no sound came out. Distraught emotion distorts her expression.
    Eli, the man of God, concludes: This woman has had too much wine.
    “How long are you going to stay drunk?” he wrongfully challenges in 1 Samuel 1:14a (NIV).
    Hannah claims she’s only drunk with the desire to be a mother.

    And the man of God sees. As clearly as he sees the wet tears on her face, he sees the heart behind the guttural pleadings erupting from her soul.
    “Eli answered, ‘Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him,’” (1 Samuel 1:17, NIV).
    And the peace comes. “She said, ‘May your servant find favor in your eyes.’ Then she went her way and ate something, and her face was no longer downcast,” (1 Samuel 1:18, NIV).”
    -Dannah Gresh, Proverbs 31 Ministries