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Sunday Open Thread || October 2, 2016

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  1. Does any actually believe the HRC campaign doesn’t have Trumps Tax Return already? The NYT is speculating Trump hasn’t paid taxes because a loss of 1 billion from 1995.

    Isn’t that an indictment of the Tax Code? If the NYT or the campaign have his tax returns, isn’t that a further indictment of how the IRS is being used for politics by this administration.

    We have a two rail tax code that allows for this to happen and now we have a two rail justice Department to match………so much for two departments of the government that were supposed be beyond reproach……maybe James Comey and Congress can investigate to get to the root of this……..oh….nevermind….

    1. Other thing about that, is that there are multiple felonies involved in that story. Including–wait for it–actually running the story.

      Let me spell it out:


      See 26 USC, Section 7213 (a) (3).

      They broke the law. Plain and simple.

      Meanwhile, WTOP, a news radio station in DC, is passing along the Times’s felonious leak…but not a peep about Trump International, in DC, getting vandalized by Black Lies Matter.

    2. Yeah,…fat chance of Comey and the IRS investigating this.

      So, what would happen if Trump’s attorneys were granted immunity on testifying whether his taxes were on the up and up?

      All Hell would break loose.

    3. TMI: In our youth, when we had to work for a living, our small business had a terrible year. Awful. We lost so much we were afraid of going bankrupt.
      Our tax situation saved us -we were able to recover some previously paid taxes and had a ‘free’ ride for another year.
      MrTrump lost a reasonable proportion of his holdings and did what we did – used the legal tax deductions and regulations to our advantage.

      We were able to make a comeback, the same as he must have done, thanks to the forgiving tax code.
      Of course, he went on to earn Billions, and we were happy with Thousands. lol.

  2. This is a change of pace. It is a 28 minutes You Tube about Arthurdale, West Virigina. It was an Utopian town established during the New Deal. It was a pet project of Eleanor Roosevelt. Chavez also tried to establish a Utopian country in Venezuela. It did not work out either.
    I’ venture to say few Millenniums know this bit of history.

    Arthurdale: A First Lady’s Legacy

    Arthurdale: A First Lady’s Legacy
    The story of Arthurdale, West Virginia.


  3. adorably redeemable gracepc

    Trump is purposefully litigious. This publication of his taxes — whether HRC campaign has them or not — was illegal. I hope he sues them promptly, and publicly.

    He is fortunate. He can afford it. The lies and crimes have to be dealt with wherever/whenever possible.

    1. adorably redeemable gracepc

      Them being the responsible parties. Not the HRC campaign. That would be a waste of time and money. If the country’s top law enforcement agency will not investigate her for breaking the law it is unlikely any court in the land would break stride.

      1. If any court in the land attempts to overrule the DOJ they would be chastised.

        Justice is no longer blind.
        This administration has taken the law and perverted it to allow criminals to go free and run for the president of the US.
        And she calls us deplorable.

        BTW, I like the spelling and the new handle. :)

        1. adorably redeemable gracepc

          Thx. IMO there is an almost total corruption of the law now in Amerika. I trust nothing.

          So, you like the new me? It’s a disguise, a trap, for all the lv pushovers and trolls. Happy Halloween

  4. Tax returns 20+ years ago?!!!

    Evasion would have been punished long ago. Avoidance, no problem; it’s encouraged and very very legal.

    Ask the NYTimes about their tax breaks when they built their new building…and the Clinton hedge funds headquartered in S. America, and, and…ad nauseam.

    1. Trump has to remain above the Clinton attempts to drag him into the gutter.
      He needs to focus on her failures as a public official and not let her campaign rake up some of the things he’s done in the past.

      They will continue to do that and he should let it roll off his back.

      National security is the paramount issue here and she has blatantly put it at risk.

      That should be his focus in the next two debates.

    2. I agree. I don’t at all buy the criticism about “he should have paid more taxes” or “he sent jobs overseas”. It is the federal government that sets up the environment for people to work in.

      It is not a CEO’s fault that the ‘best’ thing to do for a company is to move production to China, it is the federal government that created that environment. You absolutely can’t blame the CEO.

      The fact that China forces its people to settle for a very poor standard of living (as they absolutely decimate their environment!) automatically gives them an economic advantage. It is up to our federal government to protect our borders, including financial borders.

      I work for a company that sells product (or attempts to) in China. It is damn hard. Trump is right, the feds have been total muppets in negotiations with China.

      If Trump found legal loopholes to pay zero taxes, then good for him. I want a guy that gets it done on MY side. Again, it is the federal government that set up the tax code. Would YOU volunteer to pay more taxes than you are required? Hell no.

      It’s high time we have a man in the oval office.

  5. Last year CBS made $1.8 billion,paid no taxes and received $ 235 million back in a Tax Rebate………15 Fortune 500 companies paid zero taxes last year…….

    Who published Hillary’s book and gave her a $8 million advance while living in the White House and a month prior to being a US Senator? Simon & Schuster a division of CBS…….by the way it was illegal for a US Senator to take an advance for a book deal……..she was a Senator Elect…….

  6. Political correctness run amuck: The BBC fired a top radio star because he’s a white man and doesn’t fit the company’s new diversity policy.

    >In an article for The Mail on Sunday, below, Mr Holmes said he accepted the need for diversity but asked: ‘Should I, as a white man (through no fault of my own), be fired from my job because I am a white man?’

    Damningly for the BBC, he revealed that even bosses responsible for setting up the Corporation’s diversity policies had got in touch with him to say that political correctness ‘had all got out of hand’.

    1. “Damningly for the BBC, he revealed that even bosses responsible for setting up the Corporation’s diversity policies had got in touch with him to say that political correctness ‘had all got out of hand’.”

      OK then revoke them.

  7. The time to take back America is drawing nigh.
    This is the most important election of our lifetimes.
    If we mess this up, this country will never be the same again.
    IMO, it has been allowed to slide too far already.
    We “seasoned adults” have a mission to perform in honor of the children and grandchildren who will have to live with our decision in a few short weeks.

    The differences between the two candidates are stark.
    There is no grey.

    With that I give you this:

  8. Now we know why Barry was in such a rush to get back from Israel to DC on Friday. He was having a big party Friday night for a couple hundred buddies from Chicago:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller Now we know why @POTUS was in a hurry to depart Israel: he’s got a WH party tonight with friends and early supporters from Illinois.
    7:30 PM – 30 Sep 2016

    Info here:

    WASHINGTON — With only a few months left at the White House to get everyone in, President Barack Obama on Friday night hosted a group of friends from Chicago and Springfield who were with him when he launched his political career.

    “I think he wanted to, and this is what he said, invite people who had helped him early in his political career and who he had worked with during that period of time, to a reception in the White House before his term was up,” said John Bouman, the president of the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, who was at the reception.

    Bowman worked with Obama on poverty issues when he was a state senator in Springfield and a U.S. senator in Washington.

    “I think it was essentially a thank-you to his friends from Illinois . . . He was extremely patient. Everybody had a few minutes with him who wanted it,” Bouman said.


    The private reception was not on Obama’s schedule. The invites went out several weeks ago. The event was moved back a few hours because Obama was flying back from Israel, where he attended the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

    The reception menu included Chicago inspired deep dish pizza squares.

    Folks were asked to check their cell phones at the door. Mrs. Obama did not attend the event.

    White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz said, “Friday evening the President hosted a private social gathering with friends, former colleagues and early supporters from Illinois in the White House.”

    And, here:

    WASHINGTON — With only a few months left to get everyone into the White House, President Barack Obama on Friday night hosted a deeply nostalgic reunion of people from Illinois who were with him early in his political career.

    The reception was bumped up a few hours because Obama was returning from Israel, where he attended the funeral of Israeli President Shimon Peres.

    Impatient to return, Obama, standing in the door of Air Force One, shouted out to a schmoozing former President Clinton to get on board: “Bill, let’s go.”

    “Getting back in time for the party definitely was a priority for him,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., who made the round trip to Israel with Obama on AF1, told me.

    The Obama team is cramming as much as possible into Obama’s final weeks.

    Through the years, some of the 200 or so at the Illinois reception on Friday have been invited to White House events. This homecoming was special. It was not for the big donors, who have been invited to the White House through the two Obama terms. Before he left, Obama wanted to bring together in the White House people from Illinois who had helped him at the start.

    1. Wouldn’t you think it would be important to learn the names of all those celebrants and attendants being honored for launching and supporting the political career of this Progressive Marxist knucklehead President? They are collectively responsible for helping elect the most egregious political hoax, the most destructive, vile Presidency in the history of the United States (unless Hillary gets to be POTUS, that is). Apparently, they are all very proud of their accomplishment, telling each other how wonderful and special they are as they munch on their expensive Mascarpone Sprout canapes at the party.

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