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Saturday Open Thread || October 1, 2016



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  1. Good morning.

    For any of you who thought Barack Obama would leave us in peace. Here’s the link has part of the plan.

    IMO, this will be more racial agitation in the hopes of a racial upheaval and more insults hurled at the two things he hates the most America and white people.

    Obama does not understand that his sham Presidency had nothing to with him and everything to do with his claiming to be black because his father was.

    He couldn’t pass for white so he will spend his life condemning those who are.

    With all due respect Keith and WHD readers, Barack Obama is a prick.

  2. The Hildabeast gamed the debate. No wonder she was so smug!
    1. Moderator helped her and dumped on Trump
    2. Rigged Trumps microphone
    3. Used hand signals with the moderator
    4. Ear piece to get instructions
    5. Something lighted on her podium that was not on Trumps.
    6. Special small podium for her so she would not look small next to 6’3″ Trump

    Cheating to win is her game plan.

    • Anderson Cooper is the next moderator.
      Why aren’t conservative moderators used ???
      Trump had better take the gloves off in the next two debates.
      She is a target rich environment, and if he thinks that he can make points being courteous to her because of her family members being in the audience, he will lose.

      Trump supporters want to see Trump, like he is on the campaign trail.

      Tell the moderator to shut up,….I’m speaking.

      Also, the podiums cannot be rigged up with devices that give her some advantage.

      Hillary’s “cleaner” should not be allowed into the next debate and Trump’s team should inspect the podiums for any signs of evidence that they are cheating.

  3. Drudge: Obama quoted, “will speak more freely after the election.”


    Now we know what he may have been doing all of those days when his only listed activity was Received the Daily Briefing.

  4. The Chicago Tribune newspaper is endorsing Gary Johnson for President.
    Good grief.
    Better a no-nothing, loony dufus than either MrsClinton or MrTrump? gak.

    • Another endorsement and votes in the trash can. Might just as well burn them. Why compromise your dainty little principles now when you can just wait and watch HRC and the Dems turn the country into a third world sewer.

      Meanwhile, the Democrats are signing up new voters AND New Citizens in probably record numbers. And they know this game — as with nursing homes, neighborhoods etc. they will provide transportation to and from the sites most likely .

      And the Republicans and the Republican Party can barely admit their was a tossed debate let alone that they have a candidate worth supporting.

  5. The Obama WH is not letting any grass grow under its feet in the remaking of the US into a racially divided Third world country with the veneer of rights. They now want to add another racial identity — Middle East. The political problems with this are myriad when you consider the manipulation and justification in every walk of life used with this information on the census.

    The two links are to USA Today, who recently endorsed Hillary Clinton and scolded Glenn Reynolds at Instantapundit. That said it is particularly helpful in pointing out how the Census data can be use for new policies and regulations. The OMB Regs are for those of you who like the nitty gritty details. You can leave comments if you would like to invite a representative of the Obama IRS/FBI/DOJ to your home.

    And while you are busy with these shiny weapons, Jeh Johnson is continuing with his Attack of the DHS Brigade on anything American, including our electoral process. It’s the DHS version of “we’re from the government and we are here to help”. That man is a scourge on America.

    This is the machine that operates 24/7 while we talk about Obama’s vacations, golf games etc. He is irrelevant. These things are like the slimy content of the Clinton emails. And consider how many Americans are unaware of this.

    Apologies for the rant and its length. When these things come to light they will do so at the final hour. Mitch McConnell will wave his white flag and the Republicans will say once again We tried, but …

        • I hope that didn’t disrespect you in anyway. That was not my intent. However, after reading the other comments I realize it might be offensive and I apologize.
          But you ARE great at digging up all the PC BS and exposing it to the light.

          • Aileen. Thanks . In not way did you offend me. You made me laugh. I never saw the nick cut like that and it just made me laugh. Since we are sharing in this long and narrow space…

            I always like your posts and appreciate your spiritual strength and care with the language.

            A week or so again you let loose and there might even have been profanity — or not. I appreciated it and sympathized with the frustration. Take care.

  6. The NY Times received a copy of Trump’s 1995 tax returns from an anonymous source. They reported he claimed a billion dollar loss which could have let him avoid paying taxes for nearly 20 years, according to their tax expert.

    I don’t know if he’s a tax evader or lousy businessman, but I suspect not. I also know he didn’t leave people to die in Benghazi like crooked, lying, corrupt Hillary did.

    Here’s the link:

  7. No cable. Stream alot. I cut cable to cut the political BS so I tend not to watch those with political bent — like House of Cards. Didn’t watch – thought it might be too “real”.

    But I did start watching The Boss, Kelsey Gramer, plays of Mayor Chicago. Very graphic and brutal in every sense. Eight years ago I would have thought it exaggerated. Now, all too real. The staying power of incumbents and the actions taken — frightening.

    And because, as they say, “you can’t make this stuff up” I assume they did not. The Democrat machine has long tentacles and the character of the top players is almost at its peak stink and immorality.

    I agree Mr. Pibbs. HRC et all — running out the clock. Everything is buried and Trump is trivialized. Pehaps Trump should just go all out at the debates and then let the chips fall where they may. Leave the podium saying with great disdain and pointing at Clinton and the moderator “And this ladies and gentlemen is where HRC and the Democrats have brought this great country”.

    Have a great Sunday. Enjoy what we have and be grateful.

  8. It is common knowledge even to me that Trump had financial problems in the nineties. So the big losses allowed him to legally avoid federal taxes for some period. This rule applies to everyone in the same situation and these rules are of course frequently taken advantage of. So, nice try, Hillary campaign, but it is difficult to be upset. If you donĀ“t like it, change the rules. However, now I would like to know a little more about the Clinton Foundation finances, the Saudi money. And who obtained these Trump documents ? That was absolutely illegal.
    I guess that Trump will hit back hard.