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White House Forgets that it Doesn’t Think Jerusalem is in Israel

The White House today accidentally did something pro-Israel by inadvertently sending out a transcript of President Obama’s Shimon Peres eulogy which listed Jerusalem as part of Israel.

It was forced to send out this correction.

White House Jerusalem transcript

White House policy is that Jerusalem belongs neither to the Palestinians nor the Israelis, and our embassy is in Tel Aviv. To be fair, George W. Bush maintained the same policy. Congress passed legislation in 1995 calling for the embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, but the president uses waiver authority to block it every year.

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18 Responses to White House Forgets that it Doesn’t Think Jerusalem is in Israel

  1. I am a Lutheran, and I was always taught that Jerusalem is the home of the Temple and the heart of the Jewish religion.

    I still believe that no matter what the politicians say.

  2. With a goofy foolish unknowing young barely adult White House staff, working on a foundation planted firmly in mid-air, this is no surprise. With out a doubt they are convinced in their own minds how up to speed they are on the history of the world. Because they have mastered history as far back as yesterday. Probably if the question is ask of them is the federal government a sovereign nation? They would answer..Of course it is. Which it is not. We have 50 sovereign states. The federal government is just that. It is suppose to govern it’s self. But sadly has grabbed unauthorized power. The White House appears to have collected the fools of the system, not the wise ones.

    • You pretty much nailed the issue. History goes back as far as yesterday for the propagandists and vain solipsistic addlepates and simpletons in the Obama administration. They reflect, perfectly, the shadowy, untrustworthy and shallow world view and childish actions of their boss, the buffoonish Obama. May the United States of America never again have to undergo this purgatory of political corruption brought to us by Obama and his associates, supporters, money launderers and hoodlums.

  3. Obammer must be furious!! His staff accidentally acknowledged Israel. His muslim butt-buddies must me livid. This is a yuuuge faux-pas. What a putz.

    But then, instead of just removing “Israel”, they crossed it out. That was an odd response. As if to say “The correct thing to do is to explicitly deny Israel. We state for the record that we deny Israel”

  4. Barack Obama would be happy if the state of Israel did not exist. All the rest is show.

    I get so offended when he shows up at some of these funerals of people for whom he has no respect. Like Peres or our military men and women or any white non leftist American.

    His presence is a final insult to those whose lives were honorably lived.