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VA Hospital Stacked Up Vets’ Remains: Where is Obama?

A Veterans Affairs hospital in Illinois kept veterans’ remains in a hospital for 45 days or more, until they were “stacked to capacity,” according to a whistleblower.

This news comes amid a report by the Washington Free Beacon that veterans with cancer died after delays in care at a New Mexico VA hospital.

I thought reforming the VA was going to be a priority for President Obama. Where are the speeches, the events, the TV appearances about our nation’s ailing veterans? Obama would rather appear on late night talk shows and YouTuber channels.

Instead of helping the thousands of veterans who are getting substandard care and those who are dying because of it, Obama is focused like a laser on the exceedingly rare cases when a white cop unjustly shoots an unarmed black man. His presidency is about him and the handful of issues he gets excited about.

I don’t think he cares that much about our veterans’ sacrifices. That’s the only explanation I can think of for his lack of attention to this issue. Veterans are about war. Obama is about peace!

14 thoughts on “VA Hospital Stacked Up Vets’ Remains: Where is Obama?”

  1. All due respect to the Veterans.

    Barack Obama’s only possible interest in the unforgieable neglect of the remains of these poorly served dead Veterans is to make sure that they are processed to vote D in the upcoming elections.

    After that, the remains will be attended.

    Barack has no other use for the military or the veterans other than to further his political cause of destruction of the United States, a country he abhors.

  2. Wait a minute.
    There’s no doubt that VA health care is atrocious in many cases, but any veteran suffering from cancer or other serious illnesses chooses to have his name on a list or put on hold instead of seeking medical help elsewhere is part of the problem.

    The remains of vets being stored for 45 days is not a failing of the VA, but points to a lack of family interest or no available family at all to tend to their interment.
    We can assume that VA employees make great efforts in trying to locate interested family of the deceased.
    Funerals and even cremations are expensive.

    1. I don’t think we can assume VA employees make great efforts. They work within and organisation that has become adrift form its original goals. Chicago and Illinois has a history of body stacking so why should a VA facility be any different. As you say funerals are expensive, if a vet cannot afford a funeral then one should be provided its the least we could do, but a dead vet with no one to complete the next step in the bureaucracy should not be stacked as described. At the end of the day Obama made great play of a new VA csar etc, the odd visit to a hospital etc but the VA is rotten from the core , top to bottom and he has not made ANY effort to get to that core and remedy this ongoing rumbling disgrace. The USA can provide excellent health care when it needs to, its too expensive relative to the rest of the world hence insurance premiums are too high but we allow our politicians to skate past these omni present issues with zero accountability. Its all photo shoots with athletes etc etc golf, fund raisers you get the idea. When has this president ever sat down rolled up his sleeves and fixed anything properly. If those below don’t expect strict adherence to acceptable standards of performance then they slack off, its human nature. So when he is absent its no wonder he first hears about everything from the media. Ignorance of the facts when oyu are required to be aware of the facts is no excuse otherwise why have a president if he is simply on cruise mode and sparing turkeys and doing fund raisers. He should have shown the US that after decades a black president was a game changer not just for the black community (13% of America) but all of America. He has missed that opportunity . The black community is guided by career con men who use the “black vote: to lien their won pockets at the same time encouraging the black community ti ignore or fail to address the issues that they face, drugs, gangs, fatherless kids, no jobs, and worst of all the omni present promotion that they are opressed and victims.

    2. Yes funerals and cremations are expensive, I know first hand. Regardless of the reasons, the Obama administration and the VA should treat these Vets with dignity. Obama has money to give to illegals, refugees, BLM and Iran, but he doesn’t have it to give to our Veterans. Shame on the Rpublicans for not doings something about this as well.

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  4. Fewer potential Republican voters, and more dead people’s names with which to pad Democrats’ voter rolls. It’s obvious.

    Neglecting veterans, literally, to death, is a feature, and not a bug, of this wicked administration.

  5. This can full of rotten apples has been kicked down the road long enough! Disband the VA, layoff everyone working there, sell off all it’s assets, and put all veterans on the same healthcare plan as the President, members of Congress, and US Supreme Court Justices.

    1. Science, I love the idea of putting the veterans on the same healthcare plan that the pres, congress and SCOTUS currently use. However, instead of disbanding the VA, we should require that The President, Congress, and Supreme Court justices along with their families use the VA for their healthcare. I believe the VA would get fixed in record time!

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  7. No money to bury our vets or pay someone to look for their relatives but 20 MILLION dollars was spent by the VA on high end artwork in the last 10 years for their offices. 16 million of that was spent since Obama took office.


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