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Bill Clinton Wears His Kippah Like it’s a Beanie

Bill, it’s not a beanie. It’s a kippah, or a yarmulke.

The guy has a Jewish son-in-law and has no doubt shmoozed dozens of Jewish donors at their sons’ Bar Mitzvahs and he still can’t wear a kippah the right way. Look at him today at Shimon Peres’ funeral.


Check out the guy to Clinton’s left. He’s got his kippah placement down!

Here’s Obama. Look how confident he is. He knows he’s got his yarmulke placed just right!


Here’s another one of Bill. Still comically ill-adjusted.


Pathetic. And nobody had the guts to tell him to fix it. Shame on them. This is not going to go down well with Jewish voters.

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  1. Protocol Advisor (PA)-
    “Here MrClinton, put this on. All the men will be wearing this.”
    MrClinton (Bubba)-
    “OK. What is it, a groin cup?”
    “No. It goes on your head. A sign of respect.”
    “OK. How’s this?”
    “sigh. Sure, whatever.”

  2. Let grumpy-looking Bill wear his Kippa that way. He and his wife only care about Jews during elections. Maybe Jewish voters will finally, wake up and see the Democrat Party is not their friend. Neither is Obozo!

  3. Seriously, that looks absolutely hilarious. Did one of his bits of fluff tell him that looks good? Did he look in a mirror? On a serious note, it really irritates me to see BO wearing a kippah. That is all.

  4. Clinton isn’t wearing a Kippah. He’s wearing his chick-seeking radar surveillance cap which searches for and detects, well, available chicks within a 2 mile area of his location at any given time.

    Clinton knows the protocol for accurate detection is to wear the radar cap on the very top of the head so a maximum effective reading of the area under surveillance can be accomplished. By the look on Clinton’s face in the photos, his radar cap seems to have locked onto a target.

    • I agree. It is arrogant and insulting. And not surprising.

      OT-Aileen, earlier you were commenting on the “internet handoff”. The link is to a source that I was told was credible and knowledgeable about what is actually going on. It’s a little “geeky” but as I understand it, censorship, limitations etc. are not at issue.

      Although I agree with the source that this issue and others have been around for years and for Cruz and DeMint (whom I respect) to raise it now as an ’emergency’ is political and disingenuous. Although there will be problems down the line — see his comments about UN.

      So, have a go at it if you are so inclined.

    • Maybe he was afraid it would fall off and didn’t know how to make it stay on the back of his head? Or maybe he wanted everyone to see that he was wearing it! You know, for the votes again! I hope it had an adverse affect but I doubt it, the sheep will still vote for the liar, Crooked Hillary. Don’t ask why. If Hillary Clinton wins, respect for Israel will not return. If Trump wins, he will always speak glowingly about Israel, he knows who our only friend is in the Middle East, Obama doesn’t care about that, He will always stick with the Muzzies, no matter how many people they blow up and behead. Yeah, some of the Jewish people will still stick with Hillary Clinton and like I said, Don’t ask me why. Its almost like when Donald Trump said to the black people “What do You Have To Lose?” Its the same concept. Obama has insulted Netanyahu and treated him like crap so many times and Hillary Clinton is his partner in crime. And the Jews will still vote for Clinton? Do they have a death wish? Hillary and Obama will never stand really with Israel. Thats what I don’t understand, why they would vote for her? Boggles the mind.

  5. Bill Clinton wears the Kippa wrong. Over at the Daily Mail, while departing aboard AF1, Obama yells to Clinton 3 times to hurry up. It was like Obama was hollering from the back porch to come in for chow, my Lord, what a couple low-life’s. The highest office in the world has been degraded by both men.

  6. Today is the last day of freedom for the Internet.
    An Internet without cost where free speech is valued – even if it is often a source of disagreement.
    There is some kind of financial windfall to someone(s) – a windfall that provided the incentive to BHO to give the Internet away to God only knows who.
    I will utilize the occasional profanity in the following rant – perhaps the last chance to speak my mind.
    Forgive my choice of words, Lord, but sometimes only certain words will carry the emotional feeling.
    DT needs to settle down and think smart at 3am. Nobody gives a rats ass about an old, fat, porn actress and former Miss Universe.
    You are not dumb, DT.
    Think with the head on your shoulders and let the emotional responses ride off into the sunset.
    You are not an old fool so don’t act like one.
    And if HRC’s peeps think anyone cares about what anyone did 20-30 years ago outside of governmental policy making, they need to quit smoking dope before the election and find out what the majority really thinks and believes.
    The cool kids are no longer in control, boys and girls.
    Bill is a senile old pedophile. His yamaluke misplacement was disgraceful and disrespectful and he looks stoned.
    HEY BARACK! you don’t have any real friends and there is NO ONE who identifies with you. Not even Peres. May he rest in peace.
    And then to have BHO screech to Bill to get on board AF1!?!? How moronic can they be? And people talk about the lack of sophistication in hillbillies?
    We recently visited the Rhine River area – a trip long planned with family. Frankly, I would have much rather stayed home. There is no place like home and I really, really mean that.
    Amsterdam is a pot smokers paradise. Can’t walk on any street without smelling pot smoke.
    Glassy-eyed shit-bums who wanted to remind us that education is free. No you dumb ass – it is not free. Someone pays for it – just not you and your sorry ass.
    Our hotel’s claim to fame was that “Snoop Dog” stayed there. Who the hell is that? (I know – don’t answer.)
    Favorite stops: American memorial outside of Luxembourg. (WWII – Battle of the Bulge). Patton is buried there. Long story about his internment still can be researched on Internet.
    His wife’s ashes are spread on his gravesite since the powers that be refused to allow her to be buried beside him.
    I cried at this memorial – names of those never found engraved on a wall….a chapel of remembrance for all those who died. They died for others. The supreme sacrifice. My FIL fought in this battle and lived to tell of it – finally, before he died of old age.
    Anyone who cannot get up off their ass to stand in respect for our flag and national anthem needs to leave this country ASAP. I have no use for them and will never listen to their whiney ass, self serving, attention seeking BS about white privilege. We have all had the same privilege to be born in the greatest nation on earth – ever.
    We had lunch one day at an out of the way German restaurant. The owner couldn’t speak English and our German was limited. We sat at an outside table and pointed to the menu and ordered and ate the most delicious meal. My favorite meal of the trip in my favorite location – basically “No Whereville, Rhine River.” People were respectful and behaved accordingly.
    I saw what I perceived to be a “family” of refugees in front of the train station in Strasbourgh. They were sitting and laying on the ground….waiting for someone to come pick them up? Who knows…they were fussing and arguing amongst themselves.
    There is a HUGE building in Strasbourgh – for the Council of Europe to meet one week per year. The rest of the time the building is empty. I kid you not.
    Muslims are everywhere. In Zurich, many had come to visit and shop. The women wore western attire, but most still wore scarfs anyway.
    My takeaway from this trip? I love our country. I really love our country. I really, really, really love our country!!!
    I treasure the sacrifices we have all made to ensure the continuance of the USA. I repent for the times we were too self centered and self absorbed to ensure that our votes were for leaders who held the treasure of this country first and foremost in their hearts.
    There is no greater place on earth than the United States of America. There are no greater people.
    DT has begun the fight to preserve and protect this nation. It is a massive battle and an even greater war. He can’t fix everything right now.
    Pray for his safety and his protection. Pray that his heart is pure and without guile. Pray that his focus is on the real problems and not on insults and innuendoes. Pray that he will be followed by those who will bravely rise up and continue the fight for truth, justice and the American Way.
    Pray that those of us who seek truth will find it.
    And pray that God in His great mercy will continue to bless the USA with peace and prosperity and awareness – that we will be aware of His blessings every single day and behave with Thankfulness and Respect.
    Amen and Amen