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Obama Schedule || Friday, September 30, 2016

8:20 am IDT || Arrives in Tel Aviv
9:30 am IDT || Attends the memorial service for the late Israeli President Shimon Peres; Mount Herzl, Jerusalem
12:30 pm IDT || Attends a private ceremony for Shimon Peres; Mount Herzl, Jerusalem
2:25 pm IDT || Departs Tel Aviv
6:50 pm || Arrives in Bangor, Maine and Air Force Once refuels
7:55 pm || Departs Bangor, Maine
9:30 pm || Arrives White Hoiuse

All times Eastern except those that are IDT, or Israel Daylight Time, which is seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern

9 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, September 30, 2016”

  1. What a burden for those mourning Shimon Peres to have to put up with this egomaniac who has treated Israel and Netanyhu so shamefully.

    But for Obama, a trip on AF1 is almost as good as a round of golf. Boys and their toys.

    1. I have been asking my senators and congressman about their stance on this for a couple of weeks. I have never gotten a reply–that is a first.

    2. Been wondering the same thing. I see a lot of commentary bemoaning this and it appears as it is just going to happen. I don’t quite understand the significance in reality of this, so I guess I am going to have explore it. Thanks for the link.

      I just think it’s odd that no one seems to think it a big deal.

    3. Read the article. Stinks. Anytime Google and the Democrats agree on something and it is opined that we are on the “right side of history” I know we are in trouble. If Cruz and Heritage are against it you know there’s a “gotcha” somewhere. And finally there is the thinking that who are we, the US, to interfere with global consensus.

      I suspect we will drift further toward some insane censorship moves based on what is and is not globally politically correct. And so it goes….

    4. There is nothing a tyrannical, fascist government fears more than the free flow of information among the citizenry—the current wild and woolly internet being a prime example of the joy and freedom found in free, open and uncensored communication.

      That’s what this ham-handed governmental “control the internet” effort is all about. The current Big Brother in the White House is not pleased with us openly discussing our thoughts, observations and opinions with one another. Not pleased at all.

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