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Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single Foreign Leader

He could picture in his mind a former leader of Mexico, but couldn’t name him either.

I guess his presidency will be focused more on domestic policy.

Okay, you don’t like Trump, vote for this guy.

15 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single Foreign Leader”

      1. Immediately, Aung San Suu Kyi comes to mind. She is a martyr for her country. Deceased, Indira Ghandi, Ronald Reagan. Deceased, the list could be very long. Where are those leaders today?

        1. Either because they will be exempted from the new rules and costs – or – they are computer ill erase they don’t understand why it would matter.
          I woke in the middle of the night thinking about this (old people always wake in the middle of the night.)
          I lived in a place where certain websites were not accessible – they were deemed “harmful” by the governing authority.
          Those little “not accessible” notices will most probably be appearing in our future.
          Hope WHD is not one of them.
          I would miss you guys.

  1. That’s almost a gotcha question.
    Think fast – ……….?
    Putin, Castro, eh..
    Name the leader of South Africa, Brazil, Norway..
    nope, can’t do it, either.

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