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Trump May Not Have Outscored Clinton, But He Still Won

Here’s my take on the debate, which I did in a piece for LifeZette.

From the article:

Hillary Clinton may have won the debate on points. But this debate was not scored on points.

Clinton was obviously better prepared. Famed for his slash and burn approach to debates, Trump was actually a bit less aggressive than Hillary, allowing her to land more blows while he missed some golden opportunities to slide in the dagger. But therein lies the reason he won the debate.
For Trump, the goal of this debate was not to put points on the board. It was to erase the mainstream media caricature that he is an irrational lunatic who is not fit for the Oval Office. And in that, he succeeded.

This debate was the incarnation of the old maxim: “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” And Trump played it like he belonged on the field — which was the main thing he needed to demonstrate.

Please read the rest of the piece at LifeZette.

30 thoughts on “Trump May Not Have Outscored Clinton, But He Still Won”

  1. Mrs Smartypants might have outsmarted herself last night.
    Cocky, snide, snooty, and downright mean when all that was required was a show of her experiences and ideas.
    Of course, her experiences and ideas aren’t what the public is looking for this year, as you clearly point out in your piece.
    Since none of the major campaign issues were discussed last night,s uch as immigration, the assumption is that MrTrump’s ideas would bury MrsClinton’s open border agenda.
    All in all, it was hard to watch, settled nothing, and made MrHolt look like a Clinton fan.

      1. Remember what they did to Matt Lauer. Everyone was put on notice — no one walks out of step. The Left has no problems eating its own. Toe the line or your out. Very soviet.

  2. I think Trump doesn’t read WHD , otherwise he would have come out clearly the winner .
    Report Card;
    *Failed to do assigned homework
    *Not prepared for class
    *Needs to improve on subject(s) matters
    +Good hygiene,dresses neatly and plays well with others.
    If Donald doesn’t improve on above noted subjects, he will not be promoted to next grade.

        1. @Aileen/AFVet: another commenter elsewhere said this –
          “..last night was Trump’s “Pearl Harbor”. He took incoming after blow from Hillary and Lester Holt.
          What comes next shouldn’t be surprising to Hillary..”

        2. I agree that Trump knew what he was doing and that, further, it was all deliberate.

          I think of “hubris” about to catch up with Clinton and “Softly, softly – catchee monkey” for Trump.

      1. Ya’ know something AVet, watching the debate I got a feeling Trump was feeling Hillary out, kinda like a recon.
        Probing, looking for weakness’s.
        I believe the next debate will be totally different.
        My opinion has changed.
        Trump did do his homework, right there on the stage, took some hits, but every move Hillary made is registered in Trumps mind.

        1. I tend to agree with you. Trump plays both the short game and the long game. The short game we all see right away, but the long game takes a little longer to discern. We’ll see. Could it be that he was faking her out, building her faux confidence, and then, in future debates, with her arrogance and smugness in full display, nail her on her lies, misrepresentations, arrogance, lack of class, thin skin? I dunno. Only Trump knows.

    1. So many missed opportunities. Hopefully he is waiting for a more opportune moment to sprint.
      Nothing on “Deplorables”
      Nothing on the Clinton Foundation
      Nothing on immigration.
      Small mention of the missing emails.
      Nothing on Benghazi, her finest moment.
      Very little on jobs or the economy, where he really should have shone.
      Trump seemed very unfocused.
      No matter how they spin it, I am disappointed.

  3. Well done Keith.
    Great piece !
    I kept wanting Trump to go on the offensive instead of her putting him on the defensive.
    She is a target rich environment.
    She did her best to bait him and it didn’t work.

    Everyone that has watched through the primary season and has paid attention to the Clinton’s history know that she will make every attempt to destroy him.

    They tried to do it with Obama, they lost that one.

    I don’t feel that Trump lost the debate, rather, he didn’t utilize all of the weapons in his arsenal.

    When she came at him on the tax issue, he should have said,…is that all you got?

    Benghazi is still out there looming over her head.

    Two more to go.
    Trump needs to level the sights at her and let it rip.

    1. She seems to have a rather liberal view of finance…

      Actually borrowing money to build skyscrapers? (How did she finance her home — or should we ask Terry McAuliffe,who guaranteed the loan?)

      And Hillary thinks Trump is evil because he believes “women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men”?

      Would she expect full pay as President for doing inferior work?

    2. “I don’t feel that Trump lost the debate, rather, he didn’t utilize all of the weapons in his arsenal.”

      Trump actually said exactly that in an interview I heard today. He said something like, “There were other things I wanted to bring up, but didn’t have the time. Next time.”

      He’s giving the Clinton people a head’s up. Taunting them. It ain’t over until it’s over. It ain’t over. Nowhere close.

  4. Trump missed a golden opportunity when she spoke passionately of cybersecurity being the number one issue facing this country.

    Trump’s response should have been nothing more than, “How can you believe all that and come to the conclusion that it is a smart idea to manage the affairs of Secretary of State from a private, unsecure server?”

  5. There are two polls on Drudge right now…. a Time, Inc poll and an CNBC poll, asking “who won the debate”. I responded to the polls and saw the tally results after I submitted my responses. Trump won both polls, and by nearly 2 to 1 in the CNBC poll.

  6. Trump played it right. The key audience here was the “undecideds” – I doubt she won over very many of those after her typically shrill performance.

    1. Hillary’s shrill, yelling, scaring-the-horses-and-the- children voice is just her practicing for her role as Lady MacBeth in the new MacBeth opera. Someone heard her singing this in the shower the other day:

      “Out, damned spot! out, I say! – One: two: why, then, ’tis time to do’t. – Hell is murky!”

  7. Excellent review, Keith! Spot on!

    Worse yet is that harr
    idan’s gloating and mean-spirited behavior today – the morning after. I wanted to slap her face! “Did you see the debate last night? One down, two to go!!!”. Followed by raucous laughter. Exactly the way she sounded when she said: “We came; we saw; he died!” in reference to Qadaffi.

    Unlike everyone else here on WHD, I am troubled by Trump’s behavior last night, especially when he looked at her, smiled warmly, and patted her on the back after the debate. He just seemed too friendly.

    Haven’t had time to watch the shows today, except for a couple of seconds when Trump said ‘it was a great SHOW – 80M viewers’! He didn’t seem to be concerned about the fact that Hillary is taking a victory lap.
    I still have doubts about his intentions. Does he or doesn’t he want the job? Will have to stay tuned.

  8. Trump has one ace in his sleeve.
    When they attack him on his taxes his response should be this…

    I got rich building buildings,..
    How did you get rich Hillary?

  9. Nice job Keith.

    Trump usually has a plan or as someone said, a short and a long game.

    As Russ said today and Trump said last night. 30 years. HRC has been talking about the same problems and offering no real solutions for 30 years.

    I think Hillary laid out her basic line of defense and offense. Trump and his people will study it. What we see as missed opportunities are now nicely laid out.

    I think Hillary was put on notice last night. But so arrogant is she that she thinks it a win. Well, she did stand for the full 90.

    1. Her arrogance might be her downfall.
      We the People are aware of the Trojan Horse that has invaded this country with the Obama administration.
      Now we have to take it back from the globalists that want to take away our independence.

      This election is crucial.
      Liberals disdain the group think that we can again be the “Shining City on the Hill.”

      God has given us yet another chance.
      Let’s use it.
      Let’s use it to defeat the obvious threats to our nation in electing another regime that will purposely destroy us using socialistic policies while they lavish in the luxury of political power.

      Enough is enough.

      1. “Crucial “?
        Understated sir.
        This is a fight for the very life of our great Republic.
        Nothing less.
        If we lose, every sacrifice by our fellow countrymen will be for naught.
        This is it, all in. All or nothing.
        No second chance.
        Victory or utter defeat.
        Respectfully, Cisco

  10. Unfortunately what I thought at the start – and always did – is starting to seem true

    Trump was a patsy to get Clinton in.

    why would he pat her on the back and do such a bad job in the debate?

    I see Keith thinks he was pulling back to seem presidential but it is too late for that at this point in time
    we need teeth and venom and hubris

    he played the american people
    and we deserve it

    I SO hope I am wrong!!!

    1. “Trump was a patsy to get Clinton in.”

      Seriously? Who on the Republican side would be this close at this late stage? Jeb Bush? Ted Cruz? John Kasich??

      Trump didn’t “play” anyone. It’s been apparent for a while he was the only one who had a legitimate chance to beat her.

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