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Open Thread || Advise the Candidates, Predict the Debate

So what’s your assessment? What do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton need to do to win tonight’s debate? Who do you think will emerge victorious? Be a pundit in the comment section and let us know what you are thinking about tonight’s historic confrontation.

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  1. Here’s a random thought in preparation for this evening’s dumpster fire.

    Did anyone notice Hillary’s outfit in NYC yesterday? In addition to wearing a lined overcoat in 70 degree weather, she was wearing multiple shades of green.

    There are many people who wear multiple shades of green simultaneously. One of them is the leprechaun who does push-ups after touchdowns at Notre Dame football games. All of the others are Masters champions.

    This is a woman who reportedly pays $600.00 for a haircut. One can only assume that two of the lasting aftereffects of her neurological condition are colorblindness and atrocious fashion sense.

    • Yes…”atrocious fashion sense.” First thing I noticed was the varying shades of green.
      What is it with Democratic females and their attire/hair styles, etc? Hire stylists, ladies. It will be money well spent.
      No debate predictions here. But take note – the husband is watching the debate. First time ever, I think.
      We have a bottle of wine to consume (not a part of the regular routine) and chicken wings and pizza. (Regular routine.)
      I don’t intend to be over enthusiastic in posting.
      May God bless the Donald – and may God Bless the United States of America.

  2. IMO, there is nothing that would compel me to vote for MrsClinton. No misspoken insult, no bobbled claim, no ignorance of a specific issue, nada, nothing will prevent my vote for MrTrump.

  3. Hillary has nothing new to say. Her biggest job will be to remain standing, and coherent. She did not need debate prep. Her lies are automatic defaults.

    Trump. Trump carries the focus. He will have to get LIV voters to believe that he can conduct foreign policy and other governmental duties to keep America safe. Most Americans still believe political experience is important for a POTUS. Except for Obama. 2008 because he was “historic” black president. 2012 Massive government cover ups, especially Benghazi, and fraudulent elections. The mere fact that HRC was SOC makes her knowledgeable to the average American.

    And the economy. Trump has to sell jobs, jobs, jobs. Unfortunately most of America does not understand that the government has no money, except what they print or take from the American people. And most Americans do not understand that the government does not, and cannot create jobs outside the public sector. And too many Americans are getting free stuff and do not want that to end. HRC promises free stuff.

    Trump will win. The media will report a Clinton win. So, win goes to Clinton.

    • All Trump has to is to divert the attention to her record, calmly.
      It is a disaster.
      Also he needs to establish the fact that she is going to continue Obama’s policies which have devastated this country economically.

    • All Trump has to is to divert the attention to her record, calmly.
      It is a disaster.
      Also he needs to do is establish the fact that she is going to continue Obama’s policies which have devastated this country economically.

    • Grace, I pray that Donald will speak words of truth.
      I pray that Donald will be forthright.
      I pray that the Love of God will shine forth through him.
      I pray that all of those watching and/or listening will be graciously given the spirit of discernment to know truth when they see it or hear it.
      I pray that those viewers and listeners will go forth, enabled by God’s Holy Spirit, to speak truth to all they meet.
      I pray that God will send His angels – the angels with big swords – to do battle for our country and for the Donald. Let the battle among the principalities be won by those doing battle for the side of God’s right and truth and justice.
      Preserve and protect the comings in and the goings out of Donald Trump, Lord.
      We pray it in the name of Jesus.
      And all the people said, “AMEN,”

      • Amen, indeed. There is good and evil in the world, and we know it when we see it. In the great words of Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn: “The line dividing good from evil runs through the heart of every human being.”

        We recognize the difference because it is written in our souls.

  4. Well, we’ve noticed how the Hillary goons and their associates in the media have been pushing the “Trump Lies” meme 24/7 for the past two or three days. So in keeping with that, if I was advising Hillary, I would have her come on stage wearing Honest Abe Lincoln’s stove pipe hat.

    Sort of drive Hillary’s message home visually, showing how she’s honest and Trump’s not honest.

    Then I’d have her read my little rewrite of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to sort of round out Hillary’s “I’m just like Abe Lincoln” so vote for me or you’re an idiot message. So she’d read this as her opening statement tonight—
    Four score and seven years ago, when I was just a little kid, I decided to become the President of the United States, and that I would redo this continent in a way that was no longer recognizable by our Founding Fathers, and I conceived, all those many years ago, every nasty, lying deception and scheme imaginable to be your President, and I dedicated myself to the proposition that no one would stand in my way, no matter what I had to do to rule over you.
    Now we are engaged in a great debate, with this Trump character, who you wouldn’t want to ever be near the nuclear button, testing whether the citizens of this nation, can long endure the endless malarkey I have been spewing at you all these years. We have come here tonight to make sure that me and only me, is the only possible worthy candidate for the Presidential nomination, and I expect you, as voters, to give your lives and all your money in order to make me President. It is altogether fitting and proper that you should do this.
    But, in a larger sense, I cannot expect you to only dedicate or consecrate my nomination as President. No. That will not be enough to satisfy me. The brave men and women, living and dead, who made sure I could stand here as I am tonight, have struggled for me, covered for me, lied for me and have consecrated me for the office of President, far above my efforts and power to add or detract. I expect you voters to do the same. The world will always note, and long remember, what I say here tonight, and it can never forget what I am saying here because I am the smartest person who ever lived, as you all know. It is for you, the low information voters, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which which will land me in the White House, and they who fought, cheated and lied to get me there will be highly rewarded with Ambassadorships, expensive lakeside houses, like that dolt Bernie Sanders, and other nice goodies. It is rather important for us to be here, all dedicated to the great task remaining before us –making me President– and, like my campaign staffers, you will pay full and strict attention to my needs and will take increased devotion to me and to that cause for which my campaign worker slaves, gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that I, Hillary Rodham Clinton, shall not have campaigned all these damn years in vain — that this nation, under Alinsky, shall have a new birth of fascism and totalitarianism — and that my government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. Vote for me, suckers. And stop staring at me. You know how I hate that.

      • Speaking of Holler-ry’s meds, can you imagine how full of who knows what meds she will be as she steps onto her podium. Will she even know what planet she’s on? Engarde! with the Epipens!

    • Fantastio! Only tonight the raspy voiced Miss Piggy wouldn’t stop speaking with that painful, arrogant, smirking smile, with each of her eyes going in the wrong direction, rolling brain damaged eyes? wearing that ugly red pantsuit that belongs on a 12 year-old girl, not a 69 year old sickly bitchy liar who has padded her bank accounts with stolen donations from the vast and evil Clinton Foundation starring Chelsea Clinton, Bill (Mr. Pig) Clinton and the famous ugly turtle of a woman? Hillary Rotten Clinton. Murder Inc. also perhaps? She uttered the last dirty words at the debate,so desperate Hillary Clinton is, words she said at the end of the debate “Pig, Dog, etc.,so fits the low-class greedy liar,Hillary Clinton and copied from the other viscious bitchy woman Megan Kelly. Hillary Clinton, copycat of Megan Kelly. Well, if the shoe fits, wear it like the two filthy mouthed desperate females that they are, each desperate to keep a job. Hillary Clinton, Hitler like socialist, trying to put the finishing touches on America along with the guy she hated in 2008, Barack, Barry, Obama, whatever his name really is. Go for it Hillary, all the other liars will help you get there but you will never have one thing in your life if you do get the Presidency,you will never have good health and happiness, no matter how much money you have snookered. $6 million also missing in the State Department?I bet she took that too.

      Good luck potty mouth pig, dog Hillary Clinton.

  5. I hope there is a moment where Donald Trump can say to Hillary Clinton “You are likeable enough”. Barack Obama 2008 IIRC

    And stuff that right down the media’s throat.

    • I think the Hillary team is going to try and antagonize him.
      He knows that and can use that against her by diagnosing her tactics right to her face.
      Nothing sets a politician off faster than displaying their strategy to their face on a world stage.

  6. Did it strike anyone else as hilarious that the First Liar of the Republic wants the press to fact check Mr. Trump? There’s coffee grunge all over my screen.