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Live Stream of the Presidential Debate – September 26, 2016

Here is a replay of the debate.

73 Responses to Live Stream of the Presidential Debate – September 26, 2016

  1. But before we even get to that:

    For those of you who are literally counting the seconds, as of about 7:13 PM Eastern Time tonight, Obama has less than ten million seconds until he leaves office at noon on 1/20/17.

  2. Cannot watch Hillary. Cannot watch Obama.

    Will check back because I want to know what you guys think. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting.

    Go Trump.

  3. The “Greatest Reality Spectacle of the Century!” Hillary’s eyes look as though they are going to need toothpicks to keep them open. Lester Holt is not keeping her from talking, even though he said “we have to go on.”

  4. Flicked it to not:
    Donald is correct – the rich create sustainable jobs.
    Some of us will never be rich. Who cares?
    We should all be concerned with the ability to make a living…no matter what our economic status is.
    The rich create sustainable jobs. That is a fact.
    The government does NOT create sustainable jobs. That is a fact.

  5. Ugh…!!!
    Clinton is spewing so much b#llsh%t…
    BUT Trump is missing all ways to challenge-question her and show how shallow she truly is on all issues…

    • I am skipping around, but that’s what I hear all — missed opportunities on DT’s part. But I never count him out. Three debates, and pretty sure he has a game plan.

      From what I hear it’s a push. Except Lester Holt seems to have shown his true colors — favoritism towards Hillary. The Democrat Way,

      • It seems like they use a split screen many more times when Trump speaks to give the Hag plenty of airtime. Less so of him when she speaks. Agree about the missed opportunities and Lester’s partisanship.

        Oh dear…she took out Osama.

  6. OMG! Now we are onto ‘national security-foreign affairs’… Being a failed/wannabe “CIA analyst” I will be pulling my hair out for the next 15 minutes whiles these two, who have NO F#CKING CLUE about ‘National Security-Foreign Affairs’, prattle on and say lots dumb things…

  7. Being a US Navy Veteran & wannabe History-Political Science-International Relations major, Patriot and Conservative…
    I am so PISSED OFF & DISAPPOINTED with the useless and clueless answers Trump V. Clinton both gave when it came to any topics related to National Security-Foreign Policy…

    • …who the hell gave Trump any debate prep on National Security or Foreign Affairs…?
      Or even basic debate skills…??
      I know the Leadership Institute ( gives basic debate workshops…someone needs to get my man Trump over there ASAP

      • As for me, these debates mean nothing.
        Hillary wants higher taxes, open or no borders and amnesty for 10, 20’million illegal aliens, and thousands more rapeugees from the ME.
        Trump, lower taxes, secure borders, no amnesty and a hold on on ME rapeugees.
        Very clear choice for me.

    • Hillary is incompetent in that area. All she did was get some people killed and sit on a rock after Qaddafi was killed and said We came, we saw, he died. And, of yeah, fake sniper fire.

      But Trump has no excuse. He has top rate advisors and he is smart. He should have been all over this.

      Someone else said — he’s like the smart kid who refuses to study for the test. Winging it.

      • Normally I would be with CK and Marcus. In retrospect I am with Trouble and a little beyond.

        This is Hillary Clinton we are talking about. A push, a 2nd or 3rd time is not good enough. She is like a human cockroach. We like to pretty that up in FL and say palmetto bug, but cockroach. And when I see one I drown it in Raid until it is on its back, legs up. Cover it with a paper towel. If it’s still there in the AM it’s dead and gets tossed.

        I see Hillary the same way. You “kill” her first chance, bury her deep, wait a day, set it afire, and salt the earth. Then maybe you have won the debate and perhaps the Presidency. Anything short of that and there won’t be anything under that paper towel in the am.

    • I don’t think so. Romney gave Obama a can of whoop ass at their first debate, but he’s not the one flying Air Force One all over the globe. But somebody needs to sit The Donald down and give him a talking to and he needs to act accordingly or it could be over.

      • True. I keep forgetting to factor in just how much Hillary is despised by nearly everyone.
        Likability will be key in this election. Trump has the advantage.

  8. Watched it. Every last second. I don’t think either one moved the needle much. Whomever you supported or didn’t support yesterday, you likely still feel the same after the “debate”. Lester Holt, was OK. Nothing great, but a flat, serviceable job, I guess you could say. As others have said, Trump missed some golden opportunities to catch Hillary in some whoppers, and he wandered off topic here and there, but otherwise, we’ve heard it all 10,000 times before from both of them. Hillary was throwing her usual straw men around, “what if’s” flying all over the place. High school stuff. Same tacky pantsuit, doing her insincere cheesy smile thing at all the wrong moments, gopher teeth flashing, sense of basic rhetorical timing completely screwed up, somewhat pop-eyed and weirdly jazzed up, I would say. Trump’s timing was off also, looked tired, wanting to get this thing over, hands moving all over the place. Didn’t learn anything new, didn’t change my mind about anything. My bride of 53 years asked, “Why did we watch this?” My only response, “So we could have something to watch while we ate popcorn.”

    • Meant to add: the network advertised this debate like it was the “Thrilla From Manila”, the political boxing match of the century. It wasn’t that by a long shot. Obviously, they turned on the sirens and flashing lights before the debate to boost their ratings. Now we have all the post-debate jabberwockies on TV “explaining” the debate to us. No thanks.

      Jabberwocky was a poem by Lewis Carroll. Here’s some of it so you can see why I used the term jabberwockies.

      “‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
      All mimsy were the borogoves,
      And the mome raths outgrabe.”

      That’s what the post-debate roundup on TV sounds like. All nonsense.

    • She was insulting and snide, smirking with every zinger.
      He was trying to be polite, but she got to him.
      He was off his game, blindsided by her attacks and seemed to be confused by her personal vitriol toward him, personally.
      He was in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t retaliate in kind.
      Two issues that didn’t have any place in this ‘debate’: it doesn’t matter if he was for or against the war in Iraq because he was a private citizen at the time, and the whole birther issue is a big nothing to most people, not a burning point to be rehashed years later.

      All in all, she had the better of him. We can expect the ‘debate II’ will be a humdinger as he takes off the velvet gloves.

      • But all that smarminess and scorn are going to haunt her. Mark it down.

        That sneering, braying, contemptuous condescension will horrify all but the most partisan of Democrats.

        You just don’t TREAT people like that!

        Even more, she was behaving like a middle schooler that had a copy of the answer key, and everyone but the teacher knew she had it. You know the type, how insufferable they can get? That’s how it looked to me, and I doubt I’m the only one who found the entire display of indignant braying to be off-putting in the extreme.

        Hillary needed to dull the daggers and look likeable, and she categorically failed to do so.

    • We heard earlier in the day that Hillary had been given the questions in advance. I don’t know whether true or not but Lester Holt’s bias was certainly obvious tonight.

      Also, did anyone notice when Hillary’s eyes didn’t move in unison? It occurred briefly and seemed rather strange.

      • I noticed her eyes as well. There were a few minuyes later on in the debate where she seemed to be a bit lost, searching for words. I thought she was very disrespectful of Trump, always calling him “Donald” while he addressed her as Madam Secretary. She had all the answers down pat, no doubt she was given the questions beforehand.
        Everything she said, every answer, was just a rehash of the BS she’s been spewing for years. Same old, same old. She sounded like a robot. I had to keep turning down the volume because of her annoying, shrieking voice. And I was so disappointed that she didn’t collapse, or stroke out.

        As for Trump, he was passionate, but he has to quit interrupting and he needs to have some more concrete ideas, instead of just saying “I’m gonna do…..” But he seemed more genuine than Shrillary will ever be.