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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 26, 2016

PDB not until 10:30 am? A conference call with rabbis instead of a meeting? Obama is literally phoning it in now.

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:55 am || Participates in a conference call with rabbis for Rosh Hashanah
3:40 pm || delivers remarks at the 2016 White House Tribal Nations Conference; Washington, DC

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, September 26, 2016”

  1. “PDB not until 10:30 am?”

    Keith, I still think Obummer doesn’t even have actual briefings in the Oval Office. They admitted back in 2012 that he prefers to have the briefing sent to his iPad.

    I know I’ve said this before, but the best confirmation that he’s not actually in the Oval Office for the PDB is that there is almost always nothing on the schedule immediately after the PDB. And very often, such as with Monday’s schedule, there is often a period of hours before the next item on his schedule.

    If you go back and look at Obummer’s daily schedules during his first term, the PDB was almost always followed thirty minutes later by “meeting with senior advisors”. Occasionally, it was some other meeting. In his second term, that morning “meeting with senior advisors” after the PDB has completely disappeared.

    That is why I stand by my opinion that Obummer rarely, if ever, actually attends a briefing in the morning. It’s more like: sleep late, lift five pound weights while watching ESPN, and then show up for an hour of “work” in the late afternoon.

    Seventeen more weeks to go…

    1. Makes sense to me. What ever the president does with his time? My guess is, it will always be what he wants, not what is needed. Reminds one of a “spoiled little brat!”

    2. deplorably irredemable gracepc

      CC with rabbis but fuel up AF1 for a high school somewhere in Obamaland about something important to Obama.

      Or not. Some times just for the ride I think. Like when they did, and denied, the NY fly over when the grifters first came into office and were trying out all the new toys.

  2. Obama’s legacy is on the line tomorrow night! He must working feverishly putting the finishing touches on the script for Lester Holt and Hillary.

    It will be interesting to see if Lester Holt, a registered Republican, will fact-check Trump after the furor created by Matt Lauer when he pummeled Hillary on the emails and let Trump slide with softball questions.

    **Trump mistakenly accused Holt of being a Democrat yesterday. Ouch!

    1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

      She was horrible to some young rape victim back in the day, and didn’t she recently spread her “pneumonia” germs to her grandchildren and an innocent little prop girl on the street? And then there are “Bill’s Girls” …. Yeah, women and children!

    2. No. no. no. Not reinventing herself, but simply emerging into the next stage of her development.

      The best way to understand Holler-ry’s state of development and political maturity at any given time, is to study the development and stages of the humble fruit fly.

      After political fruit fly eggs hatch, the larvae begin to beg for money and begin to feed on the decaying reputations and moral virtues within which they were laid and are most likely to thrive. Political larvae consume as much money and donor class food as possible in order to store energy, secrete promises of favors and self-directed bragging nutrients for the upcoming political race, or hard-shelled pupal stage. After feeding voraciously, political fruit fly larvae find cooler, dryer locations inhabited by political advisors, television interviews by media hacks and lots more money in order to pupate properly. Pupating is essentially a campaigning period after the larval stage, and during this period, the larvae will develop into political adults ready to repeat the four life stages; embryo, larva, pupa and, finally, a full blown political candidate. Then, the whole process repeats itself.

  3. OT.. note how in the last 48 hours the Clinton hacks and media rump swabbers have informed us that debate moderator Lester Holt is a Republican. I stopped counting after the first 50,000 times it was mentioned by the MSM. So what was the political party affiliation of all the other moderators in the previous “debates”? Why wasn’t it important to mention then, but now it becomes an integral part of the news story? I think we’ve all figured it out.

    1. The only reason the Lester Holt party affiliation is in the news is because Trump started whining about him being a Democrat moderator – “They’re all Democrats – I won’t be treated fairly!”

      Holt is a registered Republican. It’s just another case of Trump shooting his mouth off without the facts.
      He is also laying the case out in case he loses the debates – they’re all Dems!

  4. deplorably irredemable gracepc

    Curious. Who is going to watch the debate and how?

    No cable so I will live stream it here or somewhere. I mute and read CC — cannot take the voice. Then read comments.

    Marcus, great political fruit fly stuff.

    1. Yea…political fruit flies. ;+}.
      Grace, on your TV reception…..You might consider purchasing an indoor TV antenna and likely would receive (in your area), many TV stations just using that antenna. We added one to supplement our Roku set up so we could receive local TV stations and we receive 18 stations (some as far as 50 miles away) in full digital splendor (HDMI). The antennas are not intrusive at all, simple to set up and work very well. Stick it on the wall (you can tell people it’s a piece of art ;+}) and you’re good to go. One time purchase and you’re in business.

      This is the indoor antenna we use:

      Works great.

  5. Just think what the laziest person in America is looking forward to:

    Having a Foundation set up where he will rake in tens of millions of dollars giving gaseous, nonsensical, and hate filled speeches that he doesn’t even have to write himself.

    A multi-million dollar book deal which he will have someone else ghost write just like his first two hate and lie filled screeds. No doubt the real writer will be paid peanuts.

    Multiple luxurious homes situated on only the best and most exclusive golf courses. As an added plus he will have so many homes he won’t have to live with his scowling, rage fueled wife ever again.

    No more hiding his two pack a day cigarette habit.

    All the booze and choom he can handle.

    All the……well you get the picture. Dictator Imam Obama will now get to fulfill his true calling in life which is not ever having to work a single day in his life ever again.

    1. I thought that Michelle was the drinker in the house, with a preference for Grey Goose Vodka. I’ll open a bottle of chilled champagne on the day Trump walks into The White House.

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