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Video || Woman Chases Off Home Intruders with Her Handgun

Well, what do you think? Is President Obama going to invite her to the White House and celebrate her heroism?

She killed one of the guys. So probably she’ll be the one who ends up in jail.

10 Responses to Video || Woman Chases Off Home Intruders with Her Handgun

  1. Good for her for defending herself, in her own home. She will be sued by the deceased family for years to come for the loss of their loved one who never hurt soul. Guess he broke into the wrong house.

  2. She will probably be charged with some version of a crime – she shoots at a retreating criminal, not someone who poses a deadly threat to her person.
    If there is a “stand your ground” statute in her state, she will still have some questions to answer.

    • Better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6. She’s awakened in the early hours by intruders breaking in, she has no idea if they are armed and what they would do to her. She did the right thing. Too bad she didn’t kill all of them and saved the taxpayers money. I’m sure these thugs wouldn’t have hesitated to kill her, if the situation was reversed.

  3. Years ago, after the Republicans won big in Wisconsin and finally passed Concealed Carry, I took the classroom and range training. I still have the application sitting in a drawer somewhere, filled out, but never mailed in.

    My observation of the intent of the class was that it was designed to make even the most responsible gun owner recoil at the concept of assigning oneself privilege and actually having to pull the trigger.

    I decided, at the time, that I didn’t want the liability. What I’ve witnessed in recent days, from the streets of not-very-bad neighborhoods in Milwaukee and Charlotte, to the shopping malls of suburban Minnesota, has me re-thinking this.