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No Serious Statement From Obama on Charlotte, But That’s Okay

President Obama is checking out.

Here we have riots in Charlotte, North Carolina that resulted in the death of a protestor and a couple of dozen police officers injured, and Obama cannot muster up a serious statement.

It wasn’t until Thursday, after two nights of violence, that he mentioned in an interview with ABC News that the protestors should be “peaceful.” But he also noted “the pervasive sense of frustration among a lot of African Americans about shootings of people and the sense that justice is not always color blind.”

His spokesman opened the daily briefing Thursday insouciantly without a mention of the violence.

“There’s a lot going on in the world today, so I anticipate a wide variety of questions today,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “So let’s just get right to it!”

He was immediately asked about Charlotte and made clear that the president felt he had talked enough about such things.

“The President has, unfortunately, had numerous opportunities to address this topic,” Earnest said.

Indeed, he has, and things have only gotten worse.

The White House is right, it’s enough. No one needs another lecture from Obama highlighting a problem — racially motivated police brutality — that is not one of the more serious issues facing the country, or African Americans. The anger spilling into the streets is at bottom the result of the terrible circumstances of too many black people and the anger that it generates — anger fueled further by so-called black leaders and the president.

No doubt young black men are tired of being profiled by police, but the reason they are is that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Which bring us back to the bottom line undergirding this: Fed by liberal policies, African Americans are rutted in a cultural and economic nightmare.

Blacks need Republican policies that will give them the means to extricate themselves.


Of course, the president should make a statement from the White House lectern, because this is a particularly ominous thing going on in Charlotte. Dozens of people are violently protesting that a black cop, in a police department run by an African-American, killed a black man who had a gun. Now, what on earth are police supposed to think if they can’t shoot someone who has a gun without sparking a protest? Police are going to get killed, and they will back off, ensuring there is more crime and killing the communities they are trying to protect.

But what Obama would say would be counterproductive. He’d lecture about wrongs committed on both sides, and so forth. He wouldn’t simply say something reasonable, like law an order needs to return to Charlotte.

So yes, better he say nothing at all and go play golf tomorrow like he usually does.

32 thoughts on “No Serious Statement From Obama on Charlotte, But That’s Okay”

  1. Can you say short timer? Oh wait, that’s been his attitude all along.
    BTW, anyone read that 70% of the “protestors” arrested at the Charlotte Riots have out of state ids?
    Sounds like more shenanigans by the George Soros Mob.

  2. African Americans voted en masse for Obama twice, something to the tune of 93%. This is probably the most overtly racist act I’ve personally witnessed in my lifetime.

    I don’t believe that Obama, his wife, nor his senior advisor, nor the head of his justice department, have a huge problem with the violence in the streets, nor with the looters parading around their ill-gotten gains. Quite the contrary. I think it most likely satisfies them to know that “the community” is getting free stuff at the expense of big, evil corporate America.

    There’s a reason the looters don’t shatter the windows of libraries and take the books.

    1. Your so right. Blacks go around here with a chip on there shoulder feeling entitled.
      The black guy at the casino who was being black, was staggered when I told him…”white life’s matter too” he just looked stunned then started cussing.

      1. Yesterday on Cavuto, Jesse Jackson was rationalizing the looting because of Wells Fargo “looting” its customers. (?!) Cavuto pressed him several times asking if he was condoning the violence, and Jackson didn’t back down…it was entirely justifiable in his eyes.

          1. I’m surprised I sat through it myself! Cavuto politely eviscerated him to the point where he seemed befuddled and confused at all the logic being thrown in his face.

      2. Oh, ho, HO, could I ever get snarky with the casino humor:

        Roulette: Red Numbers Matter!
        Table games: Green Chips Matter! (Or purple chips, if you’re trying to be provocative)
        Poker: Red Cards Matter!

  3. He didn’t have to say anything. He pimped out his AttorneyGeneral and the hit-squad from the DOJ to root out all those Black racist police who dare to arrest or shoot dangerous fellow Blacks.
    A Black Police Chief, mostly Black police force, and mostly Black city council, but there is that “typical White woman” Mayor who is about to be under federal scrutiny for something she said 30 years ago.

  4. Protesters carry signs and chant slogans and march peacefully.
    Rioters, looters, arsonist and plain old criminal thugs are doing what is being done in Charlotte .

  5. Obama, as usual, completely ignores the death toll of blacks shooting and killing fellow blacks here in Chicago. I pray that Trump wins.

    1. I’ve seen a poll or two lately that had Illinois at +6 for Hillary. She’d better hope that’s an outlier, and not a harbinger, because if ILLINOIS is in play, she’s Spam-in-a-can.

  6. Did it ever occur to Obama that one of the contributing factors to the escalation of white cops killing blacks is due to their ‘fear of blacks’?

    It’s true. Just heard a recently retired (white) policewoman on our local talk radio who put the blame straight on Obama’s shoulders, accusing him of inciting race wars, along with Al Sharpton, resulting in a justifiable growing fear of young black men in their communities.
    She said the officers talk openly about it amongst themselves. These are the officers who would never pass the psychological testing required to be a cop today, and should be removed from the force.

    She also stressed the point that there should be National guidelines as to when an officer is allowed to draw his weapon. It should never happen unless they fully intend to use that weapon.

    In the case of the woman officer who killed the black man, she had already ‘cleared’ his vehicle before she killed him! The killing was completely unjustified.

    Obama has only himself to blame for the epidemic of angry blacks and the cops who fear them.

  7. You know people a white guy was killed by a white cop in Nebraska the other night. Nary a word from the race baiters, or lame stream media and no one protested at all. Hell, no one even rioted or looted. We feel neglected in flyover country.

    And by the way what are the stupid white people doing holding their fists in the air for a black power sign. Sorry if this is not a pc comment.

    1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

      Being stupid. I think it was in the Obama/Soros Ferguson Race Riot that the whites were told : Whites to the front, Whites to the front.

      Yep, human shields.

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