As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 23, 2016

The briefing has concluded.

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12 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 23, 2016

  1. Hi My name is Josh and no one cares what I say Obama says….

    Whats he doing today? Watching ESPN and Thinking about how wonderful he thinks he is.

    Whats Hillary doing today. Ah sleeping because she is 50 points ahead in her own mind. If she still had one……..

    • I am one who believes the Party and all of the contenders should have had institutional support from the get go.

      My run was Walker ( I think I would have been mistaken — he is a Paul Ryan groupie) and then Cruz. Cruz (again hindsight reveals some hole is that as well).

      Better late than never. Cruz has some real strengths and if DT is elected I hope that he uses him in a capacity where Cruz can really be effective.

      • Exactly. You support your team. Period. Yes, you can try to influence the leader (Trump) and others, make your case, be smart about it all, and still maintain your integrity. Marc Levin the worse in doing all that, and I am still amazed at the vitriol he displays toward Trump. He attacks Trump in some way every five minutes on his show He’s obsessed, crazed about the idea that Trump won and Cruz lost. That phase is all over now. we are now in the “beat Hillary” phase. Let’s get behind Trump, help him improve, get more effective, sharpen his argumentation against Hillary and win this dadgum thing.

  2. Is there anyone left who still believes all of that Cruz self-righteous phony baloney in regard to the Trump photos of his wife and father? It was all about Cruz being a sore loser! Nothing more, nothing less.

    So now it looks like Cruz just realized he will need all of the Trump supporters for his 2020 presidential run! Not going to happen, Teddy Boy.

    I read your discussion on the riots in North Carolina. I think Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph, has some interesting points in the link above. In Chicago, the local police, under pressure from politicians and lawyers, decided on a hands off policy to suspects.On a certain period 2016 they patted down only 20 908 compared to 157 346 the same period the year before. There was an incredible spike in crimes. So, Stanley writes, police may have shot unarmed blacks but blacks shoot each other in an increasing tide of lawlessness enabled by police timidity. It is overreaction and then underreaction because of the present politics of race.
    Strong leadership would be helpful. Trump shows that he supports the police while Clinton does not.

  4. OT and late.

    Just popped in to share — De Plorabus Unum.
    Saw it on Daily Mail article about HRC. Liked it.

    Have a good night/morning