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Video || Why is Hillary Screaming?

23 thoughts on “Video || Why is Hillary Screaming?”

  1. It’s the only way she knows. How dare the unions not vote for her highness. Democrats take the union vote for granted, just as they have done with blacks for decades. You really want to listen to this for 4, maybe 8 years? I dont.

  2. THE VOICES IN MY HEAD SAY I SHOULD BE 50 POINTS AHEAD, SO WHAT GIVES?? Oh, sorry, I was shouting again. Can someone PLEASE prop me up?? Oh look, stars and birdies! I think I’ll nod off now.

  3. This kind of talk is most unbecoming, most unprofessional and usually makes grown men cringe.
    The nag, the berating, the outrage of being denied her due, is just awful.
    The only thing missing is her pounding her fists on the table as she harangues.

    1. In the final analysis, Hillary is a petulant, spoiled brat who learned long ago that she could get her way by screaming, displaying anger, stomping her foot and throwing ashtrays would get her that ice cream cone she so desperately wanted. She is the exact equivalent of those little brats you see in department stores who throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.

  4. Looks like she is just testing yet another one of her multiple ‘screecher’ personalities. This one has an unusual Nixonian twist to it, as it appears she is talking to herself.

    Not to worry…the men in the little white jackets will come soon to cart her off to a fancy suite at the Bellevue mental ward.

    In the meantime, we should all send her a set of little steel balls!

    1. Having to out up with the Mad Woman of Chappaqua is the one and only thing I feel pity for Billy boy. And vice versa, BTW. These two are straight out of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

  5. Ideology and political party aside; this woman is a miserable, screeching, psychotic old woman. Any regular woman like her would just be driving her kids and family nuts. Does the population really want to listen to this woman for the next four years as she gets older and worse?

  6. I am so ticked off at the media that I just wrote a brief note
    to my local Orange County Register. The media is so in the tank for Hillary and it drives me nuts. I hope they got my message.

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