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Video || Hillary Clinton Does “Between Two Ferns”

I thought this was pretty funny. Despite Hillary, not because of her.

Hillary Clinton appeared on “Between Two Ferns,” the show by comedian Zach Galifianakis. It’s not a Clinton safe zone, like the late night talk shows. I assume her people put her on there because they want to “humanize” her and because she’s just so funny in private, and they hoped that would come out. It didn’t. To the contrary, all the show does is highlight her innate caution.

President Obama did much better with Galifianakis a couple of years ago.

27 Responses to Video || Hillary Clinton Does “Between Two Ferns”

    • Wondering the same thing. She acted like a potted plant between two ferns – no sense of humor whatsoever. But the anger appeared to be just under the surface. She was seething!

      • I can’t imagine Hillary’s peeps would allow her to be humiliated. There had to be a long list of guidelines before she appeared and that she was fully aware of and certainly privy to the scope of the questions and taught how to be appropriately deadpan.

      • Hillary is always, just below or above the surface, angry, paranoid, aggravated, indignant, outraged, provoked and smoldering. Ask Billy, the Secret Service, the White House military staff during her residence at the White House, or the person who dares look at her directly when she is strolling by and not in a begging for votes mode.

    • The host might just have asked her questions not approved beforehand and which she was not programmed to answer candidly. This would be the equivalent of a sacrilege in the Church of Progressive Political Circles. Zach Galifianakis would be wise to hire several body guards if that is what happened. His life might not be worth a plug nickle.

  1. There is a good article at MOTUS on FBI that puts HRC’s and the FBI’s slap on the wrist in perspective. Check it out.

    There is a great quote from her supervisor life long Democrat Jerry Zeifman on the House Judiciary Cmt during the Watergate Hearings as to the reasons for firing her. It begins with “Because she was a liar…”