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Eight Things Trump Must Emphasize to Win the Debate

From a piece I did for LifeZette:

The topics for Monday’s crucial first presidential debate are “achieving prosperity,” “securing America,” and “America’s direction.” This is a gift to Donald Trump, because under the Obama administration, of which Hillary Clinton was a part, America is not achieving prosperity, it’s not secure, and it is headed in the wrong direction. And Trump’s policies are specifically designed to reverse the country’s direction.

Trump, famously averse to submerging himself in policy detail, need not “get into the weeds” to debate the wonky Hillary Clinton. Instead, by relentlessly pressing arguments for just a few of the issues that have driven his candidacy from the beginning — while highlighting Clinton as a corrupt beacon of the Establishment that got us in this mess in the first place — he can win the encounter.

No need to turn Hillary Clinton into political Cuisinart bait with ad hominem attacks, like he did Jeb Bush. Trump need only aggressively work these eight lines of attack to eviscerate his opponent:

Read the eight issues and Clinton scandals Trump needs to emphasize in this piece running today on LifeZette.

7 thoughts on “Eight Things Trump Must Emphasize to Win the Debate”

  1. Excellent piece Keith.

    I agree that Trump should remain calm and just respond to the facts on the record that should alone expose Hillary as a bad choice to lead this country.

    She will bring up her experience but that should be damning to her as anybody that is or has followed her knows that another 4 years of the Obama philosophy will not be conducive to the economy nor the security of our Country.

    I will be watching the debate.
    I think that Hillary is up against something that she never expected.

  2. Somewhere in his opening remarks:
    “I’m so happy that MrsClinton is feeling well enough to participate in this debate.”
    It will all be up hill for her from that.

    If we learned anything from the Repub debates where the moderators and the other debaters piled on MrTrump, it’s that he can spot the weakness, knows when to stab, when to ignore the insults.
    No matter what they throw at him – his bad moves, his careless phrases or words, or his business practices, MrsClinton can expect that her public disasters and shames will be exposed.
    I expect the moderators will lead with new problems facing the country for fear that any ‘look back’ will make MrsClinton cringe and MrTrump smirk.
    Doesn’t matter how good or how bad MrTrump does in this debate – he’s not losing anyone who’s already on the TrumpTrain, and he might just gain some new voters.
    MrsClinton has it ALL to lose, nothing to gain.

  3. Two very important points, IMO:
    “Trump should note that these deals have harmed the prosperity of millions of Americans who were put out of work by cheap labor from overseas. And they threaten our security by putting the United States at the mercy of global governance institutions.”

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