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Media Bias Grows as Trump Gains

Gulp. Many in the media seem to be getting that horrible, sinking feeling that Donald Trump could actually win this. And they’re not going to let that happen!

I’m not one of those who think the mainstream media get together in some kind of cabal and plot the destruction of Republicans. I’ve been in the mainstream media, and I know they don’t. What I do know is that nearly all of them are moderate or liberal, often talk to each other as if conservatives are bad or crazy, and that their outlook affects their reporting. Usually, they don’t realize it or wouldn’t admit it to themselves. And sometimes liberal bias is done on purpose.

What I see happening now is reporters suddenly coming to the unthinkable conclusion that a Trump presidency could actually happen and, whether by design or not, they’re amping up the negative Trump coverage. Just look at this string of negative stories the other day from the Washington Post. washpost-anti-trump

The New York Times and others were so wound up they reported that Trump had made the “disproven” charge that the 2008 Clinton campaign originated the birther claim.

That’s false. It’s not disproven. You cannot prove a negative. You can’t say for certain that the Clinton campaign didn’t push it, especially since both the Washington Post and Politico have reported that Clinton “supporters” first put the story out there. And a reputable McClatchy editor has claimed that Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal told him to look into it. That’s actually prima facie evidence right there that the campaign may have had something to do with brithing birthirism.

News organization after news organization declared that Donald Trump Jr. had “compared” Syrian refugees to Skittles. He didn’t. What he did was, he issued a tweet showing a bowl of Skittles and asking if you would eat it if you knew three were poisonous, in order to illustrate the problem of letting in from dangerous areas refugees, a few of whom might be killers.

That’s called using a metaphor. Metaphors are not comparisons. They are images used to simplify or elucidate a point. But in today’s politically correct world, enforced by the language police, just the suggestion of ridicule or bias, whether present or not, is cause for conviction.

In an article today vilifying Trump Jr. with the headline that his tweet “fits a pattern,” the New York Times asserts:

This month, Donald Trump Jr. invoked the Holocaust when he argued to a Philadelphia radio station that the news media gave Mrs. Clinton a pass on “every indiscrepancy.” If Republicans had done what she had, he said, “they’d be warming up the gas chamber right now.” (He later claimed this was a reference to capital punishment.)

What kind of reporting is this? The Times declares his explanation false, stating flatly that he “invoked the Holocaust.” Trump Jr., whose sister Ivanka converted to Judaism, uses the singular, “gas chamber,” which sounds to me more like an execution. The gas chambers used during the Holocaust are normally referred to in the plural.

Donald Trump Sr. is climbing in the polls. You’d think the media would be celebrating, since he’ll give them copy to write about every day. But it appears their ideology comes before their work.

42 thoughts on “Media Bias Grows as Trump Gains”

  1. The beast cancelled yesterday event…..will she cancel today?

    After today she has nothing until the so called debate next week.

    very light schedule for a well person!!!!

    1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

      I see some comments questioning whether it is a matter of health, or a concern that her presence will not raise the funds anticipated. Either way, not good for Hillary.

        1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

          Quelle surprize. :) Also, why do pay for play if you are not certain she will be around long enough to make the play.

          Thanks for link.

  2. OK.
    To me – the MSM are acting like 12 men in a 10 man boat- yelling “row faster, bail harder, we’re sinking”.
    Their fav candidate is sinking along with them, and she doesn’t have an oar or a pail.
    She lies, she deleted, she’s ill, and the public doesn’t trust her, but yet, they lie about her opponent, they cover up her failings, and if they are successful and she wins -t hey will lose more than any of us.

    1. GrandSlam srdem65!
      The media created and has sustained by nurturing , the myth of the Obama / Clinton “legacy”.
      After 8 years of glaring failures, people aren’t buying the medias bs anymore .
      Especially the 94 million unemployed who are told by Obama , the economy is robust.

  3. Interesting point. A Trump presidency would be yuuuuge (sorry, couldn’t resist) for ratings and circulation, and it might buy the legacy media a few years to re-work their business models.

    If Clinton wins, whatever will they have to write about? USB drives with subpoenaed documents being found in her colostomy bag?

    1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

      I think they have made the hole they have dug their home and they will fire the same volley shots from there.

      I could be wrong.

      1. Nope Grace, they are going to use the same play book they have used to get this far.
        Problem is, the people are on to it.
        That is what is confounding them.

  4. There’s no question the corporate media, and the “we were here first” political elites of both parties have are coordinating their efforts to destroy Trump. They’ve been at it for a long time, and now that Hillary is rapidly losing ground in spite of these efforts on Trump, their destroy Trump efforts are on full afterburner. The thing about putting an afterburner on full throttle, is that the possibility of a flame out gets more real. And they WILL flame out. The good news is that thinking, engaged and motivated citizens see right through the propaganda and the farce.

    1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

      Lately I see this most clearly at WAPO. Long a company paper, they are now disassembling and even the most competent, like Chris Cizilla, are reeking desperation. He came out of the chute to early on Obama’s trip to LA, and Hillary’s nothing to see here health issue and had to readjust. For example.

      1. That was really great. It showed how the entire world is completely fed up against the “establishment”– in every country– which has been bleeding us all dry in order to fatten their wallets and take away our liberties and sovereignty–all over the world. Thanks! It’s the French Revolution and the American War of Independence rolled into one. (peacefully, however).

  5. deplorably irredemable gracepc

    I have no expectations from the MSM. They no longer function as a Fourth Estate, but as a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party which has been overtaken by the Left. And they seem quite content to pen for that. I doubt that thought even enters into it. I see it as a knee jerk reaction. They do so as a herd, with an occasional stylistic singularity.

    I cannot even accord them the civil consideration that you do Keith. This is a question of personal values, and morals. It is a choice.

    What is unacceptable to me is that it is intentional deception offered as fact to the American public.

    1. Whenever a journalist asks the Hillary people about Hillary’s accomplishments or strategies, they ALWAYS start talking about how “awful” Trump would be as POTUS. They know Hillary is an empty pants suit and avoid talking about her.

  6. “I’m not one of those who think the mainstream media get together in some kind of cabal and plot the destruction of Republicans.”


    Then maybe you could explain JournoList.

    1. And I’m sure there are some meetings and pre-planning sessions going on right now prior to the first debate…including the consensus post-debate analysis, which will somehow favor Hillary no matter what.

      1. Hillary won’t show for the debate. The MSM is concocting spin along the lines where we are supposed to have sympathy for some reason. Prepare for a whopper!!

        1. You may be right. There must be flop sweat all over the place in the Hillary Campaign headquarters right about now. People running around, screaming and throwing ashtrays at each other, in the great tradition of Angry Hillary behavior. What do we do now!?!?!?! They know they are losing, the polls–public ones and inside polls– are not looking good, and Hillary is the worst candidate imaginable. Voters don’t trust her, she obviously has serious medical issues making her unfit to be President, she’s not available for days at a time, she has no message anyone wants to hear. They realize they’ve wasted their time peddling a candidate who cannot win. Even all the secret coordinating efforts between the campaign gurus and the MSM are not working for them.

          1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

            This may be temporary and I only listen for a short while to clips of HRC but what I have noticed is that her voice is very weak. She no longer screeches — perhaps this is just a situational thing, or a temporary lull. Maybe she is saving full screech for the debates — who knows.

          2. Yes, I noticed that too. Hard to say what’s going on–meds, weakened muscles, some coaching to speak more like a confident, centered person and less like an angry bird on steroids. Interestingly, Trump is finding his voice these days–more deliberate, less rambling and fewer side comments, more focused on key points, better message discipline. I sorta miss the old Trump way of saying things, to tell the truth, but I certainly understand how some people are turned off by that. I think he’s being well coached these days, well informed by experts in various disciplines (economics, foreign policy, military issues). He’s making progress and as more people begin paying attention to politics as election day approaches, he’s probably on the right track overall. By most accounts I’ve read, he’s a very bright guy and listens to good advice. He’s a great stem winder on the campaign speech trail, though, and Hillary is just awful at that sort of thing. Campaign speeches are short TV shows, and how the public perceives the “actor” has an enormous impact. Visual information, initially, always overrides verbal information on TV, as had been shown many times in various studies. But the verbal piece counts for something when the “commentators” begin praising or deriding what was said by the candidate.

  7. Keith, if they “think conservatives are crazy” then how in heaven’s name can any legitimate journalist dare to merely reference them as “moderates”? There is absolutely nothing moderate about the mainstream media. Also, it matters not whether a group of people who all act alike, plan to do it, or just do it out of ingrained ideology. (which describes the unified MSM to perfection) The disastrous effect is identical.

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