As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Speaks to the United Nations

The speech has concluded. Here’s a rerun for you.

11 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Speaks to the United Nations

  1. A secret source inside the Obama WhiteHouse has sent me a copy of the President’s speech to the UN assembly.
    Here’s the condensed version of the speech:
    I, I, I, Our, My, My, I, Climate, I, My, Nuclear weapons, I, My, American wrongs, I, My,
    Thank you.

  2. You hear this one now….mothers are not dying in childbirth and cracking the genetic code. Are these grade A losers in the money sucking UN going to talk about the rape, pillaging and destruction committed by the ISIS vermin as they rampage across the middle east? nope, he is going to spend about 20 minutes extolling for the 8th year, the virtues of islam. You know what, it has not become any more appealing, than when he first started promoting the religion 7 years ago.

    • This putz will end up secretary general. Then we get to enjoy Trump pantsing him in the schoolyard every so often. What a moron we have had to endure.

  3. I can’t watch the UN Speech…Stomach wise…..not Satellite feed related..

    In another installment of The U.S. Justice Department has two rails…………

    I have been watching the latest corporate EvilDoer…..John Stumpf …….Wells Fargo CEO testifying in front Senate Banking Committee about the 1.5 million accounts being opened over the past 5 years

    Why isn’t anyone being arrested? If a regular person made application in another’s person name they would be in jail. If you are an employee of the bank you get fired……….the bank pays a fine.

    Chase didn’t get in any trouble opening being Bernie Madoffs bank. Hell, they didn’t even have a corporate resolution from Madoff’s company. By law they were supposed to have it. They were sweeping millions offshore nightly for Madoff. Obama’s Justice did nothing……….

    • But, it’s our so-called political betters who are doing the crime. If Obama does it and gets away with it, so should they in their thinking. Truly sad times for this country, and for us little people. May God see us through to better times.