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Trump Gains as He Reduces the “Fear Factor”

Yes, a second freelance piece I have running today, this one for Reuters.

Trump has revamped himself to some extent, making voters more comfortable with him. Erasing the “fear factor” is, I believe, the key to his election.

From the piece.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took to the microphones on Friday to reverse himself and declare that President Barack Obama was, in fact, born in the United States. Trump was making his latest move in a successful effort to mitigate perhaps the greatest impediment to his candidacy: the fear factor. That is, the deep concern and worry that even many Republicans have about Trump.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, unpopular and deeply distrusted, might well be trailing badly were it not for that fear factor. But now, the fear factor may be moving in the other direction. The polls are tightening, and Trump is even moving ahead in several swing states. In the month since Trump fired Paul Manafort as his campaign chairman, the Republican standard-bearer has shown discipline few thought the real estate developer was capable of. He is seeking to dilute an acid personality into a more palatable brew.

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6 Responses to Trump Gains as He Reduces the “Fear Factor”

  1. No one was afraid of MrTrump until he won the Repub nomination and the MSM polling nerds asked leading questions. “Are you afraid of MrTrump holding the nuclear code”, and other weird notions.
    Until he won and it seemed that he might actually defeat the Chosen Woman, he was a Clown, a Reality Event, Ridiculous, a Cheater, and anything else they could think of to knock him out of the picture.
    Sure, he’s changed somewhat, more Presidential after he exposed all of the Repub challenger’s real weaknesses. Why wouldn’t he?
    MrsClinton is the weakest Dem they could have placed on their ballot – they knew that from the start, but thinking it was in the bag, no problem. Her choice for running mate – MrKaine- reminds most of us as the fat kid who gets off of the short bus. He might be a biggie in Dem circles, but to us yokels out here in flyover, he’s really not much.
    Now that MrTrump is close to the winner’s circle, he’s just letting MrsClinton be herself – a ill, lying, greedy candidate who couldn’t be elected Dog Catcher in any fly-over town.

    • …”Letting MrsClinton be herself”…
      “When the enemy is making a mistake , don’t interrupt them”
      Napoleon said it and Trump is letting Hillary do it.
      No video to blame, no Powell to blame, no right wing conspiracy to blame.
      Just Crooked Hillary being her true self.

  2. Don’t know about the ‘fear factor’, Keith. It still seems to a running theme with Trump, even as late as yesterday with the NYC bombings. But, never fear, Trump is going to ‘fix everything’!

    IMO, Trump’s rise in the polls stems from one thing: likability. Can’t tell you how many times I hear the phrase “I don’t hate Trump, but I HATE HILLARY”!

    Hillary is indeed the personification of evil. Trump is merely clueless in the business of politics – a square peg in a round hole. If he can slay the dragon lady, more power to him. We can always deal with a clueless President at a later date.

    Seven words keep wafting through my brain: Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead! Good luck, Donald!

  3. I watched the rally in Florida today. I have always backed Trump, but today I said out loud “love this man”. He says what I think about so many things. And his running mate is an outstanding individual too. We need to feel safe and secure in our life. He will do that for us and our beloved country.

  4. The Trump “fear factor” was created, propagated, and is hysterically and constantly promoted, propagandized, endorsed and pushed by the Clinton people, the Democrats, the Republican elites, and the corporate MSM. And normal people aren’t buying it.