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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 20, 2016

10:00 am || Delivers remarks at the United Nations
11:10 am || Meets with President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria; United Nations
12:45 pm || Holds a courtesy call with President of the General Assembly Peter Thomson of Fiji; United Nations
1:00 pm || Holds a courtesy call with UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon; United Nations
1:20 pm || Attends a luncheon hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon; United Nations
2:25 pm || Attends a CEO roundtable; United Nations
3:35 pm || Attends a Refugee Summit meeting; United Nations
9:15 pm || Delivers remarks at a reception for foreign heads of delegations to the United Nations General Assembly; Lotte New York Palace

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama speech at 10:00 am and White House press briefing in New York at 5:30 pm

22 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 20, 2016”

    1. Grace, is that you ? An even angrier Grace ?
      Well, anyone can be angry and mad these days. Barrys interference with the media ( a previous article ) is one such thing to be angry about. He does not want his dear Muslims to be connected with anything bombish or terroristish. Lots and lots of bad things caused by Muslim men happen in Europe all the time but it seems like the politicians/media have started to realize that they cannot deny it anymore. Even if they try and try. We have some strong political voices here as well and they will not go away. The tide is hopefully turning. But we are already so hurt and damaged by the Muslim immigration, almost beyond repair.

      1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

        ’tis I. How could you tell? :)

        Not so much angry (although that too) but just so disgusted and repulsed. My contributions have been mostly rants. As the libs say — he “offends” me.

        Now for a little early morning/late night mean girl fun.

        Guess who?

          1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

            Mostly we have just seen headshots of this woman. And some of us have seen her fat feet stuffed into little tiny shoes. But all decked out, full view, in blinding blue this is our nation’s chief legal wrecking ball, Loretta Lynchmob.

            Looks like WAPO might have been a tad too hasty in celebrating HRC as a “fashion icon”.

            Like I said, mean girl.

  1. Obama to give a speech about himself and all the wonderful achievements he has accomplished. I wish everybody would just walk out as he speaks. Won’t happen of course, because most of the attendees are people just like Obama.

  2. Part of an e-mail sent to me:

    I’ve run my last campaign.

    But the things that I’ve fought for my entire career — tolerance, democracy, justice, the progress we’ve made — they’re all on the ballot in 50 days.

    I’ll see it as a personal insult to my legacy and the work we’ve done together if we fail to step up and make sure that Hillary takes my place in January.

    So please, chip in $3 or more to make sure Democrats can get the folks on the ground that they need to turn out the voters who will win this thing.
    Barack Obama.

    1. Incredible, srdem. The very president sends out mails, begging for money to “turn out” (bribe ? ) clueless people to vote for his partner. This could happen in countries like Zimbabwe or Nigeria or Haiti. But in the US ! It certainly is Third World politics by a Third World politician. The respect for the US presidency must be at the lowest. Bring in a real one !

    2. “I’ll see it as a personal insult to my legacy…if we fail to step up and make sure that Hillary takes my place in January.”

      It’s all about Barry, all the time. F*ck his “legacy”!

  3. Websters word for today is: Nefarious
    flagrantly wicked or impious : evil
    Used in a sentence. We live in a nefarious world. As well it is undisputed, mankind is not basically good in his heart, but constantly nefarious. Satan always suggest look to your self, thus he wins many converts. Obama does not hide his self-centeredness.

    1. Given the growing state of Obama’s obvious madness, these final days of his reign will be extremely dangerous for our Constitutional Republic.

  4. Looking at Barry’s peculiar and intense activity with United Nations officials and members today, it looks like a job interview for the position of Secretary General of the UN. The UN is reviewing a candidate list at this time, as I noted in a post recently.

    1. Barry inches closer to his true ambition, to be the Caliph, the King of the Caliphate. Secretary General of a muslim contolled UN would be a good start.

  5. Not a big surprise, but still…..Old Bush is voting for Hillary. I guess all the Bush´s do. Barry continued their legacy and Hillary would of course do that too.

    1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

      i think Bush the Elder and Barbara the Eldest have said that Bill Clinton is like a “son” to them. I guess with Jeb out of the race, they felt this is what they should do.

      Kinda’ like Obama’s son Treyvon I guess.

        1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

          Actually I think Jeb was always considered by the family to be real presidential material and should have run instead of George.

          The fact that for whatever reason he had to wait in line and then got so thoroughly trounced probably really stings.

          But most of the posters here probably know more about that than I.

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