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Hillary Summons Al Gore Back to Duty

Hmm. Maybe they’re more desperate than we think. What do those internal polls look like in the Clinton camp? But this is a very bad idea.

From a piece I have running today in LifeZette:

Some of the grimmest news of the election season trickled out last week when word came down that the Clinton campaign, increasingly desperate to halt Hillary’s decline in the polls, is about to inflict Al Gore on the American public once again.

The nation’s leading climate change bellyacher has been mostly off the radar of average Americans, delivering lectures at TED Talks, writing op-eds for The Wall Street Journal about “sustainable capitalism,” reviewing books for The New York Times about how man is causing mass extinctions, and so forth.

That is, he’s been roaming the elitist halls of the Establishment, preaching to the upper-crust choir about hot summers and melting icebergs. That the Clinton campaign thinks one of the hoariest pillars of the Establishment is the answer to its problems suggests exactly why it is having problems: It doesn’t get that the source of Donald Trump’s strength is a rejection of people like Al Gore.

Please read the rest of the piece here on LifeZette.

14 Responses to Hillary Summons Al Gore Back to Duty

  1. 16 years later, even I have dim memories of MrGore. Kissing his (then) wife, and somehow becoming very wealthy by crying about ‘global warming’, then selling a start-up cable to Jihadists. Eh.
    ot: is it still Global Warming or now Weather Changes?
    or what.

  2. Its Pigdogman…..from South Park. If you have not seen this episode, then YouTube it and laugh at old Al the inventor of the internet.

    This guy is a complete Joke!

  3. Sheesh. This passes for smarts?
    She is unleashing The Goracle on the American voters and the only people he will appeal to are the people who are already in the tank for her?
    She must have REALLY hurt herself when she fell and wacked her head.

  4. Oh boy. Fat Albert to the rescue!! Oops, did I write that out loud??

    “Climate Change” is the religion of the atheist-left. We KNOW the earth has been coming out of an ice age from ~10,000 years back. If you look at the data, the degree C per year change is (within an honest error margin) right in line with the 10,000 year ice age cycle. To put this on ‘man’ is catholic guilt without catholicism, and bad science. Case closed.