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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 19, 2016

11:55 am || Participates in a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; New York City
3:30 pm || Meets with Premier Li Keqiang of China; Lotte New York Palace Hotel, New York City
4:00 pm || Meets with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq; Lotte New York Palace Hotel, New York City
5:40 pm || Meet and greet with staff at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations; Secretary Kerry and UN Ambassador Power also attend; U.S. Mission to the United Nations, New York City

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18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, September 19, 2016”

    This article reports that Hillary, “barely able to keep her eyes open”, talked about the bombing in New York. Later, CNN edited out the bombing-words since Hillary criticized Trump for using the word bombing.
    Well, looks like Clintons Pravda felt they had to give the tired old lady a helping hand when talking in her sleep. When is the big debate with Trump ?

  2. Important local elections in Berlin yesterday. The ruling parties ( Merkels CDU and Gabriels SPD ) had a disastrous day, worst results since after the war. The brand new party AFD,( anti-immigration and anti-muslim ) had a tremendously great day alongside the left and green parties.
    This means, Merkel will lose big next year and Germany enters a turbulent political period. And the EU is slowly losing its suffocating grip on Europe. Big demonstrations against the TTIP, so called “free trade” deal, last week, MSM reported almost nothing about it.

  3. Reassuring words from MrObama to the American people on the multiple bombs found in NYC and NJ, and the unprovoked attack by another follower of Islam in MN: none.
    Words of caution to Blacks who feel free to attack and kill White police officers: none.

    He visits a gathering of Black activists who have done next to nothing to improve the lives of fellow Blacks to beg them to vote for a White woman who also has done nothing for them. His reasoning for this entreaty – to preserve “his” legacy, to prove “his” support from other Blacks, and most telling of all- that not voting or voting for someone other than his favorite would be an “insult” to him personally.
    PresObama had a chance to actually be the statesman, the legendary leader he imagines himself, but chooses instead to golf and to pretend that world leaders actually care what he thinks.

    1. I haven’t been ab;e to catch much of the news. But did see thehea dlines where he was in NY fundraising and campaigning with nary a word about the bombings.

      I can’t be more appalled at this man who lives off the American people and gives not a damn about them.

    2. Obama isn’t commenting on the bombings because, in his peculiar political world, events are happening as planned. He–with his policies and decisions– purposely created a domestic environment where these sorts of evil events could routinely occur. It’s so damned obvious.

      1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

        I know some of you watch Morning Joe … from what I hear this is what Josh Earnest said about the war on terror — now, a war of narratives.

        “Josh Earnest — White House Press Secretary — was in studio on Morning Joe a few minutes ago. He actually said the war against ISIS was really just a “war of narratives” that can be won if we (1) work with Silicon Valley companies to stop the spread of “poisonous ideologies” online and (2) elevate moderate American muslims in public discourse so they can help change their fellow muslims minds.

        A war of narratives. “

        1. I hope you have a T-shirt with your new name on it . And a nice “I’m A Deplorable” baseball cap to go with the T-Shirt. ;+}

          Josh, obviously, is a serious acolyte of linguistic programming, distorted reality and general, all-around BS. He is a would-be Winston Smith (1984) who’s primary duty is to destroy all truth–historical or current–which conflicts with the current Obama/Progressive narrative.

          1. deplorably irredemable gracepc

            :) HA! You should see my ID collection.

            About Josh. I remember when he first came on and his son was either newly born or just about to be born.

            And this is the legacy Josh E. has left him — from PS to POTUS to a programmed liar spouting the most ridiculous crap perhaps ever put forth by a POTUS PS. It makes me really sad. He seemed like a decent guy with a decent reputation when he came aboard. I remember Keith even saying he was an ok, respected fellow.

  4. Nothing suprise me anymore. When you have the current president begging for votes for the next one, promising to continue the bad decisions that has made your life worse, you’re in deep sh*t. Now reports are coming out the same 0erson is involved in all 3 incidents over the weekend. Old Barry too busy begging for votes, golfibg, and today fundraising to give 2 hoots about the American ppl. Quit now and take Mooch with you for God’s sake.

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