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Saturday Open Thread || September 17, 2016



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  1. Yesterday, Jake Tapper (CNN) was whining that MrTrump “rick-rolled” the press with his Birther comment.
    Not being all hip or whatever, the word was foreign to this stodgy, deplorable irredeemable.
    Per the Urban Dict. it means one is fooled or misdirected to somewhere else than the intended locale/site, whatever.
    Quite a few national MSM talking heads were miffed, outraged, disgusted with MrTrump’s use of the MSM’s frenzy to label him a “racist” by showcasing honorable men who think the candidate is a good guy.
    We didn’t hear from the MSM’s talking heads about the Clinton duck&hide at the 9/11 event when they didn’t know where she was, where she went, or what happened until the video of the candidate being thrown into a van like a Side Of Beef.
    A wise commenter, elsewhere, has asked who was the person taking that video and how was that person allowed to be so close to MrsClinton when the other Press was lost somewhere in the crowd.
    The video was not taken with a hand held phone, didn’t waver, was full screen and even had sound.
    Who is the video taker? And, did the SS secretly allow this video to be made public so that MrsClinton’s secret was revealed?

    • X2, for sure. You frame the issue brilliantly, raise the right questions, and we’re yelling, “Yes! That’s it!”. And we know that, sitting in some comfortable celestial lair (with an decent internet connection, one assumes), Socrates is nodding. ;+}

    • IIRC the video maker’s name was well publicized. He is Czech (legal) and I think lives in NJ. He got a lot of calls to use the video from news agencies so he gave a blanket permission. I no longer have the info on him but it is easy to get.

      But your questions are important. How did he get that close etc. I saw a picture of HRC in the “audience” and thought I saw him sitting next to her. Thought it odd, but did not keep the image source. And I could be mistaken.

  2. Drudge top story right now…..


    From the story:

    “The project, which is based on a weekly tracking poll of more than 15,000 Americans, shows that the 2016 presidential race could end in a photo finish on Nov. 8, with the major-party candidates running nearly even in the Electoral College, the body that ultimately selects the president.”

    Wait a minute. Wasn’t just in the past week or two that the “experts”, the pointy heads, the smart set with shiny shoes were telling us that there was no way Trump could win the electoral college vote? They had it all figured out. Just no way. Impossible.

    • Younger than she voters:
      She’s fat, wears funny clothes, isn’t hip, got caught lying a lot, and now – sicker than anyone could imagine.
      Cue the video.
      I know, I hear it from my lo-info family now.
      The Donald? Hip, want to be his friend, fun, and makes sense.

      • Lots of stuff on Blumenthal and Cinton and the birther thing, just not on MSM sites.

        Has anyone see HRC in public recently? I heard she was healthy and back to campaigning but I haven’t seen anything.

        This is one of those making the rounds. I have read this blog from time to time. Neither Clinton, Blumenthal or Obama look good. They are of the same ilk.

        He has been anti Hillary for some time.

          • Thanks for the link. Funny — about the body double. If HRC could think of some way of blaming that on her double she would. But , wait, what? She uses a double? And so it goes.

            I am so tired of the MSM inaccurately or intentionally hiding the truth and continuing it’s almost historic media assault on DT that I don’t look for much news.

  3. Today’s LA Times front page: “Election 2016 Trump Trades One Falsehood for Two More” and dismisses Trump’s statement that the 2008 Clinton campaign started the birther matter. This is a great lie, they say.

    Apparently they missed yesterday’s admission from a Clinton campaigner that they originated it.

    There are numerous publications pointing out that longtime Bill Clinton aide and close personal friend Sid Blumenthal was cited numerous times as having told others (now writing in) that the story was true. That Obama was not born in the U.S.

    Boycott the lying do-anything-to-get-her-elected LA Times. I am. Their feverish support of Ms. Clinton has ceased to amuse me.

    • My local paper in north Jersey gets most of their political articles and editorials from the WaPo. Similar article on our front page except the called it the con. Certainly they never mentioned anything else about that rally. The paper makes me angry every day. They couldn’t even run a story about the Ryan Lochte debacle in Rio without bringing Trump into it. They’re both narcissists, you see.

      Heard it only once yesterday and haven’t had time yo fact check, but either one of Obama’s books or his publicist’s website had Obama listed for years as being born in Kenya, until he ran for office.

    • Incredibly, Bill Clinton stated that Chelsea will still be running the Foundation if her mother is elected!

      Hillary makes a big to-do about releasing their tax returns for the past umpteen years, but the Foundation is the petri dish for 99% of the Clinton corruption.

      Still waiting for Trump to blow the lid off this scandal! It’s 1000x worse than the emails, IMO.

  4. What about the US coalition attack on the Syrian base in eastern Syria ? Sixtytwo dead, hundreds injured. And ISIS advanced immediately. So, proof enough that the Obama administration collaborates with ISIS ?
    The situation is really tense now. Being conspiratorial I could say that Washington , under false pretenses, negotiated a weak truce with Moscow, Moscow/Assad relaxed and then, bang, a sudden hit on Syrian soldiers to help ISIS advance. I know, it is incredible that the US should be partners with such an evil, murderous organisation but after this it seems likely. If it isn´t so that it was one of the other ugly allies in the coalition ( Turkey, Saudi…) that was blood thirsty and did their own thing….oh,oh, just a little mistake…. Well, Obama needs to explain this, it is very urgent.

    • Barely a blip in the news here, swedishlady.Had I not been watching France24, followed by RT, I never would have known.

      There was a live press interview with a Russian official at the Security Council. Probably around 3 am East Coast Time. I just happened to fall asleep with the TV on and by chance heard it.

      • Sadie, seems like the media in the US is so busy with the election that anything can happen in ” the other world” without notice. Too bad. This is so important. The people responsible must be forced to explain it. It is an attack by an enemy nation within another nations borders in a very tense situation.Many people died. World wars have started because of much lesser reasons.

  5. Meanwhile, yesterday we had a stabbing rampage in Minnesota, a bomb in New York City, and an IED attack at a Marine 5K in New Jersey.

    I have hit my boiling point, friends and neighbors, and if you’re easily offended by indecent language, then take that as a summary and don’t read any further.

    Again, let me stress it: LANGUAGE WARNING.

    Okay, repeat after me: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–”

    Stop right there. Now, I don’t know how anyone else may define it. But I must suggest that, at a minimum, the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should encompass, oh I don’t know, how about being able to live my life without being afraid some dark ages savage will try to shoot my ass off!

    They think their laws are superior to ours? Fine. Then none of the protections of American law should apply, either. Give ’em all one-way tickets to the Third World shithole of their choice, revoke their citizenship if they have it, and tell them Good Luck. And if they get caught trying to sneak back in, then fill their asses with lead on the spot…that is, after force-feeding them a bottle of wine to make sure they end up in Hell.

    And if they still can’t take a hint, then start nuking their holy sites and let them worship a bunch of radioactive glass.


    • We, all of us, Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and Air Force took an Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America from foreign ans domestic enemies.

      We did NOT take the Oath to defend the president, nor the congress, nor any other diplomat that may be thrown before us.

      The men and the women that have died were defending the Document that the founders established to set the rule book for a brand new country.

      So far, it has remained intact to a degree.

      It’s guidelines need to be enforced.

      The liberals continue to attempt to chip away at it.

      • AfVet: question
        A family friend’s son was called up from the Reserves a few months ago.
        30something, married, two children, and all around great guy.
        He was sent to TX for sniper training, then sent somewhere (not known) in the Middle East for about 2 months.
        He showed up at his home, unannounced, on Friday, but will be sent somewhere this Wednesday. A totally unexpected ‘leave’ for his family.
        They were thrilled of course, but now we’re all concerned – why would he have been removed suddenly, only to be sent somewhere (again ??).
        He refused to say where he’s been or where he’s going.
        Is it normal to snatch a sniper out of the field, ship him back to the States, only to send him back somewhere else?
        ot; we believe that something other than “no boots on the ground” is happening as other Reservists have been called up, too.

        • When I was in active duty, I came home after 4 years but was still in the reserves for 2 years, meaning that they could call me back to active duty if needed.
          I’m not sure how it works now srdem.

          Military requirements have changed since the Vietnam era.

          On your OT comment, many reservists have been sent overseas to engage the enemy in some form or another.

          We used to call them “weekend warriors”.
          It appears that that no longer applies.

        • “Is it normal to snatch a sniper out of the field, ship him back to the States, only to send him back somewhere else?”

          They have always moved troops around when needed, especially the Army and the Marines.

          With the changing nature of this conflict we are engaged in, there is the possibility that he was filling a void that was created by circumstances that are changing daily.

          Sniper positions and their deployment are never divulged.

    • Darkangel….you speak for the 66 percent of Americans who, in recent polls, believe the country is going in the wrong direction. We’re going to fix that very soon. Or at least try to fix it, and that’s a big step. We’re all fed up and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

    • Gosh dark angel don’t worry about language …my dad was a Purple Heart Marine on Iwo Jima shot in the neck…problem is we are not engaged as a nation unless you are a democrat. Conservatives still attack each other. We are bloody well done if we don’t back Trump. The rest is inconsequential minutiae. And we will die blabbing about it