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Video Satire || Latest Clinton Ad: “The Basket of Deplorables”

I thought this was nicely done . . .

16 thoughts on “Video Satire || Latest Clinton Ad: “The Basket of Deplorables””

  1. Everywhere I go to comment, there are “deplorableFred”, “MarshaDeplorable” and so on.
    Me? on my Disqus screen name _ IrredeemableSrdem65.
    We consider it a new honor.

      1. Wonder if her handlers will give Hillary a more discrete earpiece for the debate so she can hear the answers Huma relays to her more clearly. Maybe she’ll cover her ears with her hair so we don’t see that thing in her ear. Testing, One, Two, Three. Can you hear me, Hillary? Hillary?

        What she was wearing in all the photos we saw looked like one of those spirally seashells.

        Maybe she was just trying to hear the ocean like kids do when they put a seashell up to their ear?.

        I dunno. I give up.

        1. She will probably wear a wig with a place for the ear wig. That way it will not show in her ear.

          I put nothing past her at this point. And I am never sure if they are giving her info, or if that black doctor is just sending her reassuring “it’s ok, it’s ok just keep talking messages” when she freaks out.

  2. “Give me and my Foundation $250K and you can come to my 70th Birthday party”. Bill Clinton

    Now that is DEPLORABLE, especially since only 7% of it goes to charity.

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