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Trump: Obama was Born in the United States

Donald Trump Friday acknowledged that President Obama was born in the United States, removing in one fell swoop a distraction and a Democratic talking point that was being used to suggest he is racist.

“President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period,” Trump said at a campaign event.

How it is that saying Obama was born in Kenya is racist I cannot fathom, other than that saying anything controversial, absurd, or even negative about Obama must be racist.

I think Trump may have believed Obama was born in Kenya. More likely, he thought it was possible, knew it might well not be true, and used the issue to get attention for himself.

Trump’s full statement today:

Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the Birther controversy. I finished it . .. President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making American strong and great again.

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  1. Trump event this morning was great! Outstanding even!

    That said Obama s actual birth place is a mystery as is who his real father was.

    But this is a moot point as the lame duck soon to be ex president leaves.

    The most horrific and de vice ive black man ever to hold an office he was ill prepared for. He failed to learn anything and has been a train wreck for our country

  2. Hillary’s campaign dug up that infamous photo of Obama dressed in Muslim garb when he was visiting relatives in Kenya. They did their best to paint him as a Muslim, but never brought up his birth certificate.

    In his book, Reggie Love wrote about the shouting match in 2007 between Obama and Hillary on the tarmac at Ronald Reagan airport when he accused Hillary of spreading rumors that he was a Muslim.

    Trump, however, did force Obama to put the rumors to rest by producing his ‘real’ birth certificate – something he refused to do before Trump.

    Obama insiders have said Obama never got over his anger toward Trump – he still holds a grudge.

    No one gives a hoot anymore!!!

  3. And just a quick scan of the media headlines show they are dutifully following the same script:

    “Trump finally admits Obama born in the United States. Falsely blames Hillary for starting it.”

    Got that? Despite the fact it WAS started by the Clinton campaign, the leftist scum in the media lie, blame Trump and only Trump.

    Fourth Estate = The Fifth Column

    • Actually, it was started in 1991 when Obama’s own book promotion (for a book he still hasn’t written) said he was born in Kenya.

      Now that Team Hillary (the MSM) has gotten the words they demanded from Trump, how much pressure will they put on Hillary to apologize to the Benghazi families to whom she lied about a video (whose birth certificate we have also not yet seen)?

      • You’re right. On a book’s “sell sheet”, used by publishers to convince independent bookstores to stock up on a soon to be published book, Obama’s birth country was listed as Kenya. Details on sell sheets are approved by the author, in this case, Barry Obama. It’s all a mute point now, of course.

      • The Republican elites joining forces with the Democrat elites. That’s what the Republican candidate for the Presidency now has to put up with. If Trump wins, the R elites will continue to join forces with the D elites to make sure Trump has the most harassed Presidency since Reagan. Guaranteed. If you remember, many (not all) of the old school R elites at the time did the same to Reagan every single day of his Presidency.

  4. The media got its concession, but at quite a cost: there must have been half an hour’s worth of veterans praising Trump, and the man himself only spoke for 45 seconds, top’s, and left without taking questions. Straight out of Hillary’s playbook, of course, and the response was predictable.

    The media pretty much went apeshit crazy (and if there was a polite way to describe their behavior, I’d describe it politely), Hillary threw a hissy snit on Twitter, and Harry Reid looked like he was about to have an apoplexy attack on live TV.

    Good times.

    • The NYPost headline is “trump flip-flops”
      If MrTrump said that MrObama was a “nice guy”, the MSM would accuse him of claiming Obama was born in France.

      It just never ends.

    • The media went crazy because he finished it.
      They all wanted something to sink their teeth into.
      Who gives a damn where Obama was born?
      And for that matter,…what is his real name?
      Is it Barry, or Barack?
      And is his SSN stolen?

      At this point, who gives a crap.
      He has done his damage, let’s get on with the future.

    • The press was itching for a big “gotcha” at the event. It didn’t turn out that way. Trump got tons of free publicity for his new hotel, there were many veterans there who testified they were in full support of Trump, and happy supporters were all over the place. An absolutely brilliant move by Trump. He played the press like a Stradivarius violin, and didn’t break a sweat. I’m still grinning thinking at what fools the press were shown to be at the event.

  5. So where are “Barack Hussein Obama” ‘college’ and ‘law school’ transcripts…? Or proof he ever taught a ‘law school’ class…?

    • The Khalidi tapes…it just goes on. But none of it will matter four months from now.

      Because once Trump gets sworn in, and Obama gets flushed down the crapper of history, America will rise again. And once she does, Obama’s reign of error will be seen as an aberration, an unfortunate dalliance with statism by the sons of liberty that frankly should have known better.

  6. First we have to establish if Barack Obama was born.
    If so, what, where, when, and how. Once “all” the boxes have been checked, we can just maybe state a fact. So far the debate continues as many claim Obama was hatched by a female buzzard along I-95 while she was eating road-kill. Birther team still working that angle.