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Christie: Bridgegate Part of Reason Trump Didn’t Select Me for VP

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says that the “Bridgegate” scandal — in which his aides are accused of creating a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge as payback against another politician — was definitely a factor in him not being selected as Donald Trump’s running mate.

“I’m sure it was a factor,” Christie told NBC’s Brian Williams. Christie said he didn’t know how much of a factor it was, saying Williams would have to ask Trump. Christie also denied any wrongdoing.

Christie also denied any wrongdoing. “No one has ever been able to prove that I knew anything or had any role in it,” Christie said


H/T to the Washington Free Beacon.

7 thoughts on “Christie: Bridgegate Part of Reason Trump Didn’t Select Me for VP”

  1. All of the East Coast pols would be surprised how little attention we pay to the dirty tricks they pull on each other.
    He knew, he didn’t know, who cares?

  2. I love Pence and I’m thrilled Trump chose Pence. Pence is solid as a rock, far more animated than I thought he’d be, far more dedicated to speaking and far more appreciated by Trump than Kaine is by Hillary. Kaine is a voting block for Hilz. Pence and Trump look like buddies.

    Christie’s strengths are being a behind the scenes organizer for the greater R party. He was singularly responsible for getting so many R governors last election and he’s working now in states to keep the R majority in the Congress.

  3. “No one has ever been able to prove that I knew anything or had any role in it”… is hardly a denial of wrongdoing. If anything, it is an admission that “I got away with it”

  4. Oh Chris, you silly man. Bridgegate is just one of your problems. Your approval rating is 29%. You’ve managed to screw everyone from the little old lady who will never get a Cost of Living increase from the Public Employees Pension that she paid into until forced to retire at 80 because you didn’t make the payments, to anyone who drives on the roads by not funding the Transportation Fund, to people who are paying property taxes for the quarter what used to be for the whole year. And the ticket really didn’t need another guy not known for his tact on it. But if you want to delude yourself it was just the millions of taxpayer money wasted over a stupid traffic jam, go right ahead.

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